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Humidifier for Cough: How It Works

People all over the world rely on humidifiers to treat a variety of ailments. Thanks to the versatile benefits of humidifiers, they come in mighty handy during the colder months of the year. Many people...

How Long Do Mattress Protectors Last?

The bedroom is like an oasis. For many of us, it is a room that belongs only to us. After a long, busy day of work or school, there is no better feeling than collapsing...

Why Do You Need A Mattress Protector?

We spend a lot of time on our mattresses. The average person sleeps for almost a third of their entire life. Almost seven years of our lives are spent trying to get to sleep. Essentially,...

Here Are 4 Reasons Why You Need a Back Gel Cushion Today

Are you looking for a comfortable, relaxing and pain-relieving cushion for your back? Click here to learn the best benefits of a back gel cushion.

What Is a Cool Mist Humidifier Good For?

This article is for anyone who's ever wondered, "What is a cool mist humidifier used for?" Chances are, it's exactly what you need.

How Often Should You Wash A Mattress Protector?

Experts recommend that the average adult should get seven to nine hours of sleep every night. If you sleep for eight hours a night, that means that you spend one-third of your day in bed....

Should You Put A Mattress Protector On A Memory Foam Mattress?

Proper care for anything you invest in means that it will last longer. You take care of your home by keeping it clean, and you pay extra attention to your kids to protect them from...

Chair Support to Fight Fatigue

If you sit for more than 4 hours a day at work, you’ve probably experienced moments where your lower back has started to cramp up, and others where you feel so run down it’s impossible...

How to Clean a Humidifier Properly

Humidifiers are a great way to transform your indoor space into a healthy ecosystem that combats insomnia, dry skin, viruses, and bacteria, all while improving your respiratory function.  Air humidifiers are perfect for any room,...

Is It Bad to Sleep On A Pillow Without A Pillow Case?

We’re always looking for ways to improve our health and well-being. We try new diets, new exercise routines, meditation, the latest wellness craze, and so on. This is good practice — why wouldn’t we want...

Is It Healthy to Sleep With a Humidifier?

It may seem odd to keep something running all night, but if you want to sleep with a humidifier, you absolutely can. Here's how to do it right.

What Does a Knee Pillow Do?

If your head is the only thing you support with pillows, it's time to think bigger. Here's what a knee pillow can do for you.

What Is the Best Diffuser for Essential Oils?

When it comes to relaxation, it doesn't hurt to use the best tools. Here's how to find a diffuser that will make the most of your essential oil blends.

Sinus Pressure and Dizziness Without Congestion: 5 Causes and Solutions

Many people every year deal with illnesses and feelings that make them feel slightly under the weather. While something like a head cold or fever is rather easy to diagnose, more complicated problems like sinus...

7 Ways to Get Proper Leg Elevation

Our legs are often the most neglected part of our body despite being so important to our daily lives. We eat right for our heart, do bicep curls for our arms, but the legs are...

Essential Oils for Dry Skin: Best Oil and Humidifier Combinations

Dry skin is a common issue that affects a great number of people. There are many factors that contribute to dry skin, ranging from age to climate. It is estimated that more than 50% of...

Do Cool Mist Humidifiers Help With Congestion?

Flu season is approaching, and with seasonal allergies too, you'll need all the help you can get. So, does a humidifier help with congestion? Let's find out!

How to Prevent Influenza: How Humidifiers Can Help

How do we really prevent ourselves from getting influenza during flu season? What can you do to add a simple defense against getting sick? For some, staying indoors and away from other people seems to...

Best Seat Cushion for Car: What to Look For

Seat cushions are essential for anyone who spends a considerable amount of time driving. For commuting to and from work, weekend getaways, local road trips, and everything in between, the journey is much more enjoyable...

How Can I Sit With Tailbone Pain?

Tailbone pain can make sitting down extremely uncomfortable, so how can you sit with tailbone pain? This guide explains how to do it.

Hip Pain When Sitting: 5 Solutions

Hip pain is an interesting issue because while many people suffer from it, there is very little evidence to suggest it has one common cause. In most cases, there are several factors at play that...

6 Tricks for Staying Comfortable on Long Drives

Long distance trips are notoriously hard on the body, but there are a few tricks to help you avoid unwanted aches and travel in comfort

The Importance of Having a Lumbar Support Cushion on Your Office Chair

Lumbar support is so important to both our wellbeing and to our posture - after sitting in your desk chair all day, a lumbar support cushion can be magic

The Amazing Benefits of Having An Essential Oil Diffuser

An essential oil diffuser may seem like it's not the right thing for you, but the benefits from having one in your home are just what you need

What Is A Bolster Pillow Used For?

A bolster pillow is a long, cylindrical-shaped pillow. Bolster pillows are highly versatile, provide value in several ways, and are a great addition to various rooms throughout the home. Bolster pillows originated in Southeast Asian...

How Is Your Sleep Posture Affecting Your Health?

How you sleep goes a long way in determining how you'll feel the next day, and sleep posture is a prime area of concern—it's worth doing right

Hypoallergenic Pillow Covers For People With Allergies

Nobody wants to wake up in the middle of the night with a sneezing fit. However, just because nobody wants that to happen doesn’t mean it won’t. Many people all around the world suffer from...

Seat and Back Cushion - The Best Duo For Your Aches and Pains

With the help from the professionals at Everlasting Comfort, here is a seat and back cushion pair that will help substantially with your aches and pains

How Can I Make My Chair Cushions More Comfortable?

Are you struggling with an uncomfortable chair? Here are some steps you can take to make your chair cushions more comfortable.

Knee Pillows for Side Sleepers: What to Look for in a Pillow

Even though side sleeping is extremely popular and beneficial, many people still don’t know how to do it properly to actually obtain the most benefits. After all, most people don’t really analyze or research their...