The Amazing Benefits of Having An Essential Oil Diffuser

The essential oil industry is expected to reach 27 billion in market value by 2022, and that's primarily due to consumers like you purchasing essential oils. Essential oils can be used as a means of aromatherapy to help calm anxiety and other needs that the user has.

You're not here simply to learn about essential oils; you're here to learn about essential oil diffusers and the benefits they have to offer to those who use them. By the end of this article, not only are you going to know about essential oil diffusers, you're going to be an expert.

We don't want to waste any more of your valuable time. Let's get right into the various types of essential oil diffusers that you can select to use when performing aromatherapy sessions.

Nebulizer Oil Diffuser

The first type of essential oil diffuser that we're going to feature on our list is the nebulizer diffusers. A nebulizer diffuser works because it takes the essentials oil and breaks it down into smaller portions that can then be spread throughout the room that it's set in.

This is one of the more expensive diffusers on the list because they are typically made of glass and can be quite challenging to clean once you've finished using it. When selecting this type of diffuser, you need to be aware that it does make noise, and if you're easily distracted, it may not be the diffuser for you.

One of the benefits of using this type of diffuser is that you don't have to fill it with water to get it to work, and it doesn't require heat either. Some other diffusers utilize a steaming process to disperse the scent of the essential oils throughout the room.

One of the negative aspects of this type of diffuser is that it's not going to fill larger areas with the oil's scent in the way that one would hope.

Ultrasonic Diffuser

As mentioned above, there is a type of diffuser that spreads the essential oils' scent by heating up the drops and dispersing them into the air using heat. This type of diffuser is known as the ultrasonic diffuser and is a diffuser that does require water for it to work correctly.

When you turn it on, the diffuser will create vibrations that cause the water to create a mist. Once the mist has been created, it will be released into the air via steam. One of the benefits of using this type of diffuser is if you have issues with dry weather.

The diffuser will moisten the air that surrounds you like an essential oil humidifier, and that's not the only benefit to using this diffuser. You'll also find that it's one of the cheaper options that's featured on this list, and when it's done blowing the essential-oil filled steam, it will automatically turn off.

If you're looking to use this diffuser during times of meditation, you're going to be in for a treat because it's not as noisy as some of the others that are featured on this list. You won't notice that it's on except for the scent that fills your nostrils as it circulates the room.

Reed Diffusers

If you're someone who enjoys the constant scent of essential oils, you may select the reed diffuser for your needs. The reed diffuser is a glass bottle filled with oils, and then a set of rattan sticks are set inside the bottle.

Over time, the sticks become soaked with the oils and slowly begin to fill the air with the scent. When you put the reed sticks into the glass bottle, they will fall to different sides of the glass, helping to spread the scent throughout the room.

You may be asking how this works? It's quite simple; the sticks will become soaked, and the direction that the stick is pointing in the direction that the scent will be released too. And when using this type of diffuser, you're not going to have to refill it as often because they last more than a few weeks in the home slowly dispersing the scent.

Every so often, you need to ensure that you give the bottle a gentle swirl to reignite the fragrance keeping it from settling at the bottom of the bottle. After you've swirled the bottle, you'll then want to flip the sticks so that they don't become dry.

Electric Diffusers

If you're not a fan of using heat to disperse essential oils into the air, you might want to consider using an electric diffuser. At the bottom of this diffuser, you'll find a fan that disperses the essential oils into the air.

Before the essential oils can be sent into the air, you've got to take time to add the drops to the diffuser. Depending on the type of diffuser you've gotten, you'll either add the essential oil drops directly into water or onto a pad located inside the diffuser.

Then all you've got to do is turn the diffuser on and sit back and allow the scent to relax you. Now that you know what options you've got when it comes to the essential oil diffusers types we're going to get into the benefits of using essential oils.

Some of the benefits you're going to find on this list may already know, while others may blow your mind. We guess you're going to have to keep reading to find out all of the aromatherapy benefits you'll get from using a diffuser.

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Reduces Anxiety

40 million people have issues with anxiety and search for natural ways to help calm the anxiousness and other symptoms that their feeling. One of the best ways to do this is to use a calming anxiety diffuser.

When you're using a diffuser, you'll find that the oils have a way of working with specific parts of a person's brain to ease feelings of stress and anxiety. As you continue to inhale the scent of the essential oil, your body is going to become calmer, and your heart rate will become slow.

This is a massive sign that you're relaxing and releasing the tension commonly carried in your muscles and joints as a result of your anxiety. Essential oils and diffusers should be a regular part of your daily routine if you've had constant anxiety issues.

Improves Sleep Cycles

Various studies provide evidence that aromatherapy and diffusers have a direct link to improving the sleep cycles of those who use them. This means the user can get better sleep and stay asleep longer, which can be a challenge for people who suffer from sleeping disorders and have insomnia issues.

It's recommended that people get up to 9 hours of sleep a night, but that isn't the case for many Americans. Many people find that things like stress, an unbalanced environment (too hot or too cold), hormones, and other things are to blame for poor sleep cycles. But if used the right way, a diffuser can help lull someone into a better night of sleep.

We recommend turning on your diffuser and selecting a warm scent to fill the room as you move through your bedtime routine. By the time you've finished your routine, you're going to find that you're relaxed and ready for bed.

Once you've gotten into bed, you're going to be calm and fighting to keep your eyes open.

Boost Immune Function

You may find it surprising that the advantage of having an oil diffuser and using essential oils is that it can boost your immune system function. Your immune system is responsible for fighting off viruses whenever you become sick to help you get better again.

If you're someone who finds yourself ill a lot of the time, using an essential oil diffuser can reduce your risk of getting sick. This works because the diffuser improves the strength of your respiratory system and helps calm the nervous system.

This works well because the diffuser helps to detoxify your body of bacteria's and toxins that can cause you to become ill. If you're planning to travel anytime soon are facing higher levels of stress, then you're going to want to use your diffuser more during these times.

This will help to give your immune system the boost that you're looking for. And when in no time you'll find that you're spending less time in bed and more time up doing the things that you enjoy doing.

Natural Insect Repellant

Many of us enjoy outdoor activities, but flying and crawling pests can cut the time that you spend outdoor short. That doesn't' have to be the case if you use your essential oil diffuser when you're outside.

For example, when you use citronella essential oil in your diffuser, it's going to produce an oil that masks the scent of your skin, which flying insects may find attractive. When your scent is masked, the insects will find other things to do besides bothering you.

The same goes for pests like ticks; there are some essential oil smells that the pest doesn't like, and when they smell it, they're going to crawl quickly in the opposite direction.

Energy Booster

At one time or another, we could all use a boost of energy. And rather than drinking coffee, you can naturally accomplish this by using your diffuser. It's simple fill the diffuser with a scent that promotes alertness like citrus or peppermint and watch your senses come alive.

This would be beneficial when you reach that point at work where you've got no more energy left to power through the rest of the workday and need an extra nudge. Or in the morning when you're still groggy and need to get some work done.

Turn on your diffuser and let it work its magic, then you'll have all of the energy you need to get your day started. We've listed some of the benefits that you're going to get from using a diffuser, and before we leave you, we want you to know some of the best essential oil scents that you're going to want to use for your diffuser.

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Bergamot is a scent that's going to help increase your alertness levels without being overpowering. It's got several citrus undertones to it that will also help combat feelings of anxiety that may plague you throughout the day.

If you're looking to create an essential oil blend, this scent can easily be combined with other scents to create a better one.

Chamomile German

Chamomile is a scent that has calming effects and can be used to improve your sleep cycle. You may have heard of things like chamomile tea and how it aids in better sleep; the oil does the same thing.

If you find that you've got aching joints and muscles, you may want to take the oil and massage it directly onto your skin for the best results.


Peppermint is a commonly used essential oil due to its refreshing scent and the way that it helps increase alertness levels. Not only does it increase your energy levels, but it also helps to increase your ability to focus on the tasks that you've set to do for the day.

Some people even believe that the use of peppermint essential oils can help to improve headaches and other symptoms associated with allergies.

Essential Oil Diffuser: Limitless Possibilities

When it comes to using an essential oil diffuser, you'll find that there are tons of scents, benefits, and types of diffusers that you can use for you and your needs. Take the time to find the diffuser that works the best for you and start reaping the benefits today.

If you're looking for a oil diffuser manual, feel free to use the manual provided by Everlasting Comfort. And don't stop there when trying to improve your sleep using an essential oil diffuser; you're going to want to check out our pillows as well.

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