How Can I Make My Chair Cushions More Comfortable?

A recent survey reveals that Americans sit more today than at any other time in history. In fact, one in four adults sits for more than eight hours per day.

Whether we're sitting in an office, on the bus for our morning commute or propped in front of the television, one thing is for certain: It isn't always as comfortable as we'd like.

While some chair cushions are designed to cradle you in comfort, others leave a ton to be desired. If you're tired of suffering from the repercussions of sitting on a hard, unsupported surface, read on. Today, we're sharing a few tips to help you make your cushions as comfortable as possible. 

1. Add a Supportive Cushion

The top way to add comfort and support to any chair seat? You simply need to find the right supplemental cushion to place on top of it!

There's a reason why so many people turn to our Memory Foam Wege Cushion when they know they'll be sitting for an extended period of time. This innovative cushion offers the perfect way to turn any desk chair or driver's seat into a plush, cozy sitting experience. 

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How does it work?

The 100% pure memory foam in this cushion alleviates pressure from your legs, hip, spine and coccyx (tailbone). This way, you can sit easily, without worrying about the dull ache or sharp, jabbing pain that you're used to. For this reason, it's also recommended as a therapeutic resource for those suffering from sciatic nerve pain, or sciatica.

Ergonomically designed with a U-shaped cutout in the back, our Memory Foam Wedge Cushion is also heat-responsive. That means it's capable of conforming around you as you radiate body heat. It's also travel-friendly and features a non-slip bottom, so you can be sure it will stay in place all day long. 

2. Redistribute the Cushioning

Has you beloved, favorite cushion started to feel more like a pancake? If you've noticed flat spots lately, you'll soon begin to feel the hard chair underneath.

To help add a little more fluff and comfort, try detaching the cushion and giving it a good shake. Over time, cushions that are stuffed with certain fillers can become misshapen. This is especially the case for those filled with down, feathers, or any kind of loose fiberfill.

As you shake the cushion, you'll help break up any clumped or compacted spaces. When you're done, reattach the cushion and you should notice a subtle difference right away!

3. Upgrade Your Padding

Many times, you simply can't fix old or flattened cushion pads that have already given out. If you try, you run the risk of worsening the issue. Instead of wasting your time and spinning your wheels, go ahead and invest in an upgrade. 

If the cushion has a zipper, remove the cover. If it doesn't, you can use a seam ripper to carefully open up the back seam. Remove the existing batting and cut a piece of upholstery foam to size. When you take this DIY approach, you have full control over the project and can make your cushions as stuffed as you'd like!

Next, coat the foam with a little spray adhesive and lay a piece of same-sized batting on top of it. This quick step keeps both layers flat and helps them last longer. Then, simply slip the cushion cover over the foam/batting combo and you've got a practically new cushion!

4. Unembellish It

Sure, tufted cushions adorned with upholstered buttons might look attractive. Yet, anyone who's ever spent any duration of time sitting on one can attest to how uncomfortable it is. Though they are tiny, those buttons are mighty and you'll feel them every time you sit down or lean back.

This is also a recurring issue for sofas with tufts or decorative nailheads.

If your cushion is painful due to its many embellishments, consider taking a seam ripper to the add-ons. Using slow, careful motions, you can remove any buttons or finishes that hurt to sit on. Keep a sewing kit handy in case you rip just a little too much and you need to patch up any places!

5. Try a Coccyx Cushion 

In addition to a wedge cushion, it also helps to invest in a great coccyx cushion, such as our Memory Foam Coccyx Seat Cushion. These two items can help you improve your health and wellness and reclaim your quality of life. 

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Similar to our wedge cushion, this model is also made from 100% pure memory foam. It's designed to lessen pressure on your tailbone as you sit. The heat-responsive foam forms perfectly to your body for a snug and comfortable fit, while the ergonomic design relieves strain and tension from your spine. 

Tailbone pain doesn't have to interfere with your ability to drive a long distance or focus at work. When you store a wedge cushion or coccyx cushion in your office or car, you can sit comfortably for hours, although it's best to take frequent breaks to keep your joints loose and muscles warm!

Uncomfortable Chair Cushions? We Can Help

Have you grown accustomed to the aches and pains you feel every time you get up from your desk at work? Tired of spending half of your road trip vacation complaining about your back?

The chair cushions you use should help improve your posture, release stress from your joints and evenly distribute your weight. If you can't say that yours deliver in this capacity, then it might be time to look for solutions elsewhere.

Instead of throwing away your existing cushions for good, look for ways you can enhance them and make them more comfortable. A great place to start is our online shop. Here, you'll find neck pillows, back pillows, seat cushions and more, all designed to help you feel your best.

Contact us today to learn more about the services we provide!

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