Memory Foam Knee Pillow

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There’s nothing worse than waking up and feeling extremely sore, with aches and pains all over your body from poor sleeping posture. If this sounds like something you experience regularly, it’s time to learn about the Everlasting Comfort Pure Memory Foam Knee Pillow!

This pillow slides right between your knees while you sleep, which helps to keep your back and hips straight, even while you’re sleeping on your side. If you frequently wake up with knee, hip, back, or joint pain, it might be because you’re sleeping on your side with poor posture. This knee pillow fixes that issue easily, leaving you feeling refreshed and pain-free in the morning.

Additionally, if you’re pregnant or experience sciatica pain, this pillow is a must-have! Good sleeping posture is especially important in these instances, and there’s never been an easier solution than the Everlasting Comfort Knee Pillow. Let’s dive deeper and take a look at the amazing benefits this product offers:

-100% memory foam

This product is made with high-quality memory foam without any additives. This is the same pure memory foam you’d find from the top memory foam manufacturers in the world.

-Removable and adjustable strap

This knee pillow comes with an adjustable strap to help keep the pillow in place while you’re sleeping. Simply tighten the strap to your comfort and drift off to sleep. If you would rather not use the strap, it’s easily removable!

-Ergonomic design

With a curved ergonomic design, this pillow keeps your knees separated with ideal spacing to support your legs, hips, and back while you sleep. With the orthopedic contour of this pillow, you’ll find relief for knee, hip, leg, back, thigh, pelvis, and lumbar pain. It’s also an effective treatment for pain from sciatica, arthritis, and bursitis, and is great for pregnant women who sleep on their side.

-Comes with free memory foam earplugs

When you purchase this memory foam knee pillow, you’ll get a free bonus gift! Drift into sleep easier than ever before with a free pair of memory foam earplugs that mold perfectly to the shape of your ear to block out any sound in the room while you’re sleeping.

-Lifetime replacement guarantee

Everlasting Comfort worked hard to create the perfect knee pillow to provide support while you sleep, and you’ll love the result of that hard work. If anything happens to your knee pillow, you can feel confident that it’ll be replaced right away with a brand new one, so you’ll never be without it.

Don’t suffer through a night of tossing and turning through sleep, only to wake up feeling extremely sore all over your body. It’s time to take your sleep game to the next level with the Everlasting Comfort Memory Foam Knee Pillow. When you purchase this product, you can say goodbye to joint, back, and hip pain so you can start waking up feeling refreshed and pain-free.

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Gary B.
United States United States
Good Support

In the two weeks that I've been using the knee pillow I haven't experienced any improvement to my bad right knee but I realize that it can take more time. The pillow is very comfortable and offers good support to my knees with just the right amount of firmness. It's nice and soft but not too soft.

Robert W.
United States United States
Seems to help my knees

Seems to help my knees and back. Glad I made the purchase.

Alyce P.
United States United States
Very comfortable

Great product to align spine at night.. I use it to sleep on sometimes.

United States United States
First good nights of sleep in a long, long time

I have lower back spinal issues, and even with trying different (normal) pillows, I had severe back pain that would wake me up by about 2 AM every night. I've gone about a week of using this Everlasting knee pillow, and the lower back pain while in bed is gone. GONE. It's amazing. The strap is a huge thing here - don't get a knee pillow without one, as it keeps the thing attached to you if you flip back and forth much, as I do.

Pamela L.
United States United States
Quality product!

It's a high-quality product.I have a very unusual back problem, that is hard to correct.So anything I find that can great help.Prior to this purchase, I have ordered 2 other brands, and this is by far the best quality foam.It's firmer, but not too firm, and holds its original shape comfortably.The strap is also a great feature as it keeps the pillow in place.I purchased one for my husband to try it out (it really helped him), so Ipurchased another for me.I highly recommend it.

frank c.
United States United States
Absolutely Solid

Overall, I really like this product.It's helped overall with my hip issues.The fact that it has a strap helps IMMENSELY!

Lucas J.
United States United States
A little thin, but a great design

I am a side sleeper who tends to toss and turn at night. I love that this small pillow doesn't get caught on the blankets and sheets when I turn, and the strap makes rolling over easy. I do wish the pillow were thicker, but this is definitely better than using a regular old pillow.

sravya A.
United States United States
Doesn't work

Did it like it. Too smooth for me

United States United States

The velcro is so strong that the seams holding the velcro to the strap ripped within hours of receiving the product.

Amazon C.
United States United States

Helluva product

Q: I am 5.4 ft, and overweight (255 lbs), and have hip joint pain. Will this product work for me?

A: It should. I am about the same. I use a pillow between knees. It helps a lot.

Q: Also, does this pillow's zipper poke you, or does it tuck in and stay out of the way?

A: When I saw the question I had to go look at the pillow find the zipper. the zipper pull is exposed but it is on an outside corner and as yet I have never felt it. Great pillow!

Q: Does it hold heat (get hot at night)?

A: Not that I have noticed. I have had mine for about 5 months now, and still love it.

Q: How do you wash this ?

A: The cover is zippered and comes off easily for a machine washing. Memory foam cannot be machine washed or dried. So you would need to wash the inside by hand...