Best Seat Cushion for Car: What to Look For

Seat cushions are essential for anyone who spends a considerable amount of time driving. For commuting to and from work, weekend getaways, local road trips, and everything in between, the journey is much more enjoyable without a sore bum or aching back. That’s where a car seat cushion comes in and saves the day.



Why Use a Seat Cushion?

We get it — seat cushions aren’t that common, and you might be hesitant to get one. Let us tell you that we’re yet to find someone who’s started using a seat cushion pad and then decided they “didn’t actually need it” or preferred not using one. Once you go seat cushion, you never go back, and here’s why.

They provide stability. Auto seat cushions take shape between you and your car’s seat to fill any gaps and provide support and stability while you’re seated. By filling in the gaps, your body experiences less shock and vibrations from bumpy roads, and more of the turbulence is absorbed by the cushion instead of your body. This makes long drives a breeze.

They prevent the need to keep readjusting. Along the same lines, a seat cushion keeps you snuggled in place and removes the need to keep readjusting as the car turns corners and repeatedly stops and starts. Constant readjusting creates more opportunities to accidentally put ourselves in subtly uncomfortable positions that can harm our posture and alignment. 

They reduce pressure on the body. By filling in space and gaps between you and the seat (because, let’s be honest, no one “fits” their car seat perfectly), any pressure on the lower body, spine, back, and neck is significantly reduced. By alleviating pressure and tension, you’re much less likely to experience stiffness, soreness, or tightness. And the benefit goes beyond just joint relief; removing pressure also helps alleviate surrounding joints, ligaments, and muscles. 

They promote good posture. Seat cushions promote good posture by supporting the spine in its normal curvature. Posture is one of the first things to dissolve when our body begins to fatigue, but posture is one of the most important factors in overall healthy alignment

Adding in a lumbar support cushion will do an even better job at keeping your legs and hips aligned, which simultaneously works to keep your spine upright and your body in a healthy positioning. This lumbar support back cushion features adjustable straps, making it easy to secure in place and ensuring it doesn’t slide around as you drive. 

They prevent a sore bum and aching back. Staying seated for an extended period of time always sucks (no matter how amazing the final destination is), but it will at least be comfortable with a seat cushion. A seat cushion drastically enhances comfort, supports the well-being of your body, and significantly reduces the chances of being sore or stiff upon arrival after long trips

What to Look For in a Seat Cushion

There’s a huge variety of seat cushions on the market, and when someone says they didn’t like using one, we’re confident it’s because they haven’t tried the right one. 

High-quality memory foam material. Memory foam is the superior material for pillows and mattresses, and this carries over for the best car seat cushions. Memory foam does the best job at contouring individual curves and uses heat-responsive technology to soften in all the places you need it most. 

Breathability. Listen, we’re not saying your bum gets hot after a while sitting down, but some do. And that’s why you want breathability in your seat cushion. Fabric that provides good ventilation and offers a cooling effect when seated is highly preferable, trust us. 

Ergonomic design. A seat cushion won’t be much more helpful than an ordinary pillow if it isn’t ergonomically and orthopedically designed. An ergonomic seat cushion is specifically designed to alleviate pressure points, support healthy posture, and reduce pain for the entire body—for you and your passengers

Non-slip bottom. A seat cushion that slides around and doesn’t stay in place is almost as frustrating as no seat cushion at all. A slippery cushion means your body will be tense in anticipation for the next slide — this is counterproductive to the entire concept of a seat cushion. Look for a no-slip bottom or adjustable straps to ensure your cushion will stay right where it’s supposed to for the entire drive. 

Easy care. Every seat cushion and car seat cover puts on the miles, experiences the wear and tear, gets spilled on, gets stains, etc. You’re going to want a cushion that has an easily removable and easy to clean cover for maximum durability. Machine washable and dryer-friendly should be a must on your checklist of purchase requirements.

Brand reputation and warranty. Assessing by brand or company is one of the easiest filters to eliminate any duds or subpar cushions. Look for reputable companies that have multiple products in the realm of “comfort and care,” and a product warranty is always a good sign, too. 

The Best Seat Cushion?

Everlasting Comfort has proven to be the one-stop-shop for all things comfort, support, and relaxation, and this take on the seat cushion does not disappoint. 

Everlasting Comfort’s Gel Infused Memory Foam Coccyx Seat Cushion is a superior seat cushion, and let us tell you why. It starts with the material of gel-infused, premium memory foam. This revised formula of gel-infused memory foam is more advanced than pure memory foam. It enhances the cushion's contouring ability, is more breathable, does a better job at dissipating heat, and is slightly denser while remaining soft to touch. 

The gel beads work together with the cushion's strategically placed ventilation holes to provide all-day cooling and comfort, meaning you’re not arriving at your destination hot and bothered. This gel memory foam seat cushion was created with ergonomics top-of-mind and features an orthopedic doctor-recommended design to provide hips, legs, and lower back pain relief. The gel-infused memory foam material responds to body heat, allowing it to contour perfectly to your unique shape and keep you snuggled in a healthy positioning. 

A memory foam seat cushion works to relieve pressure for the spine and lower body, consequently easing tension on surroundings ligaments, joints, and muscles. The result is reduced pain and a much lower likelihood of developing pain, discomfort, soreness, or stiffness. 

This memory foam cushion is conveniently sized and highly portable, making it easy to bring along wherever you may go. It features a non-slip rubber bottom to prevent sliding out of place, meaning you can truly sit back and relax in comfort during a long drive

And when it comes time for an easy cleaning? Simply unzip the cushion seat cover, wash in cold water, and throw this washable cover in the drying machine. We’re so confident in our product, we gave it our Everlasting Comfort Lifetime Replacement Guarantee. If anything ever happens to your washable seat cushion - any quality-related issues - we’ll replace it with a brand new one. 

Long car rides suck, but a gel-infused memory foam seat cushion makes them suck a lot less. Orthopedically designed to provide relief for the tailbone, legs, hips, back, and spine, it also helps prevent numbness, promotes blood flow, and improves posture. Don’t settle for uncomfortable seating; upgrade every ride - no matter how long - with a simple and game-changing seat cushion for maximum comfort. Whether you use it in your car or on your office chair, you’ll wonder why you didn’t get one sooner.

Comfort is our job, and we take our job very seriously. Relax and travel in luxury with our Gel Infused Memory Foam Seat Cushion


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