Why Do You Need A Mattress Protector?

We spend a lot of time on our mattresses. The average person sleeps for almost a third of their entire life. Almost seven years of our lives are spent trying to get to sleep. Essentially, this means that you want to do everything you can to ensure the maximum amount of comfort for your sleeping experience. 

Investing in a mattress can be expensive, but it’s usually worth it. Being able to get a good night’s sleep is priceless. However, you don’t want to have to buy a mattress every few years after spending a huge chunk of change. 

One of the most important things you can do for your mattress is to buy a protector for it. There are many reasons why everyone should have a mattress protector, because your bed sheets can't give you all the protection that you need. 

So what exactly does a mattress protector do?

What Does A Mattress Protector Do?

There are four main things that a mattress protector can do. Keep it clean, extend the life of the mattress, protect you against allergens, and protect the warranty of the mattress. 

The human body sheds a lot of dead skin cells and oils, especially during the night. These things can be unsanitary on a bed after it's been used for a while. If you have pets, pet dander also gets trapped in your old mattress, contributing to the wear and tear. Not to mention that accidents happen, whether it’s a young child who is being potty trained or you spill a glass of wine in bed. It’s always better to be safe than sorry and go for an extra layer of protection. 

Once you get a stain on your mattress, it can be really difficult to get it out. With a mattress cover, you can remove and wash it any time it gets soiled. 

Any moisture that gets on your mattress can wear down the memory foam in it. This can shorten the life of your mattress, making it so that you have to buy a new one much sooner than you planned. Having a mattress protector will help increase your mattress's lifespan and save you the expense of buying a new mattress unexpectedly. 

There are many allergens and dander that can get trapped inside a mattress that can irritate your breathing. Dust mite allergies are extremely common and make for an uncomfortable night of sleep. 

Being able to wash the mattress protector means that you can enjoy a much nicer mattress each night. You won’t have to sleep with loose hairs, dandruff, or dust after a long day. 

Sleeping in a dirty bed poses a lot of potential health risks for you. 

Blocking moisture from getting trapped in your mattress can ensure that mold or bacteria does not develop in your mattress, either. 

If you have a warranty on your mattress, you should definitely consider getting a protector for it. Stains can often void a warranty that is in place, making it impossible to return or repair. 

Types Of Mattress Protectors


There are a few different kinds of mattress protectors that you can buy that work on any kind of mattress, from box springs to memory foam. The most useful ones are able to wick away moisture from your body while you sleep on it, and they shouldn't affect the feel of the mattress. They are usually made of breathable fabrics like cotton or polyester, but you can also find ones made of bamboo. 

If you are thinking about getting a mattress protector, you should consider one that has these features:

  • Waterproof: A waterproof mattress protector is great if you are worried about spills or messes. This also means that the spill will not soak through to your mattress. 
  • Hypoallergenic: This means that the protector will block allergens, especially if the person sleeping on the mattress has asthma or other allergies. 
  • Cooling material: The last thing you want is to toss and turn at night because a mattress protector is making you sweat. A cooling mattress protector that allows ventilation is good for people who tend to get hot at night.
  • Easy to get off: In order to be able to wash your protector regularly, you should be able to easily get it on and off your mattress. This means that you should look for one that has corners like a fitted sheet that stay on. Protectors that have a zipper offer better protection but are harder to get off the bed. 

Difference Between Mattress Pad And Protector

Some people get confused about the difference between mattress pads and mattress protectors. 

 A mattress pad helps to keep the mattress comfortable by providing cushioning. This mattress topper usually goes on top of your mattress and goes under a water-resistant mattress protector. It provides and additional top layer of support and comfort for the bed and helps with older mattresses that are worn out. You can have a memory foam topper or one made of down, depending on what you're looking for and what kind of breathability you want.

On the other hand, mattress protectors don’t usually provide extra padding. Their main purpose is to protect, as the name suggests. 

So, do you need both? The answer is, it depends. You can have a memory foam mattress protector and no pad. But we wouldn’t recommend only having a mattress pad. This is because mattress pads don’t always provide waterproof and hypoallergenic protection for the mattress. 

If you are both concerned with protecting your mattress from spills and adding comfort, then you could buy both a mattress pad and a protector.

What About A Mattress Encasement?

Mattress encasements offer a higher level of protection. A full encasement is usually zippered and help protect your mattress from bed bugs. Usually, bed bugs can get into your home from used furniture or other infested areas, such as upholstery, and the best mattress protectors can help to protect against this. 

An encasement is a type of mattress protector, but it is only really necessary if you have frequent spills or are worried about insects. 

Other Benefits

There are other added benefits to getting a mattress protector for your bed. Here are a few more: 

  • Prevents odors: Another side effect of food/other stains on your mattress is the leftover smell. Since it can be difficult to wash a mattress, certain odors can stick around a lot longer than you might think. Mattress protectors help reduce stubborn odors.
  • Affordable: Investing in a high-quality mattress protector is more affordable than replacing your mattress every few years. The longer your mattress lasts, the more money you can save for other things you need. 
  • Useful all year: No matter the season, a quality protector can help keep your bed comfortable.
  • Comes in many sizes: No matter what size bed you have, there is a mattress protector that will fit. 
  • Everything about sleep is very important for your health. Even the position you sleep in can affect your health. Getting a good night’s rest means that you can think clearly and make good choices during your day. If you can comfortably sleep through the night without waking up because of allergies, this means that you’ll be healthier in the long run. 

Our mattress protector at Everlasting Comfort is hypoallergenic and waterproof. It comes in six sizes and offers double layer protection. This means that you won’t have grime, dirt, or dust getting through your mattress. It’s machine washable and even has a lifetime replacement guarantee. 

Where Else Is Protection Useful?

If you want to be extra safe with your bed, you should protect everything that goes on your mattress. This includes your pillows. Your pillow is right next to your nose and mouth while you sleep, meaning that you are breathing in anything on the surface of your pillow. 

A pillow protector can help shield your face from breathing in allergens like pollen and dust while you sleep. This means that you will get a better night’s sleep than you normally would. 


Many pillow covers are hypoallergenic, just like mattress protectors. They are also usually hypoallergenic and waterproof. The Everlasting Comfort Pillow Cover fully encloses your pillow making it impossible for dust and dander to get in. It also allows the maximum amount of airflow to prevent mold from developing on your pillow over time. 

It’s made of 100% premium cotton and provides maximum comfort for your head to rest on. Just like the mattress protector, there is also a lifetime replacement guarantee for the pillow cover. 

In Summary

There are so many reasons that you should get a mattress protector. It’s the smart thing to do for any purchase that you invest a lot of money into. 

Mattresses are an investment worth protecting. Just like you would buy a cover to protect your car, you should buy a protector from your mattress. A car cover protects against the elements, and a mattress protector keeps away unwanted dander and odors. 

When it comes to keeping your bed clean, it is best to cover your bases. Even if you don’t think that you’ll spill anything on your mattress, the day you drop some spaghetti on your bed, you’ll wish you had a mattress protector. 

We’re all human, and humans make mistakes. A mattress protector is like life insurance for your bed.






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