Seat and Back Cushion - The Best Duo For Your Aches and Pains

What if a single purchase could clear up most of your aches and pains?

Many people experience serious pain in their back and throughout their bodies, especially as they get older. And much of that pain can be traced back to spending plenty of time in uncomfortable furniture.

With a seat and back cushion, however, you can change all of that. This powerful duo works to offer both the support and relief you need for those really long days.

Still not sure if you need a seat and back cushion? Keep reading to learn about all the ways this will change your life!

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Your mother and father were telling the truth: sometimes, it's the little things in life that matter the most.

For example, those suffering from back pain don't want a complex solution. Instead, they want an effective solution that combines simplicity and convenience.

And convenience is what seat and back cushions do best. They allow you to add the support your body has been missing with a single purchase!

These cushions don't require any kind of fancy installation, and they are suitable for just about any chair. That lets you bring the comfort and convenience of these cushions wherever you go!

Comfort and Pain Relief

If you're shopping for seat and back cushions, chances are that you want to find relief for pain in your back and other areas. And these cushions were designed from the ground up to alleviate pain while providing top-notch support.

For example, you get a special lumbar support cushion with your purchase. You can place that cushion wherever you want to provide different kinds of pain relief.

If you have pain (or even chronic pain) in areas like your back, legs, hips, and/or tailbone, this lumbar support is a real game-changer. And it can make a real difference to those who suffer from things like arthritis, sciatica, herniated discs, and much more.

What's the secret to all this pain relief? The most effective seat and back cushions combine gel-infused cushions with a ventilated design. Between these two features, you get to enjoy a greater sense of comfort in a cushion that helps to relieve different kinds of pain and pressure while you sit down.

Basically, if sitting down is either causing pain or making existing pain worse, you need to change the way you sit. And seat and back cushions are the best way to do that.

Heat Sensitive

Many cushions are designed with a "one size fits all" mentality. In reality, every person's body is different, and you need a cushion solution that understands this.

That's why the best seat and back cushions are heat sensitive. This allows them to respond to individual body heat and actually conform to each person's unique shape and size.

The final result of these adjustments is that your cushion is exactly as firm as you need it to be. Like Goldilocks slipping into the most comfortable bed available, you'll have finally found the cushion that is "just right."

Easy to Replace

The best seat and back cushions are guaranteed to change your life. Unfortunately, they are not guaranteed to last for life.

That's why it's important to embrace cushions that are easy to replace. When the time comes, you can get another set of cushions and bring back the comfort and the pain relief you've gotten used to.

Best of all, you can do it at no extra cost. Everlasting Comfort has pioneered seat and back cushions that come with a lifetime replacement guarantee. 

What does that mean? If anything goes wrong with your product, you can get a replacement at no extra charge. You don't have to hold back on using your cushions, and you can take the pain relief and pressure relief with you wherever you go.

The Solution Trusted by Orthopedists

When it comes to medical opinions, who can you trust? Simple: you can trust doctors to provide the kinds of medical opinions and insight you can trust.

And that's exactly why you can trust seat and back cushions to provide the kind of pain relief you need. Such cushions are often prescribed by orthopedists as a simple way to help those who are suffering from chronic pain.

One of the reasons that orthopedists stay so busy is that countless workers are effectively chained to their desks each and every day. Those long hours add up to the kinds of aches and pains that can ruin your entire life.

Instead of succumbing to the misery, you can use seat and back cushions to enjoy the many benefits of ergonomic design.

The Power of Ergonomic Design

Ergonomic design may sound like a complex concept. In reality, it's very easy to understand. And once you understand ergonomic design, you'll understand why you experience so much pain at the end of each day.

Think of it this way: our bodies weren't designed for the way that most of us spend the majority of our days. Your neck isn't meant to strain to look at a computer for hours at a time, just as your back wasn't meant to be scrunched into an office chair for most of your waking hours.

When you go through the motions at work without making any changes, you can push your body to the breaking point. And this eventually manifests in the form of very annoying pain.

With seat and back cushions, however, you can make any seat more ergonomic. It becomes much easier for you to sit in a chair for long periods, and your back will no longer feel that familiar pain at the end of the day.

Perfect for Artists and Office Workers

So far, we have focused a lot on how these cushions can help your average office worker. Because such a worker spends most of each day sitting down for work, it's important for them to have an easy, affordable, and ergonomic solution.

However, you don't have to be an office worker to sit in uncomfortable positions for long periods of time. Plenty of creative people often curl up around the computer, for example, as they toil away on their latest book or latest art project.

Students, too, spend much of each day sitting in an uncomfortable desk. Those desks can increase your back pain while also making it difficult to study or retain information.

At the end of the day, seat and back cushions are not designed for only one group of people. If you spend a lot of time sitting down, even if it's just for a daily commute, then you will benefit from sitting more comfortably.

Easy to Clean

Anyone with a lot of cushions and pillows often has a "love/hate" experience with these products. That's because as comfortable as cushions and pillows are, they are often a pain in the neck to clean and maintain.

Fortunately, you can go with seat and back cushions that are super-easy to clean. With Everlasting Comfort's cushions, you can simply unzip the cover and wash it on the "cold" setting before drying it.

This is especially important because these cushions were designed with the needs of busy people in mind. You don't always have a lot of time to pamper your pillows and cushions. But these particular cushions can be restored to the original luster with a single trip to the washing machine.

Highly Affordable

By now, you're probably asking a simple question: "what's the price?"

When it comes to ergonomic furniture and pain management products, you have a world of potential solutions. Unfortunately, most of these solutions are very expensive.

Things like standing desks and ergonomic office chairs may be useful, but they command a high price tag. If you're ready to save money, though, then seat and back cushions are a perfect solution.

You can get a high-quality pair of cushions for less than $55. Compare that low price to the other potential solutions and you'll see just how affordable cushions can be.

Furthermore, you can enjoy additional savings because of the accessibility and versatility of these cushions. Because you can take them anywhere and use them in almost any configuration, you remove the need to buy multiple cushions for work and home.

All of us wish that our dollars could stretch a little further from month to month. By using seat and back cushions to manage your pain, you can make that wish come true. 

Easily Accessible

The seat and back cushions make for a great pair, but they aren't physically connected. And this is important because it makes the pair of cushions that much more accessible.

It's very easy to store these separate cushions in backpacks, lockers, bags, and car trunks due to their small size. You can then take these cushions pretty much anywhere, with their size and accessibility making such cushions perfect travel companions.

They don't take up too much room in a cubicle or as part of your commute. That means it's easy for you to always have comfort and pain relief within easy reach.

Recover From Injuries

Most of the time, people view ergonomic design as preventative design. In other words, regularly using ergonomic furniture and accessories is a way to keep new aches and pains from popping up.

While that is a great way to avoid new problems, ergonomic design is a great way to recover from injuries as well. For example, someone who has recently bruised or even broken their tail bone will have a faster recovery when they use the right cushions.

If you've ever had such an injury, then you understand that the simple act of sitting down can be absolutely miserable. And that makes it difficult to do everything from sit at your work desk to lounging on your favorite chair!

Seat and back cushions provide immediate pain relief and can help accelerate your recovery. And isn't it time you took control of your life back?

Perfect for Cars

How do you plan to use these ergonomic cushions? Most people imagine using them to make their office chairs more comfortable. But would you believe these cushions are perfect for cars as well?

It's easy to develop aches, pains, and sprains from driving a car, especially for long periods of time. If you're not careful, a long morning commute may fill your entire work day with assorted aches and pains. Or your luxurious destination may be ruined because your long drive has turned your back into one giant pain receptor.

The good news is that these cushions work just as well for your car as they do for your home or office. And by conforming to your body and sitting position, these cushions can provide lumbar support and pain relief for even the longest journeys.

If you like to travel, these cushions aren't limited to cars, either. Try bringing these cushions to your next flight and see what it is like to fly in genuine comfort and style.

Great Work From Home Solution

mother and child working at home

Whether it's due to personal preference or even medical conditions, we have more people working from home than ever before. And the experience isn't always what it's cracked up to be.

For example, spending 8 hours in front of a computer is likely to have a negative experience on your back. That is true whether you are spending those hours working from home or working at the office.

If things go bad, the misery of those long hours will start to have an effect on the quality of your work. And if that quality drops, your job may be in jeopardy.

However, the right seat and back cushions can keep you happy, healthy, and more productive. And if you work from home, the cushions provide an easy transition from a pain-free day of work to a nice, relaxing evening.

The Right Seat and Back Cushion: Where To Go

Now you know what a difference a good seat and back cushion can make. But do you know where to find the best possible one?

We specialize in keeping you comfortable with cushions, diffusers, humidifiers, and more. To see how we can relieve your major pain, contact us today!

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