Wedge Cushion: Memory Foam

Wedge Cushion: Memory Foam


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Wedge Cushion: Memory Foam


Memory Foam Seat Cushion and Back Cushion, Gel Infused & Ventilated

Get the best in lasting comfort and relief with Everlasting Comfort's Memory Foam Wedge Cushion. Our 100% premium quality memory foam cushion is made of the exact same material as the world’s leading memory foam manufacturers. By responding to your body heat our cushion intelligently molds to you, yet retains its shape forever! It's also incredibly resilient and will never flatten or deform, even after consistent use. 

Its U-shaped ergonomic design is recommended most by orthopedic surgeons and medical doctors across the globe for treating chronic and acute pain. By alleviating pressure from strategic areas our wedge seat cushion provides relief from sciatica, coccyx & tailbone pain, and back, leg, and hip pain. 

The cushion is lightweight and portable, perfect for driving, long days at the office, traveling, and so much more. The mutli-use chair pillow works perfectly as an office chair seat cushion, car seat cushion, gaming chair cushion, or stadium seat pad. The cushion even features a convenient carrying strap on its side. And, it's a fantastic addition to your road trip essentials checklist. Its plush velour cover is hypoallergenic, machine washable, and stays secure in any seat thanks to its non-slip bottom. Discover exceptional relief with the Everlasting Comfort Memory Foam Wedge Cushion. 


Material: Pure Memory Foam 
Length: 13"
Width: 17"
Height: 3"
Weight: 1.25 LBS

Does this cushion have a cut-out in it in the groin or coccyx area for pressure relief?

Yes, the wedge cushion is outfitted with a U-shaped cut out in the rear to suspend the tailbone and coccyx for added relief.

Is this good for a petite elderly bony person who sits most of the day?

Yes, the wedge is made of 100% premium memory foam the exact same material as the world’s leading memory foam manufacturers and can be used while sitting for long periods, enhancing your comfort while retaining its density.

Would this product work in a car?

Yes, it does. I use it everyday in my car and spend about an hour each way to and from work. It is comfortable.

Can I travel with it?

Yes, the wedge cushion is very portable. It features a convenient sewn-in handle and can be easily folded in half to fit into most backpacks or suitcases.

What is a wedge cushion used for?

A wedge cushion is used for supporting the neck, back, or legs while resting.

Can you sleep on your side with a wedge pillow?

The Everlasting Comfort Wedge Cushion is designed for a seated position.

Do wedge pillows help back pain?

The Everlasting Comfort Car Seat Cushion is designed to provide tailbone support including support below the waist.

How do you sleep comfortably on a wedge pillow?

With it's U-shaped design and heat responsive memory foam, the Everlasting Comfort Car Seat Cushion is designed for optimal, personalized comfort.

How do I choose a wedge pillow?

The Everlasting Comfort Car Seat Cushion is unique to other wedge pillows in that it adjusts to individual curvature and body heat, making its features well rounded and sustainable.

Are wedge pillows good for back pain?

The Everlasting Comfort Wedge Cushion features a U-shaped design to support the back's natural curves against other surfaces, -providing long-term comfort.

Can a wedge pillow help with snoring?

The Everlasting Comfort Car Seat Cushion is primarily designed for additional support in the lower back and legs.

What is the best height for a wedge pillow?

The Everlasting Comfort Car Seat Wedge Cushion is 3 inches in height. Traditional wedge pillows can reach approximately 15 inches in height.

Is it good to sleep on a wedge pillow?

Wedge pillows are designed on an incline to prevent the tonge from falling backward in the mouth, which can cause snoring.

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Tim T.

Love this thing! Won’t drive without it!!

Gary E.

Didn't really help in the car or my office chair. I thought the fold would be helpful, but just limited the support in the middle.

Good accessory for WFH

Very comfortable. Great customer service.


Best seat cushion you will ever have. After having it for a couple weeks it's great. Got in without it and couldn't believe how much difference it was. Well Worth the money.

Colleen B.
Not comfortable

Not thick enough for my needs.

Works for those with Coxic problems I think

I’m pregnant and have been experiencing a lot of pain in my lower back and tailbone. I was hoping this would help, but it’s not nearly as supportive as I was hoping. Thankfully, I was able to find another option online which is quite a bit thicker & firmer.

Kathie M.
Close to perfect

This item offers good support and relieves much of the pain I have been experiencing.

marsha m.
Stays in place

I have an older car and the driver seat has dropped a bit (probably my covid weight). Need just a little boost, at least so I could see over the steering wheel -- actually not quite that much. This seat is PERFECT, and incredibly comfortable. Once in the seat, I don't even know it's there. Imagine it would work well in an office chair too!! Great price for a great product.

kelly s.
Great product!

this works great in the car because of the angle cut, especially if you sit low in a sports car or need more height than your seat adjustment allows.

N. Beaudin
Feels good on back

Provides excellent support to my lower back and visions my spinal column..

Additional Information

Do you dread long car rides due to the pain you experience from sitting in the uncomfortable seat? Car seats were not designed with comfort and posture in mind, which is why many people suffer from pain after spending time riding in a car. That’s why you need the Everlasting Comfort Car Seat Cushion!

 Whether you’re going for a quick drive to work, or you spend long hours each day driving a truck, you need a car seat cushion to alleviate pressure and decrease chronic pain. This car seat cushion is designed to help relieve coccyx, tailbone, leg, hip, and back pain, as well as help people that experience pain from sciatica.

 This car seat wedge cushion is essential for anyone that feels sore after spending time in a car. It’s also helpful for people that need additional support while sitting in an office chair! Let’s take a closer look at the unique features this product offers:

 -Ergonomic design

 This cushion has a unique design that features a U-shaped cutout in the back to alleviate pressure and pain in the tailbone and coccyx area. The ergonomic design allows for maximum comfort and support to reduce pain from sitting in your car.

 -Pure memory foam

 The Everlasting Comfort seat cushion is made with 100% pure memory foam. It’s durable, effective, and will provide you with years of comfort.

 -Heat responsive

 The memory foam seat cushion is heat responsive so it can perfectly contour to your body shape. This not only provides you with increased comfort, but also offers individualized support while sitting in your car.

 -Non-slip cover

 With a non-slip bottom, you won’t have to worry about this seat cushion slipping or sliding around while you drive. Additionally, the cover on this product is easily removable and machine-washable, so your seat cushion stays fresh and clean.


 This seat cushion has a convenient travel strap that allows you to easily carry it to and from your car. If you want to use this cushion while driving as well as on your office chair, this travel strap makes it easy for you to carry back and forth.

 -Lifetime replacement guarantee

 Everlasting Comfort designed this car seat cushion to be durable and long-lasting, but if anything happens to it, we’ve got your back. We’ll send you a brand new seat cushion for free as a replacement so you’ll never be without car seat support again.

 If you experience leg, back, tailbone, coccyx, or hip pain, the Everlasting Comfort Car Seat cushion is essential. The unique design of this cushion provides support for your back and tailbone to relieve pressure and reduce chronic pain. Also, this seat cushion is perfect for people that experience pain from sciatica.

 Purchase your Everlasting Comfort Car Seat Cushion today and say goodbye to the aches and pains of riding in a car. Now, you can look forward to feeling comfortable and supported, even during long car rides.

  • Pure Memory Foam
  • Heat Responsive
  • Non-Slip Cover
  • Travel-Friendly
  • Lifetime Replacement Guarantee

Wedge Cushion: Memory Foam


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