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Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier 6L


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Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier 6L


Essential Oil Diffuser

Cool Mist Ultrasonic 6 Liter Humidifier

Improving health and wellness are two core concepts that drive everything we do at Everlasting Comfort. That's why we created our 6L humidifier. Whether it's your desire to reduce airborne viruses and bacteria in the air or the need to create a comfortable environment that promotes tranquility, our air humidifier can do it all! And when it comes to your health, our humidifiers can be a vital tool in soothing symptoms of the common cold and flu while also providing relief from asthma. Our humidifiers will help you maintain ideal humidity levels to relieve problems like dry noses, throats, and skin.

There are many humidifier choices in the market, but none boast the number of features ours does. We include a 6 liter or 1.5-gallon water tank designed to last up to 50 hours in rooms up to 500 square feet. And thanks to its variable output nozzle, our humidifier allows you to tailor the amount of moisture you want your unit to disperse. Our humidifier's foundation is the ultrasonic motor that lets you rest in peace because of its whisper-quiet operation. And to build upon this foundation, we included an essential oil tray that lets you add fresh aromas to the cool mist. It's a diffuser humidifier like never before!

We build safety and reliability into each component of our cool mist humidifier. It features an auto-shutoff function that will shut down the humidifier when it runs out of water. To ensure its safety, we partner with Intertek Labs to test all electronic components to be ETL certified. And if you experience any issues with your humidifier, we back you up with the Everlasting Comfort 2-Year Replacement Policy. We will replace your unit if anything should go wrong. It's our way of showing how much confidence we have in the design of our products. Stop wasting time and get the humidifier that so many have made a part of their daily routine.

Cool Mist Ultrasonic 6 Liter Humidifier

Experience the benefits of a cool mist humidifier in your home with this Everlasting Comfort Humidifier. This product comes with an essential oil tray so you can breathe in healing oils while the air in your home humidifies, providing you with even more incredible benefits!

This humidifier comes with numerous unique features, including:

-6 Liter (1.5 gallon) tank that allows for a high volume of mist output for your bedroom that lasts for up to 50 hours before it needs to be refilled.

-Perfect for large rooms (up to 500 square feet). Use it in bedrooms, living rooms, home offices, or any other indoor area that you spend a lot of time in.

-Doubles as an oil diffuser. Just add a couple drops of your favorite essential oil to the built-in essential oil tray and let the calming scent fill your home as the air humidifies.

-This unit shuts off automatically when it runs out of water, protecting the unit from any unnecessary damage, while keeping you safe.

-The unique design of this humidifier eliminates the need for any expensive filters; making this the most practical and affordable product on the market.

- Equipped with ultrasonic technology, it’s extremely quiet so you won’t even notice that it’s emitting mist throughout the day or night..

When it comes to humidifiers, the Everlasting Comfort Humidifier is unrivaled. However, the benefits don’t stop with its unique features and design, you’ll also experience improvements in your overall health and well being, such as:

- Better sleep:

This humidifier helps improve dry nasal passages, so you fall asleep easier and stay asleep through the night. Pro tip: for an even better sleep experience, add a few drops of lavender oil to the essential oil tray to create an ultra calming and relaxing environment.

- Soothes dry skin:

Humidified air relieves dry, itchy, and irritated skin by hydrating the body. For maximum skin benefits, you can adjust the humidity level on this product to fit your needs.

- Helps to treat colds:

The cool mist that’s produced by this product can help ease coughing and decongestion when you have a cold, helping you to feel better, faster.

- Fights asthma and allergies:

Increased humidity makes breathing easier for people with asthma or allergies. If you or a loved one in your home has breathing difficulties, adding a humidifier can alleviate a lot of symptoms and make life easier and more comfortable.

Don’t suffer in your own home by breathing in dry, irritating air. Not only is it uncomfortable, but it can contribute to loss of sleep and makes breathing more strenuous. It’s time to purchase the Everlasting Comfort Ultrasonic Humidifier.

Not only will you be able to humidify the air in your home, but you can also enjoy the soothing scents of your favorite essential oils. It’s like getting 2 products for the price of 1, so don’t miss out!

Once you start using this product and experiencing its many benefits, you’ll wonder why you didn’t get it sooner. Buy the Everlasting Comfort Humidifier today and improve both your home and your life.

Transform your indoor space into a healthy ecosystem with Soothing Cool Mist produced by an Everlasting Comfort® Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier. Filterless, Economical, Sleek, and productive in spaces up to 500 square feet. Doctor and Parent-Recommended for combating Airborne Viruses and Bacteria, Insomnia, Dry Skin, and improving Respiratory Function. 2 Year Replacement Warranty & 30 Day Money-back Guarantee!


- Whisper Quiet Ultrasonic Cool Mist Output
Reduces Airborne Viruses & Bacteria
Soothes Dry Skin & Sinuses
Alleviates Asthma, Colds, and Seasonal Allergies
Filterless. No monthly filter replacements
6L Water Storage Tank. Lasts 50+ hours
ETL Safety Certified. Safe for Nurseries. Automatic Shutoff
Adjustable Mist Intensity Dial
Aromatherapy Compatible Humidifier with Essential Oils Tray
Great for Bedrooms and Living Spaces up to 500 Square Feet

ADDITIONAL DETAILS: Air Humidifiers promote healthy respiratory function, sleep, and stop airborne viruses and bacteria dead in their tracks by increasing indoor humidity levels! Each humidifier is equipped with an Adjustable Mist Intensity Dial that allows you to control the intensity of the mist output - making it an ideal room humidifier for a nursery and a perfect bedroom humidifier for a master bedroom.

Unlike other room humidifiers that require constant refills and expensive filter replacements, an Everlasting Comfort® Humidifier is filterless and it's equipped with a 6L (1.59 Gallon) Water Storage tank that disperses Ultrasonic Cool Mist for 50+ hours!

Find Comfort that's truly Everlasting in our ETL Safety Certification, Filterless Technology, ease of use and truly minimal upkeep that's all backed by our Warranty.

All Everlasting Comfort® products are backed by a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

If your product is damaged in transit or has a defect, please allow us to send you a new one at no cost. After all, your Everlasting Comfort® Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier is backed by a 2 Year Warranty!

When winter arrives, you usually know it since your lips and skin start drying out and becoming uncomfortable.

But dry air can do more than just cause dry and cracking skin; it can also cause or exacerbate respiratory problems. Not to mention there are a myriad other health issues that come along with it.

One easy and quick way to make your household more comfortable and healthier is to use a humidifier. But there are several types available, including ultrasonic and evaporative.

Are you wondering about the differences between an ultrasonic vs. evaporative humidifier? In this article, we'll discuss the difference between these two so you can make the best choice for your household.

What Is a Humidifier?

Before we get into the details of ultrasonic and evaporative humidifiers, perhaps we should first quickly define what a humidifier even is.

A humidifier is a device that disperses tiny water particles into the air. What this does is raise the humidity in the air. In most cases, these devices are portable, which means you can easily move them from one area of the house to another.

What is humidity? Humidity is how much water vapor is present in the air.

When there's low humidity, you might notice your skin drying out and you may get nosebleeds. And when there's high humidity, you might feel like the air's bogged down, that it's hard to breathe, and that it's very moist out.

As you can see, there's a delicate balance when it comes to humidity. You may have already guessed that in addition to humidifiers, there are also dehumidifiers. You can use these to lower the humidity in a room.

In general, there are 4 types of humidifiers: cool mist, warm mist, evaporative, and ultrasonic. For the purposes of this article, we'll tackle the last 2 in detail.

Cool and Warm Mist Humidifiers

Very quickly, we'll describe how warm and cool mist humidifiers so you have a basic understanding of your other choices.

Cool mist humidifiers are also known as impeller humidifiers or evaporative cool mist humidifiers. Inside, there's a spinning disc. When you turn on the device, it draws water up from the reservoir and turns it into a fine mist as it goes through the disc.

With warm mist (steam) humidifiers, there's a heating element in place of the spinning disc. The water in the reservoir is heated to boiling point and the humidifier then sprays the warm mist into the air.

What Is an Ultrasonic Humidifier?

An ultrasonic humidifier works like the mist humidifiers, but instead of a spinning disc or heating element, it has 2 ceramic plates.

These ceramic plates are vibrated at very high frequencies. That way, when the water gets drawn through, they're vibrated into ultra-fine water droplets that increase the air's humidity.

What Is an Evaporative Humidifier?

An evaporative humidifier's inner part is a wicking filter and fan. Once you switch on your device, it starts drawing water up from the reservoir into the basin. Then, the water is drawn through the wicking filter.

The fan then evaporates the water that's on the filter. This is what creates the mist of water droplets in the air.

Evaporative vs. Ultrasonic Humidifier Differences

Now that you have some basic information about both evaporative and ultrasonic humidifiers, you're probably wondering which one you should get for your house.

Do keep in mind that portable humidifiers can only humidify one room, so chances are, you'll have to purchase more than one to properly humidify your house. This means you can actually get both evaporative and ultrasonic humidifiers and choose which ones suit particular rooms.

Of course, you may find that in general, you prefer one over the other. This is why it's important to weigh the pros and cons of each type of humidifier before making your purchases.

Below are some factors you need to consider.

Noise Level

A very important factor to consider when you're looking at humidifiers is the noise level.

For example, if you want a device for your bedroom, you don't want something that emits a noticeable amount of noise, as it may make it more difficult to fall and stay asleep. This is especially true for people who are very sensitive to noise. However, it can provide a sort of white noise in the background, which may actually help some people fall asleep.

As you may remember, evaporative humidifiers use fans to operate. On the other hand, ultrasonic humidifiers operate solely on vibration, which means there are no fans. This doesn't mean they're completely silent; however, they emit a barely audible hum.

You need to consider all the parts that make up a fan. Obviously, these all cause an evaporative humidifier to be louder than an ultrasonic one. But if anything is improperly maintained, or if it just goes through normal wear and tear, that'll cause it to be louder than normal too.

So when you compare the noise levels of these two humidifier types, ultrasonic wins, hands down.

That is not to say that you shouldn't use evaporative humidifiers at all. For example, you can use it in the living room, where noise isn't really a big factor. And as you'll see from reading the rest of this article, there are pros of evaporative humidifiers that make it good to have.


Both evaporative and ultrasonic humidifiers are very safe when you compare them with, say, a warm mist humidifier. If you have pets and small children in the house, you won't want to have them accidentally run into the humidifier and get scalded by boiling water.

However, because these types of humidifiers don't boil water, it may mean that bacteria can grow more easily inside the reservoirs. This means you'll have to clean them more often than you would with a warm mist humidifier.

In general though, both types of humidifiers are very safe to use in any type of household.

Moisture on Floors

With ultrasonic humidifiers, they release fine water droplets instead of water vapor. Because of this, you may get damp spots on your floor.

To avoid this happening, you have to place ultrasonic humidifiers higher up, such as on tables or dressers. This gives the water droplets more time to evaporate before they hit the floor.

Because of this, you may be more limited in where you can place your ultrasonic humidifiers when compared to evaporative ones.


Both types of humidifiers are usually portable, which means their sizes are very manageable. This is especially true if you're planning on moving them from room to room a lot.

However, you can expect ultrasonic humidifiers to be smaller in size. This is because they're much simpler in design.

So if you want something very small and that's out of the way, then an ultrasonic humidifier may be better than an evaporative one. These can be great for people who are short on space.


With evaporative humidifiers, you need to replace the wicking filters every once in a while. You also need to either replace or wash the wick itself occasionally too.

With both types of humidifiers, you'll need to clean them regularly to ensure that bacteria and mold don't grow on the inside. If you live somewhere with hard water, you'll either have to put in more effort to clean your humidifiers and/or have a more frequent cleaning schedule.

With normal ultrasonic humidifiers, you won't have anything to replace. However, if you decide to go with one that uses ceramic cartridges, there will be a replacement schedule. This will probably still be less frequent than with wicking filters in evaporative humidifiers though.

Also, note that some ultrasonic humidifiers use advanced technology. In that case, you'll need to have a qualified technician perform maintenance. This leaves less work for you to do, but it'll be an added cost you need to factor in.

Mineral Scale Deposits

Because ultrasonic humidifiers don't have wicking filters, this means small particles (such as dust) aren't caught and filtered out before they disperse mist in the room. This means you'll likely see a gray dust in the air and room.

If you live in an area with particularly "hard" water, then you'll run into mineral scale deposits and gray dust in the air more often and on a more noticeable scale. However, if you have soft water, or just don't mind the gray dust, then you might still want to consider an ultrasonic humidifier over an evaporative one.

Do know that you can easily counteract hard water by using demineralized water. However, do note that this can be costly in the long run.

You can also try using a model that has ceramic cartridges. These can be replaced every so often.

For people who have allergies or respiratory conditions (such as asthma), evaporative humidifiers may be a better choice since they have a filter that'll keep dust and other particles out of the air.

But if you don't want to deal with the maintenance that comes with evaporative humidifiers, you can just get an ultrasonic humidifier and either use demineralized water and/or ceramic cartridges.


In this category, evaporative humidifiers have about the same lifespan as ultrasonic ones. This can be anywhere between 3 to 5 years.

The actual lifespan of your humidifier will depend on how well you take care of it. So for instance, if you buy an evaporative humidifier and you don't change out the filters as often as you should, then this can affect its lifespan.

The actual lifespan will also depend on which brand humidifier you get. Bigger brand names tend to have better working parts, but they tend to be more expensive as well.

So while both types of humidifiers are equal in this category, you have to think about and take into account how well you'll realistically maintain your device and which brands you're looking at.


Last, but not least, is the price difference between these two humidifiers.

As we've mentioned above, evaporative humidifiers need filters, while ultrasonic ones don't. Because of this, you won't have to spend extra money on buying filters throughout the lifespan of your ultrasonic humidifier.

Also, ultrasonic humidifiers tend to use much less electricity than evaporative humidifiers. If you're planning on having several humidifiers in your home, then the type(s) you choose can affect your utility bills.

However, do note that ultrasonic devices are more expensive when it comes to upfront prices. Of course, the exact difference in price will depend on the brand, features, and size.

In general, you shouldn't expect to see a huge price difference. But do know that ultrasonic humidifiers tend to cost more than ultrasonic ones. 

Ultrasonic vs. Evaporative Humidifier: Choose the Right One for You

When it comes to the debate between ultrasonic vs. evaporative humidifiers, both have their own pros and cons. While an ultrasonic humidifier may seem ideal for your friend, it may not necessarily be great for you.

You may also initially balk at the price of some ultrasonic humidifiers. But do keep in mind there are also lots of "hidden" costs of evaporative humidifiers, such as the cost of filters and higher energy consumption.

So weigh up the pros and cons yourself and determine what's best for you based on the information we've given you here. And if you ever feel like the other type would be better, you can always buy the other and try it out in a room to see if it's more suitable.

Would you like to get something that complements your humidifiers? Then consider getting an essential oil diffuser.


Can I use tap water or does it need to be distilled/demineralized?

Yes. Tap water is okay.

What is the warranty on this product?

Our humidifier comes with a 2 year warranty.

Is this a cool mist unit?

Yes and it lasts two nights for me, I love it!

Can you turn the night light off and still run the cool mist?

Yes you can.

How many Ultrasonic cool mist humidifiers do I need for my house?

In general, a humidifier is sufficient for single rooms up to 300 square feet.

When to turn on an Ultrasonic cool mist humidifier in house

The humidifier can be used at any time, day or night.

What is a Ultrasonc cool mist humidifier?

A cool mist humidifier uses either ultrasonic vibrations or a fan to emit cool steam.

When to use an Ultrasonic cool mist humidifier

Cool mist humidifiers can be used in any environment, but are recommended for hot, dry atmospheres.

What kind of water do you use in an Ultrasonic cool mist humidifier?

Demineralized or distilled water is recommended for humidifier use.

How to keep an Ultrasonic cool mist humidifier clean

Regular weekly cleaning of the reservoir with soap and water prevents mold and buildup.

How to fill an Ultrasonic cool mist humidifier

The Everlasting Cool Comfort Humidifier fills from the three-inch hole located at the bottom of the tank.

Where to put an Ultrasonic cool mist humidifier in bedroom

For best results, keep the humidifier within 300 square feet of your most lived-in spaces.

How to descale an Ultrasonic cool mist humidifier

Practice using distilled water in the reservoir to eliminate mineral buildup. To clean buildup, use a soft brush or cloth.

What is the difference between warm and cool mist humidifiers?

Warm vapor humidifiers heat their water while cool mist humidifiers use ultrasonic vibrations to produce cool, moist air.

What kind of humidifier do I need?

Depending on your climate, warm vapor or cool mist humidifiers are available. Both produce additional mositure into the air.

What does Ultrasonic cool mist humidifier do?

A cool mist humidifier uses ultrasonic vibrations to produce cool vapor into dry, hot air.

What to look for in an Ultrasonic cool mist humidifier

Factors like cool mist or warm vapor may be features to consider, including filtered or filterless humidifiers.

What does an Ultrasonic cool mist humidifier do?

A humidifier's primary use is to moisturize the air by converting water into vapor.

How big of an Ultrasonic cool mist humidifier do I need?

The Everlasting Cool Comfort Humidifier is suitable for rooms sized 300 square feet.

How to tell if an Ultrasonic cool mist humidifier is working

A gentle mist will be present from the ventilation tube.

What is the difference between a humidifier and a dehumidifier?

A humidifier adds moisture to the air. A dehumidifier removes moisture from the air.

How often to change an Ultrasonic cool mist humidifier filter

The Everlasting Cool Comfort Humidifier requires no filter due to its ultrasonic design.

How long does it take for an Ultrasonic cool mist humidifier to work?

Initially, it may take between 1-3 hours for a 300 square foot room to be humidified.

Which is the best Ultrasonic cool mist humidifier?

The Everlasting Cool Comfort Humidifier features a filterless design and whisper-quiet motor that produces cool mist, making it a lead contender in its category.

Warranty Information

Everlasting Comfort® products come with a 2-Year Replacement Guarantee from Upper Echelon Products.

For ANY quality-related issues, we will send you a replacement for free!

Please note that this warranty is not valid unless the item is purchased directly from Everlasting Comfort® and registered under our warranty.

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The above guarantee is against defects in materials and workmanship. If anything goes wrong with your product, we will send you a replacement for free. The lifetime warranty does not apply to electronic products which come with a 2-year warranty.
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  • Oil diffuser
  • Humidifier

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Anayeli C.
United States United States
Cool humidifier

So far works great. Very cool mist.

Everlasting Comfort Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier 6L ReviewEverlasting Comfort Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier 6L Review
Najdek f.
United States United States
Ordering two more for other rooms!.

Steam starts right away and even on low setting is powerful! This has been a godsend for my toddler when he gets a cough! I put it on the floor next to his bed as he sleeps and let the steam(cold) go right to his face! He doesn't cough at all!. It's also great for the oil diffuser right now we have peppermint going! I have a large room and living room and it works great for both!.

Everlasting Comfort Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier 6L Review
United States United States
Great little humidifier

This humidifier is very easy to use and hassle free. The unit requires very less cleaning. Nice and quiet so it doesn't interfere with sleep. The mist is very fine and adds the right amount of moisture to a room. The control dial allows you to control the amount of moisture and the size of the drops being put into the air. For the price this unit is better to other units in this category. Overall I am happy with the purchase. We bought this humidifier about year ago for our living room and we liked it so much we decided to buy one for our bedroom too. This one would be nice for a child's room during the winter months, or when they have a cold.

Everlasting Comfort Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier 6L ReviewEverlasting Comfort Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier 6L ReviewEverlasting Comfort Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier 6L ReviewEverlasting Comfort Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier 6L ReviewEverlasting Comfort Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier 6L Review
C. S. Geter
United States United States
Best Humidifier I've tried

I love this Everlasting Comfort Humidifier. The cool mist helps my sons seasonal allergies from acting up and helps him sleep a lot better. He was having so many nose bleeds from being sick and the dry heat before we got this humidifier. Now that I run this humidifier every night he don't have any nose bleeds. I plan on purchasing another one because we need one in the bedroom & living room. I love the night light/water level light. I highly recommend everyone to get this humidifier. I've tried two others and this by far is my favorite.

Everlasting Comfort Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier 6L ReviewEverlasting Comfort Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier 6L ReviewEverlasting Comfort Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier 6L Review
United States United States
A Good Purchase

it's a very good humidifier. With a full tank of water, it lasts up to 3 days. No noise. Two outlets for mist disperse which is very effective to spread around the house. One issue is it is very big and sometimes filling up the water is a pain but once it's filled up it last for long. Will, update later on how it last with continual use.

Everlasting Comfort Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier 6L Review
Tarak N.
United States United States
Excellent product: Easy to use, quiet, works with tap water and reasonably priced.

I started using this around 2 weeks ago and fascinated by its silent functioning. It does its job really well, and what I find unique about this humidifier is that it doesn't require distilled water. Tap water is good enough as long as it's not serious hard water. Refilling the water tank is super easy, and the settings are user-friendly. I usually keep it running around the minimum setting, and the atomizer creates a very smooth flow of water droplets just enough to keep the room comfortable during the night. I'd have appreciated if the power cord was a little longer, I personally find the one provided to be too small.

Everlasting Comfort Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier 6L Review
United States United States
Great humidifer

This little humidifier is wonderful. Its thin and fits perfectly beside my bed. I wasn't expecting much due to its size but it has a lot of power behind it and the tank lasts a couple nights before it needs filled. I am very happy and so are my sinuses.

Everlasting Comfort Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier 6L Review
Robert C.
United States United States
new customer

Works very well but a major problem to refill. Handle should have been on side.

Denise W.
United States United States

I love it bought for my boys room asthma and allergies works wonderfully they sleep with no problems. I plan to purchase on for my room as well,very pleased.

Briggette B.
United States United States
Great product

Fantastic Humidifier… My skin feels great the air feels clear… It’s the best humidifier I’ve ever owned

Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier 6L


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