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Home Office Needs: Accessories That Will Make Remote Work More Comfortable

Does just the thought of working in your home office make your back and neck hurt? Here are a few remote work accessories that will make it better.

What Does A Lumbar Support Pillow Do?

Back pain can make you feel miserable. It’s hard to get anything done when you’re suffering. It can lead to a host of other issues in your life, too, such as depression.  There are plenty...

How to Keep Proper Spine Alignment When You Work at a Desk All Day?

If you don't keep proper posture at work it will do a number on your back and neck. Check out this guide to learn the secret to proper spine alignment.

12 Ways to Stay Comfortable When You Drive for a Living

From road bumps to the constant sitting, driving for a living can be a bit painful on the spine. Here's how to make the drive a little more comfortable.

10 Things You Need to Stay Comfortable During a Long Road Trip

A fun family vacation can quickly turn painful after the first hour or so of driving. Here are a few accessories that will make the long road trip bearable.

What Should You Sit On For Lower Back Pain?

If you spend any amount of time sitting down, whether it be on a long commute, at an office chair, or even in a classroom, you know that the comfort and ergonomics of your seat...

15 Ergonomic Desk Accessories You Need

Ergonomics in the workplace is important for both your health and comfort. Consider picking up one of these ergonomic accessories for the perfect office setup.

Oil Diffusers and Cats: Is It Safe to Have Both?

People love the relaxation of oil diffusers and they love the companionship of cats. But is it a good idea to have both in the same home?

How To Clean An Essential Oil Diffuser

People love using essential oil diffusers and getting the calming aura they give off, but how do you best clean them? We're here to help!

Can I Put Hot Water In A Cool Mist Humidifier?

Using a cool mist humidifier is good for congestion and other symptoms of the common cold. However, it is more important to consider putting the correct type of water into your humidifier when you're trying...

What Is Ergonomics? Get The Most Comfort Out Of Your Day

You've probably heard the term before, but what exactly is ergonomics? We'll go through what it means and why it's so important.

11 Amazing Travel Tips for People With Small Children

Traveling with kids is alway fun, amazing, and tiring. Our travel tips for people with small children will help you prevent problems before they happen.

15 Best Wheelchair Accessories to Make Your Life More Comfortable

You need to know these 15 best wheelchair accessories to make your life easier and more comfortable. We bet you'll love number 3.

What Is Gel-Infused Memory Foam Support and Why You Should Use It

Find out what gel-infused memory foam is and why you should use it in our essential guide to gel infused lumbar supports for your back.

10 Benefits of Diffusing Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil has long been praised for its many benefits in regards to health, beauty, and the lifting of spirits. Find out the benefits of diffusing it!

Do Cool Mist Humidifiers Kill Germs?

Each year, there comes a time where the air is unbearably dry. You can feel the dryness of your skin. You may wake up in the morning with a dry or itchy throat. Your hair...

10 Benefits of Diffusing Peppermint Oil

Peppermint is well known as quite an amazing thing. So naturally, there would be several benefits of diffusing peppermint oil.

Oil Diffusers and Dogs: A Compatible Relationship?

Dogs are a human's best friend, so it's important that we keep them safe while we relax. Are oil diffusers okay to use around dogs?

Are Essential Oil Diffusers Healthy?

Diffusers have worked their way up to being the new “it” item for homes across North America. It has a lot to do with the recent boom in the popularity of essential oils, which is...

Keeping Your Back Comfortable On Long Drives

Have a long work commute? Or simply going on a road trip with family or friends? Either way, it's important you keep your back comfortable through the drive!

11 Reasons Why a Coccyx Pillow Should Top Your Shopping List

Tailbone pain is a pretty common occurrence, especially in people without proper support. That's where a coccyx pillow comes into play!

10 Huge Signs You Aren't Getting Enough Lumbar Support

Working in an office chair in front of a computer all day? It can be easy to lose diligence on your posture due to a lack of proper lumbar support.

What Is Lumbar Support? How to Help Your Back Pain

What is lumbar support? Get the answers to all your questions about lumbar support, lumbar support back cushions, and dealing with your back pain.

Must-Know International Travel Tips on What to Bring

If you are a world traveler then you need to know these great international travel tips on what to bring. You don't want to forget these items.

What Does A Diffuser Do With Essential Oils?

Essential oils can help with a lot of things, from relaxing you to helping you wake up. The potential is endless for essential oils, and one of the best ways to use them is in...

What Is The Best Seat Cushion For Hip Pain

Hip pain can be extremely hard to deal with because it can affect the way you sit, walk, or lay down comfortably. Many people all over the world deal with hip pain for a variety...

11 Amazingly Helpful Travel Tips Before You Pack

You need to read this essential guide for travelers before you pack. You'll find these helpful travel tips will make your trip easier and more comfortable.

Everything You Need to Know About Car Ergonomics

Chances are your posture while driving isn't helping your back pain. Find out the correct way to sit in a car seat in our essential guide to car ergonomics.

How Big Is A Throw Blanket?

If you’re looking for something warm to snuggle into, you might find that picking the perfect blanket is a little more complicated than it seems. There are comforters, bedspreads, duvet covers, and quilts for your...

What Is The Most Comfortable Seat Cushion?

Sitting is often an unavoidable task. It is required for most office jobs, which is a large percentage of the world’s workforce. Unless you decide to use a standing desk (which has downsides too), you...