The Importance of Having a Lumbar Support Cushion on Your Office Chair

When you're working long hours, these shifts can quickly take a toll on your body. Believe it or not, sitting down for extended hours can cause more pain than physical labor. 

Buying a nice lumbar support cushion or back brace can help your spine. 

No matter what kind of office chair setup you have, you can look into cushions of all types and sizes. Consider these points to learn more about lumbar support and how it can enhance your life. 

What Makes Lumbar Support So Necessary?

Your lumbar area refers to the lower end of your spine closest to your tailbone. When this section of your spine is compressed and constantly overworking, chronic pain isn't too far away. 

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Finding back pain relief will change your life in more ways than you know. Here's what you should know about lumbar support:

1. You're More Productive When You Have Lower Back Support

If you have to work long hours anyway, it's only right that you give your body impeccable support. This not only helps you to avoid pain, but it also makes you more productive as a whole. 

The support that you get from these cushions makes you less likely to squirm and contend with uncomfortable work shifts. If your body is comfortable and you're able to sit up straight, you'll be more focused on your work and less prone to distraction. 

Since 70% of workers say that they have problems dealing with distractions, it's only right that you curb these to the best of your ability. Think of your office chair and any support that comes with it, and choose a setup that keeps you productive. 

In addition to a comfortable chair, make sure that your desk is also adjusted at the proper height. Adding a humidifier to your environment can help you to breathe easier and reduce stress levels as well. 

2. Supporting Your Lumbar System Helps You Avoid Chronic Pain

Above all, getting lumbar support will help you deal with pain. 

Upward of 40% of people are living with chronic pain, according to The Journal of the American Medical (JAMA). Your body's muscle systems work in conjunction, so a weakness in one muscle system can cause pain in others that had to overwork. 

The spine works with and connects your entire body, so this support will always pay off. 

3. A Lack of Lumbar Support Can Create Long-Term Health Issues

Many health professionals even claim that sitting is the new smoking due to the long-term damage it causes. 

Taking frequent breaks will help you curb the health degradation that comes with the territory. However, you should also seek to optimize the time that you do spend sitting. 

When you have a set of lumbar cushions it's easier to sit up straight and comfortably, so that your body and organs get blood circulation. Some of the long-term health issues that you'll get without back support include Type 2 diabetes, gastrointestinal issues, and sexual dysfunction. 

4. Lumbar Cushions Can Help Improve Your Posture

When you have lumbar cushions you'll sit up straighter and with better posture. Quality posture is an issue that less than 50% of people are concerned about. However, most people have poor posture, which leads to health issues. 

You're more likely to deal with back pain if you aren't sitting upright with a healthy posture. Poor posture can also cause issues related to heartburn and digestive problems. 

By implementing cushions and other forms of lumbar support, maintaining this posture becomes effortless. You won't have to fidget and become neurotic about adjusting the way you sit. 

5. You Will Avoid Expensive Medical Bills

People in the United States are chronically in pain, and this creates significant medical expenditures. In fact, chronic pain issues cause people to pay more than $600 billion in doctor or specialist bills annually. 

When your back always hurts you will also find yourself popping pain pills regularly. If your pain keeps multiplying you'll eventually need harder prescription pills that are more expensive and potentially addictive. 

This doesn't even include the amount of money you'll end up spending at the chiropractor, massage therapist, physical therapist, or other professional. 

6. It Helps With Your Mental Health and Psyche

People who sit for long periods of time deal with psychological and emotional distress. This will compound when even the chair you sit in each day is uncomfortable. 

By adding lumbar support to your office chair it's easier for you to get through your day with your mental health intact. You'll have an overall more cheerful disposition and can improve your mood to the fullest. 

Since your overall health begins in the mind, it only makes sense to improve your mental state first. 

7. These Cushions Support Your Weight Better

You carry your weight differently when your chair is uneven or unsupportive. This disproportionate weight can create pain all over your body. 

Sometimes you just need a brace or a new set of cushions that will hold your weight correctly. 

8. This Supports Your Spine's Natural Curve

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits that you'll get from a lumbar pillow is the fact that it curves naturally with your spine. You often don't get that natural curvature with the office chair itself. 

The lumbar pillow helps the design of the chair and positions your body upright in a way that is comfortable. 

9. You Can Strengthen Your Lower Back Muscles

Pain is most common in your back when your muscles are weak. As a result, strengthening your back should be high on your priority list. 

When you have lumbar support, it causes you to sit up straight and actually hold your weight stead. This trains your back muscles as opposed to making your chair bear the entire weight. 

10. Lumbar Support Assists Blood Flow and Heart Health

If you have a cushion that holds your tailbone steady it improves blood flow to your lower extremities. Many people have circulation cutoff that can lead to other health issues. 

This increase in circulation makes your heart healthier and keeps your blood pressure manageable. 

11. It Can Support an Active and Physical Lifestyle

By adding some lumbar support to your office chair, it makes you more conscious of your body and physical health. This added measure of support pushes you toward an active lifestyle. 

There are several lifestyle changes that you'll need to make on the road to improving your health and wellness.

Adding lumbar support can create a catalyst that helps you get more active and fit.  

12. You Will Also Prevent Pain in Your Neck and Shoulders

When your back isn't properly supported you'll likely also deal with neck pain that can be debilitating. 

Sitting up straight allows you to hold your arms more comfortably when you type. Additional lumbar support makes it easier to sit at your desk without creating undue pressure on your neck and shoulders. 

This stiffness can make something as simple as staring at a screen more painful than it has to be. 

13. When You Have Better Lumbar Support During the Day, You'll Sleep Better at Night

Chronic pain compounds and takes its toll after a while. By having lumbar support, you will sleep sounder at night because your body won't be in a constant state of distress. 

The cortisol stress hormone is secreted more frequently when your body is consistently dealing with physical pain. Avoiding pain in your daily life makes it easier to drift into a peaceful sleep. 

When you carry this tranquility into your sleep life, you'll find yourself waking up more refreshed and productive. This improvement in sleep can make you sharper mentally and allow you to stay on task for longer. 

14. This System Cradles Your Tailbone and Prevents Pelvic Tilt 

A lot of people live with pelvic tilt and tailbone pain. Pelvic tilt refers to a condition that creates an uneven pelvic angle due to your hip flexors shortening or lengthening. 

When you have a lumbar cushion that you sit on each day, it becomes easier to keep this issue under control. A memory foam coccyx pillow might be just what the doctor ordered for this issue. 

You can also do away with pain in your tailbone that happens when you're sitting too long and allowing your spine to become compressed. 

15. You'll Take Fewer Sick Days

Finally, lumbar support is important because it flat-out keeps you in the game. If you're always dealing with chronic pain and weariness, you are more likely to take sick days. 

Taking care of your body gives you the strength and ability to get through even the toughest workweek without wearing down. 

Leverage Your Lumbar Support With the Right Products and Lifestyle

Now that you can see the importance of lumbar support, make sure that you leverage your use of the products. Here are some things to know about buying the best products and getting the most from them:

1. Figure Out Which Lumbar Products Are Ideal for You

First and foremost, all products aren't for everyone. Consider your body type, the kind of work you do, and what sitting positions you need to achieve when testing the market on lumbar products. 

Some of the most popular choices you can look into include memory foam cushions, lumbar support back pillows, and under the desk footrests. Try a few of these products out to see which suit your needs.  

2. Hit the Gym and Strengthen Your Body

Nothing gives quality lumbar support like living a fitness lifestyle. While pain issues come and go, building a strong body is always the best remedy. 

Get a gym membership or some free weights for your home so that you can train on a regular basis. You should also stretch regularly so that the muscles in your back don't get tight and bunch up. 

When your body becomes used to exertion you become less injury-prone overall and will be better able to work long shifts without your back issues giving you trouble. 

3. Don't Underestimate the Value of Sleep


Most people don't get anywhere near the amount of sleep that they need to actually heal their bodies. Sometimes that stiffness and soreness that you thought required pain pills simply need a good night's sleep. 

Always shoot to give yourself 8 to 10 hours of sleep so that you can wake up the next day refreshed and so that your body can deploy the endorphins that act as natural painkillers. 

4. Go Through Hot and Cold Treatments

Put your back through a series of hot and cold treatments so that your back has a chance to heal. Ice packs will help bring more blood flow to your back so that the swelling comes down and your muscles ache less. 

The heating pad or hot gel adds more fluid motion to your back and helps to ease the pain and tension that develops. Make these treatments part of your daily life whether you're experiencing excruciating pain or not. 

5. Assess Your Diet and Habits

Make sure that you're also eating like someone who wants to get rid of their back pain. Eating foods that inflame your body, such as too much dairy, fried food, and processed food can cause your pain issues to linger. 

Conversely, picking up healthier eating habits makes it easier for your body to work its natural anti-inflammation processes. 

Invest in a Lumbar Support Cushion for Your Office Chair

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When you love your back it loves you back. 

Having a lumbar support cushion will protect your back and spine more than you know. We specialize in these support cushions and all sorts of other products that will help keep your back issues at bay. 

Take the time to reach out to us when you want to order the best lumbar products on the market. 

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