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How Essential oils Can help with colds

There’s nothing worse than feeling under the weather. Essential oils can help promote wellbeing and ease the uncomfortable symptoms of the common cold.

How to Make Candles With Essential Oils: Ultimate DIY Guide

Candles are a great way to practice aromatherapy. Here’s an easy DIY guide for making your own candle with essential oils.

Should You Be Using an Under Foot Desk Rest

Sitting in a desk chair all day can be exceedingly uncomfortable. Up your comfort level by adding an under foot desk rest to your home office setup.

Best Essential Oils to Clear Sinuses

Clogged, stuffy noses are irritating and uncomfortable, but essential oils can help clear them up in no time. Here are a few of the best oils to free your sinuses.

Essential oils for sunburn

If you find yourself bright red after a day in the sun and aren’t sure what to do, there are some essential oils that can help your symptoms and bring you everlasting comfort.

What Causes Sciatica Pain?

Sciatica is a common problem that impacts about 40% of Americans. If you ever wondered what causes it, we have the answers.

Dry Air: Everything You Need To Know

While we’re usually aware when our living spaces are too humid, we don’t often think about the damage that dry air can cause. A humidifier from Everlasting Comfort can help restore balance to our living...

Bath Bombs With Essential Oils: Ultimate DIY Guide

Making your own bath bomb is easier than you think, and you can customize it based on your own preferences. Here is how to make a DIY bath bomb with essential oils.

Useful Tips to Get the Very Best Out of Using a Gel Foam Seat Cushion

Office chairs can be uncomfortable, and this can ruin productivity. Here are some tips for how you can use a gel foam seat cushion to improve your overall comfort.

How to Use Essential Oils to Scent a Room With a Diffuser

If your home is starting to smell, you need this complete guide to diffusing essential oils in your home. You’ll be creating amazing scents in no time!

How Long Should You Diffuse Your Essential Oils? The Ultimate Guide

Using an essential oil diffuser from Everlasting Comfort is simple, but there are a few more tips you should know to get the most out of your device.

Top 4 Essential Oils For Allergies

Every time spring rolls around, do you find yourself dreading the coming allergy season? Essential oils can be a useful, natural way to soothe your annoying allergy symptoms.

Everything You Need to Know About Knee Pillows

If you struggle with a condition like sciatica or just wake up in the morning with soreness and pain, sleeping with an Everlasting Comfort knee pillow can help you get the restful night’s sleep you...

Ultimate Guide on Where to Apply Essential Oils

If you’re thinking about applying essential oils to your skin, you might not know where to start. Here’s a guide for the best places on your body to apply an essential oil.

How to Make Lotion With Essential Oils: Ultimate DIY Guide

Essential oils are amazing for a variety of skin concerns, like acne, redness, and dry skin. By following this simple guide from Everlasting Comfort, you can make a DIY lotion that is affordable, all-natural, and...

Where To Place Lumbar Pillows For Maximum Comfort

Lumbar pillows provide much needed support to a vulnerable part of the spine. If you experience discomfort in your lower back, a lumbar pillow might be the perfect solution for you. Lumbar pillows come in...

What Essential Oils Are Safe for Dogs and Which Ones Are Not?

While essential oils may have amazing benefits for your health and wellness, the same might not apply to your dog. Here’s a rundown on what you need to know if you use essential oils around...

Ultimate Guide on How to Dilute Essential Oils

Using essential oils directly on your skin can have a lot of wellness benefits, but it’s important you know how to properly dilute your essential oils to use them safely.

Travel Neck Pillows: Top Picks

Traveling for long periods of time can be uncomfortable. You might find a car or a plane to be just comfortable enough for a trip of an hour or two. After that, the discomfort begins...

What Are The Benefits Of Diffusing Oils?

Essential oils are the latest craze in the world of health and wellness, and for a good reason. They smell ohm-mazing. (Meditation reference, anyone?). You’ve probably heard about essential oils by now as they’ve been...

How To Use An Essential Oil Diffuser: The Ultimate Guide

Are you thinking of giving this whole “aromatherapy” thing a try? Excellent! You’re going to love it and wonder why you didn’t give it a chance sooner. You’ve probably heard a lot of “essential oils...

How To Clean Your Oil Diffuser: Everything You Need to Know

Every home will benefit from an essential oil diffuser. It’s one of the easiest ways to change the entire vibe of a space. Everything’s a little comfier, a little cozier, a little more serene with...

How Many Drops Of Essential Oil To Add In A Diffuser

Essential oils are highly concentrated, and the tank of your diffuser may look very large in comparison to the amount of a few drops of oil. Determining how much essential oil you need for diffusing...

What Is An Ultrasonic Diffuser And Why Use One?

While diffusing essential oils is far from a new concept, ultrasonic diffusers are a relatively new device. There were already several popular methods for diffusing essential oils before. Why did we need a new one?...

How To Clean An Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier: Everything You Need To Know

If you’re looking to make your home a little more clean, sanitary, and comfortable for your sinuses, you’re probably looking into an ultrasonic cool mist humidifier. Ultrasonic cool mist humidifiers provide a wealth of benefits...

Essential Oil Combinations To Try For Your Diffuser

Your diffuser is one of the most important tools in your home. People often think about the way their house looks but fail to think about the way it smells. You can use a canned...

Diffuser Blends: Essential Oil Blends For Fall

When we think of fall comforts, many things come to mind. There’s warmth, family, holiday meals, baking, and low mumbles of an incoming Christmas. The colors change, the weather is crisp and serene, and the...

Business Gifts Your Employees Will Love

Getting business gifts for your employees is always a challenge. After all, you don’t want to get them something that they won’t actually use or enjoy! This is especially true if you don’t know the...

Why Can’t I Sleep: Tools to Help With Insomnia

There’s nothing worse than dealing with insomnia. Sometimes it seems that no matter how tired you are, you still can’t seem to fall asleep! Instead of struggling with this over a long period of time,...

Small Room Humidifiers: What To Look For

If you live in an area that has arid, dry, weather, you’re already familiar with the use of humidifiers in your home.  If, however, you live in an area where the moisture hangs so thick...