What Is A Bolster Pillow Used For?

Bolster pillows used to be considered a luxury item. But at Everlasting Comfort, we believe that everyone is entitled to feel luxurious, especially when it comes to getting the neck support and back support you need. Bolster pillows have been used for many years for a variety of purposes. They come in a large variety of shapes and sizes for different specific needs. 

So why exactly would you want to buy a bolster pillow? Let’s take a look. 

What Is A Bolster Pillow?

A bolster pillow is usually a cylindrical, long type of throw pillow. Its material is usually made from polyester, cotton, or a variety of other modern-day materials. These narrow pillows are also sometimes filled with foam, specifically memory foam. 

Often referred to as “hugging pillows” because of the way they are shaped. They usually are used to provide support for different parts of your body, such as the neck or knees. Due to their cylindrical shape, they are also well known for lumbar support. They can also be used as a neck roll pillow for cervical neck support, for arm support, or even as a yoga bolster. You can even find decorative bolsters to serve as decorative throw pillows. Bolster pillows are extremely versatile, but we’ll touch more on that later. 

Who Can Use A Bolster Pillow?

Anyone can use a bolster pillow, but they are particularly helpful for pregnant women or people who have difficulty sleeping. 

New mothers can also benefit from bolster pillows to help support the baby while nursing or laying their baby on a bed. 

People who suffer from back or shoulder issues can use this type of body pillow to sleep with. It offers more support for these areas and relieves certain pressures put on these areas. It can be especially helpful to people who sleep on their side as well. 

The benefit of a bolster pillow is that its shape and design can fit anywhere. This means that no matter what part of your body is aching, you can use a cushy bolster pillow to help. 

Types Of Bolster Pillows

There are a few different types of bolster pillows that you can look into getting. 

One kind of bolster is a massaging pillow. This type is helpful for people who need targeted support on a specific area of their body. These usually require batteries or charging to provide massaging capabilities. 

Another type of pillow is one that is meant for supporting the body. These pillows make sure the body stays in a certain position to help you be more relaxed. These can be good for people who have joint pain and neck pain. 

Different materials can be used for a bolster pillow. The most common are polyester, microbeads, cotton, and foam. 

  • Polyester can be good for people who are sensitive to other soft materials like cotton. 
  • Cotton is much more elastic and is mostly used in decorative situations. 
  • Foam pillows can be soft and firm at the same time. This is the best material for supporting your body, particularly high-quality, hypoallergenic memory foam. They also provide the best durability.
  • Microbeads are squishy and soft, but they do not work like foam. There is no contouring to your body shape. 

The Everlasting Comfort Half Moon Bolster Pillow is made of pure memory foam and features an orthopedic design. It has an ergonomic curve that is perfect for spine and knee pain. It also comes with a machine washable cushion cover that is easily removed, making this the best bolster pillow due to ease and the extra support.

Different Uses For Bolster Pillows

There are many things you can do with a bolster pillow. From a simple decorative piece to assisting with yoga or sleep, the possibilities are endless. 

If you like to do yoga, either to help you relax or to exercise, then a bolster pillow could be perfect for you. Sometimes a mat will not cut it for doing different positions in your yoga practice. It can get uncomfortable and prevent you from enjoying it. 

A bolster pillow can help you in a variety of positions, from under your back, to under your neck. If you want to restore the natural curve of your spine, you can slip a bolster pillow underneath you while you stretch, so these are extremely common at yoga studios. 

You can also use a bolster pillow as a footrest. This is a great way to provide your feet and legs with the relief they need. You can take your bolster pillow and stick it under your legs while you are lying on a daybed or the couch. You can also use it while sitting on the floor. 

Another common use of bolster pillows is for babies. It’s an easy way to prop them up and help make their back and neck muscles stronger. When babies are propped up using a bolster pillow, they are forced to use their muscles more than they usually would, and they can look at their surroundings too. 

Bolster pillows can also be extremely helpful with upset stomachs. You can lay down with the pillow under your stomach area and roll it from side to side. This is especially useful when your stomach pain is due to gas. 

You can even use a bolster pillow as a chair. When sitting on the floor, you can sit on top of a bolster pillow to help with back pain to align your spine better. This is good for parents who want to spend time with their kids on the floor but find it difficult to sit on hard surfaces. 

Even if you’re not into yoga, you can incorporate bolster pillows into your workouts. You can use them for additional support when doing sit-ups, leg raises, or any other floor work you might do. 

History Of Bolster Pillows

The history of bolster pillows can be traced back to ancient times, while the name for these pillows comes from a Germanic root. 

In ancient Egypt, your head was considered extremely sacred. They used bolster pillows to help support the head. 

Much later, bolsters were often found in wealthy people’s homes. A lot of Egyptian tombs have bolster pillows in them for the dead to rest on. Women also used to make these pillows for their husbands to travel with so they wouldn’t be lonely at night. 

However, the Chinese thought that soft pillows took away your energy, so they would make their bolster pillows out of hard things. 

Now, bolster pillows are often found in hotels to provide extra comfort for the people who stay there. In European countries, bolster pillows are often very large (the length of your bed).  

How To Wash A Bolster Pillow

It is important to keep your bolster pillow clean for usage. If you have a bolster pillow with a removable cover, this process will be pretty simple. If you don’t, the process will be a bit more complicated. You can do this deep-cleaning process in a bathtub filled with lukewarm water. 

Add some detergent and a little bit of bleach. Then, you can soak the pillow in the bathtub and squeeze it under the water. After that, you can drain the tub and then fill it with just water. You can then rinse the pillow to get rid of all the detergent. Put it in the dryer on the air dry setting, if possible. To keep the pillow fresh and looking fluffy, you can add tennis balls to the dryer. 

If you are just looking to clean the cover of your pillow, check the instructions that your pillow came with. Make sure you wash it on a gentle setting with other linens. If you want to sterilize your pillow cover to kill bacteria, wash it in a warmer setting.

 You should clean your pillows at least once a month, depending on how often you use them. If you use the pillow for exercise, you may want to wash it more frequently. 

Other Pillows for Support

If you are looking for a pillow that can give you support for your aches and pains, then you’ve come to the right place. Everlasting Comfort offers a wide variety of supportive pillows for different parts of your body. 

If you suffer from lower back pain, you should consider getting a lumbar support pillow. The one that we offer is made of memory foam and can help align your spine correctly. 

If you want a pillow to help remove pressure from your legs and feet, you should look into a memory foam footrest. This type of pillow can be useful for people who spend long hours at their desks and put a lot of weight on their feet. You can also flip the pillow over and use it as a rocker while you are sitting. 

If you struggle with back, hip, or joint pain from sleeping, then you should get a knee pillow. They can help align your spine and improve your sleeping posture, reducing your overall pain so that you can wake up well-rested. 

In Summary

No matter what you decide to use it for, a bolster pillow can improve your life in some way. If you ever thought bolster pillows were only used for decoration, we hope that reading about the uses for this pillow has changed your perspective


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