Memory Foam Half Moon Bolster Pillow

Memory Foam Half Moon Bolster Pillow


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Memory Foam Half Moon Bolster Pillow


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Discover exceptional comfort and pain relief with Everlasting Comfort's Half Moon Bolster Pillow. The pain relieving design of this orthopedic pillow provides the perfect soft but firm density support for your lower back, lumbar, spine, hips, legs, knees, and sciatic pain. It's made of 100% premium quality memory foam with zero additives or fillers, and responds to your body heat to mold perfectly to you, yet keeps it's shape forever! It's also incredibly resilient and will never flatten or deform, even after consistent use. Its ergonomic curved structure contours perfectly to fit underneath or between your legs, perfect for back or side sleeping. And, it's thoughtfully designed to provide maximum comfort and balanced support during pregnancy and maternity. The multi-use bolster pillow can be used for sleeping, as a back support pillow for your office chair, or as neck roll pillow for added support while sleeping. And, it comes with a super soft breathable air-layer cover that's easily removable, machine washable and dryer safe. Whether you suffer from chronic back, hip, leg, or joint pain, this back pillow is perfect for relieving your aches and pains. There’s absolutely no reason to continue living with pain that can be avoided. So stop suffering and purchase your Everlasting Comfort Bolster Pillow today. It’s time to live each day feeling refreshed and free of aches and pains.

What are the dimensions?

Our Everlasting Comfort Half Moon Bolster Pillow is 20.25" x 7.75" x 4".

My mother has short, very heavy legs and the metal bar in her lift chair hurts under her legs. Will this provide soft but good support for her?

Yes! Our Everlasting Comfort Half Moon Bolster Pillow provides the perfect soft but firm density for support.

What is the length of the pillow?

Our Everlasting Comfort Half Moon Bolster Pillow is 20.25" in length.

I need it for correcting my over extended knees while sleeping on my back, what happens when I role over, is it awkward?

The ergonomic curved half moon structure of our Everlasting Comfort Half Moon Bolster Pillow contours perfectly to fit underneath or between your legs to accommodate both back and side sleepers.

What is a bolster pillow used for?

A bolster pillow is used to minimize pressure on the back by elevating or separating the legs.

How do you use a bolster pillow?

A bolster pillow can be used under the legs while sleeping and can additionally be used to support the head.

Can you sleep on a bolster pillow?

Yes, the Everlasting Comfort Bolster Pillow is designed for side- and back-sleepers.

How do you lay on a bolster?

The Everlasting Comfort Bolster Pillow's ergonomic half-moon design under or between the legs.

What is the standard size of a bolster pillow?

The half-moon Everlasting Comfort Bolster Pillow for Legs is 20.25" X 7.75" X 4".

Are bolster pillows good for sleeping?

Yes, the Everlasting Comfort Bolster Pillow is ergonomically designed to relieve pressure in the back and legs while sleeping.

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Great and really helps!

Bought this for my mother for Mother's Day. She has many ailments so I thought this might help her find comfort and sleep better. She was hesitant but tried it and now loves it. She has since purchased one for my father and one for her as lumbar support for when she watches tv on the couch.

Jessica K.
Comfortable & Yet Stable Support

This is sublime! Half of my spine was fused 25 years ago, and over the years my joints have taken the brunt having to support my body, since half of my vertebrae were removed. I am a healthy and fit woman, but age gets to you, especially when your spine is fused. This foot rest gives me great relief from having slightly too short a left leg. All it takes is 1/2 to an inch, and you're up the creek at times! With this foot rest I have been able to transcribe much more comfortably, and with far less pain.After I only used it for a few minutes the relief set in already. I highly recommend this product & will give an update, if possible in a few months after using it a while.

Amy W.

I am a belly sleeper. It is the only way I can fall asleep. My lower back was giving me issues. I ordered this pillow and I put it right about at my belly button and it relieves all the pain in my lower back. I also move around a lot at night and I find myself putting it in between my knees while I am on my side and it feels great. I tend to cuddle with it too and it relieves the strain on my neck as well. I can't get over this pillow. I LOVE IT!!!!

Dat H.
Great sleeping Gadget.

I love this pillow. I used to love having something under for my knees to rest on while sleeping. I would find it uncomfortable sleeping without it. Now that I found this support pillow, just an extra sleeping gadget I must have for a sleep at night from now on. I just feel sleeping a bit better with thi. Its just like your head needs a pillow to rest on, and so do you knees. LOL. :D. If you need to sit against the wall, it can help support your back as well. It is definitely not a hugging pillow, if you wanna buy it for that purpose, mainly because its not long enough. LOL.

Super comfortable pillow

This pillow is excellent for sitting on the couch and watching TV or reading.I had been experiencing back pain every time I sat on the couch for any length of time and got up.I had a bolster pillow, but I think it was reaching end of life.I bought this pillow based on the reviews and was not disappointed.Now every time I sit on the couch and use the pillow I have no back pain at all when I stand.I am beyond happy with this purchase.

Nara P.
Great product

Excellent product, it has helped me a lot with my back pain and to rest my legs. Comfortable and firm, I can remove the cover to wash and the ideal size to use also on my travels, I need to drive for many hours and I am using it in the car too, it greatly relieves discomfort

Everlasting Comfort Memory Foam Half Moon Bolster Pillow ReviewEverlasting Comfort Memory Foam Half Moon Bolster Pillow ReviewEverlasting Comfort Memory Foam Half Moon Bolster Pillow Review
James H.
Great for the neck and side sleepers.

I purchased this pillow to alleviate neck pain and as a spacer for my knees when I sleep. It has been working very well and I am on my way to creating a natural curvature in my neck as I've got degeneration phase 1 in my neck that has caused it to become straight over the years. I love it and it works great! Memory foam is very comfortable.

Everlasting Comfort Memory Foam Half Moon Bolster Pillow ReviewEverlasting Comfort Memory Foam Half Moon Bolster Pillow ReviewEverlasting Comfort Memory Foam Half Moon Bolster Pillow Review
R G.
More than a pillow!

I was a little concerned whenthis bolster showed up in a square box. I opened it and it did take a full 24 hours to come to its shape. I have been using it ever since. I use it in my recliner for back support and I use it at night for hip alignment. I carry this all around the house with me. I love that I can take the cover off and wash it. This bolster is more than a pillow to sleep on. Will need to order a second!

Everlasting Comfort Memory Foam Half Moon Bolster Pillow ReviewEverlasting Comfort Memory Foam Half Moon Bolster Pillow Review
Karla H.
Breathable fabric. Great support.

I have tried the Everlasting Bolster pillow for about a week. It is made with lightweight, soft, breathable fabric so it keeps cool when you use it. I have used it under my head as I get sinus headaches alot so I need to be elevated. It provided good support. I also used it under my ankles when my feet hurt from a day wearing heels. It seemed to alleviate the pressure in my feet. And I also tried it between my knees as I'm a side sleeper so it helped align my hips better and I felt less achy when I woke up. I would recommend trying this pillow if you need something supportive for orthopedic needs.

Everlasting Comfort Memory Foam Half Moon Bolster Pillow ReviewEverlasting Comfort Memory Foam Half Moon Bolster Pillow Review
Great support pillow!

I love this pillow! It's great lumbar support for when I'm sitting up and a great leg pillow when I'm laying down! I'm 9 months pregnant, so I really appreciate both!

Everlasting Comfort Memory Foam Half Moon Bolster Pillow Review

Memory Foam Half Moon Bolster Pillow


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