Useful Tips to Get the Very Best Out of Using a Gel Foam Seat Cushion

Office chairs are never comfortable. Stiff necks, sore backs, and bad posture are too common among most of the population. And with most people now working from home, these problems have only gotten worse.

Thankfully, there are a ton of great ways to alleviate some of these physical stressors before they become too severe, making it feel less like working from home and more like lounging. Specifically, gel seat cushions can make your office chair feel more comfortable than ever.

Here are a few useful tips for how you can use a chair cushion for maximum comfort and pain relief in your home or at work.



Why Is Good Posture Important?

We spend so much of everyday leaning over smartphones and laptops that we may not even realize that our backs are under so much stress, especially when we're sitting in our home offices. Every time your head moves out of alignment, you are adding pressure to your spine and leading to unnatural curves in your back.

There are many risks associated with having poor posture that make it important to be mindful. Most commonly, neck, back, and tailbone pain are the leading inconveniences caused by incorrect spinal alignment, and these can worsen your mood or prevent you from completing certain activities.

But surprisingly, poor posture can even lead to heartburn. Slouching puts pressure on your abdomen, and this can cause stomach acid to move in the wrong direction. So if you suffer from heartburn, it may actually be because of that old office chair you’ve been using!

Not to mention, there is evidence to suggest that poor posture can lead to constipation or incontinence, which can be embarrassing side effects of a seemingly unrelated cause. With all of this in mind, it’s important to do whatever necessary to prevent these issues from occurring.

What Are Seat Cushions Made Out Of?

Seat cushions are manufactured by many different companies, and they have been around for quite a while. Because of that, their designs have evolved over time. Before we talk about materials that you should look for in a cushion, it’s important to know some materials that you should avoid when shopping for one. 

Firstly, a large number of lumbar support cushions tend to be made from synthetic materials like cotton and polyester. While these are cheaply produced and can be purchased inexpensively, they will not provide the support necessary to make the investment worth it. This is because cotton pieces are not uniform, meaning they will disperse when you sit on top of them. So instead of working to support your body, they move out of the way and feel like nothing more than a pillow.

To find an orthopedic seat cushion that will actually promote healthy posture and bone health, you’ll want to look into one made out of gel infused memory foam. These types of cushions will take the amazing benefits of memory foam and combine it with the body temperature adjusting properties of orthopedic gel, making for an extremely comfortable experience. With a gel-infused cushion, you don't have to worry about your coccyx seat cushion absorbing your body heat and making you too warm—you'll be perfectly comfortable with this combo of materials. 

Memory foam has a unique ability to conform to the shape of your body, adjusting your posture based on your individual needs. As opposed to cotton cushions that provide little support, memory foam reduces stress on pressure points in strategic areas. In a seat cushion specifically, your back, tailbone, and legs will feel instant pressure relief. This material will intelligently adapt to you, reducing numbness and improving posture to relieve back pain.

It will also intelligently regain its shape after using so it will never become deformed after consistent use. This means that you are making an investment that will last, and you can be confident that its ergonomic comfort will never diminish.

Where Should I Use a Seat Cushion?

The great thing about seat cushions is that they can be taken anywhere you go, so you’ll never need to worry about an uncomfortable chair ever again. This will allow you to sit longer, be more productive, and more focused all day long.

At Work

The office cubicle doesn’t typically feel like a very luxurious place, and that has a lot to do with the cheap, uncomfortable desk chairs that usually inhabit those spaces, not to mention the fact that you're sitting for long periods of time. This can actually decrease your productivity because you might be more focused on your back pain instead of your work at hand.

This is when a seat or back cushion would come in handy. Placing these on your office chair will allow you to sit up straight, feeling comfortable throughout the day. In addition to improving productivity, this will also heighten your mood, making a mundane day in the office feel a bit more elegant.

This is especially necessary when working from home, as it is much easier to be distracted during the workday. With a gel infused memory foam seat cushion, you’ll never want to leave your chair.

While Traveling

Car seats tend to feel comfy; the problem is that when sitting in the same position for an extended period, you can start to feel stiff. This is caused by extended periods of inactivity, and if you tend to travel a lot, this can lead to negative side effects if you don't have healthy back support.

This is where a memory foam seat cushion can really do the trick. Most are designed by orthopedic doctors, so they help to alleviate pain in important areas of the body. During periods of stagnation, this ergonomic design can alleviate any discomfort that might be associated with stiffness, as your body will remain in its correct position during the entirety of your trip.

Anywhere Else!

The great thing about a seat cushion is that it is so portable, so you can take it and use it wherever! These would be a great accompaniment to dinner at a restaurant, especially if the booth or chairs lack the support necessary. A machine-washable non-slip cover makes this cushion all the better because cleaning it after an outing will be a breeze.  

A seat cushion is also a great tool to help make wheelchairs feel more comfortable as well. Since wheelchairs tend to use a thin fabric rather than a cushion, putting this on top of its seat can make them feel much less stiffening. And since they are so lightweight, these wheelchair cushions won’t add any resistance as you move around, and the non-slip bottom will week it in place.

You could even use a gel foam seat cushion on your couch at home. Couches tend to be filled with cotton material, and while cozy, they can induce slouching posture and cause neck and back stiffness. A seat cushion will provide the necessary support, making sure that your next Netflix binge is stress-free.

What Pairs Well With the Seat Cushion?

As we said earlier, travel neck pillows can pair well with a seat cushion for long car rides to enhance the comfort of your trip. But there are many other products that you can, and should, use to perfect your spinal posture and feel good all day, every day.

If you work from home or in an office, a lumbar support pillow is a necessary addition to your seating arrangement. While the seat cushion rests underneath your coccyx, this will strap to the back of your chair to promote a proper c-shaped spinal bend. This doctor-recommended product uses memory foam to alleviate upper, middle, and lower back pain, further enhancing your productivity and comfort during the day.

You also can consider using a foot rest pillow to go underneath your desk and support your legs. These provide arch support and can help fight off fatigue, letting you feel energized all day long. Elevating your feet in this way can help to improve your overall posture and reduce pressure from the hard floor.

You could also pair the seat cushion with this u-shaped travel neck pillow made out of the same cooling gel infused memory foam to fully ensure that your car rides are as cozy as possible and your spine remains perfectly aligned. These are much better than a regular pillow for sleeping during travel, as their design will keep your neck straight the entire time. It makes for a cozy and painless trip from start to finish.


Seat cushions are the perfect companion for people who work from home, travel a lot, or like to lounge around, especially if made from a special gel infused memory foam. You can alleviate neck, back, sciatica, and leg pain almost immediately. Better posture can lead to a better mood and better productivity.

You could even pair your seat cushion with an assortment of other products, such as a lumbar cushion or travel neck pillow, to really maximize its positive benefits. All of these combined will help to ensure that you don’t see the negative effects of poor posture in your life. If you’re kind to your body, your body is sure to be kind back!


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