Fluffy Blankets

After a long day, the first one most of us want to do is cozy up, put on our sweatpants, and relax with a book or our favorite TV show.

We all have a few creature comforts that we all rely on to make us feel better. When it comes to home decor, comfort is key. 

If you’re someone who loves fuzzy socks, your favorite pair of sweatpants, and big, cozy sweaters, you know what really matters, and you’re always looking for different ways to step up your comfy game.

If you’re a lover of all things soft and luxurious, you may be in search of something to make your home even homier than it already is, and that something is the perfect cozy blanket. 

The Importance of a Comfy Place

We all know that saying, “home is where the heart is.” For some of us, this couldn’t be more true.

Our home is the place we come to recharge at the end of the day. It’s our safe haven from the rest of the world, a place where we don’t have to stress about what’s going on outside, a place we can relax and unwind. It's the one place where we can truly be ourselves, and that calls for the softest fleece blanket ever.

With all of the things that our home base is great for, it’s no wonder why having a space that’s all your own is so important. What we keep in our home is equally as important.

How to Keep Your Space Cozy

Having a cozy space, whether it’s in your bedroom, living room, or a little corner of your house, is a must.

So how can you make sure that you have all of the comforts in your space to feel like a caterpillar in a soft and fluffy cocoon of your own creation?

First, you need to consider all of your senses. We’re talking smell, touch, sight, sounds, even tastes. What are the small things that come to mind when you think of what your perfect, coziest space imaginable?


Scent is a powerful sense that we have a visceral reaction to. It can cause an emotional response that we associate with certain events. Some scents are naturally calming and soothing, like lavender and eucalyptus.

Add these to your space using an oil diffuser or candle can make a huge difference in how cozy it is.


It’s a proven fact that the look of things matters. 

Specifically, there are specific colors that are calming, so you should really consider your color options carefully. By adding in candles, paintings, furniture, and blankets in a calming color scheme, you can make the space a million times comfier. Consider getting a premium quality plush blanket in a soothing teal color or a luxe sage green throw pillow.


Okay, okay, taste isn't super relevant to creating your cozy space, but can you blame us for wanting a bit of chocolate or a cup of herbal tea for our comfy space? Just something to consider. 


When you hear the word “cozy,” your mind probably goes to textures. Our favorite knit sweater, a fuzzy pair of slippers, and of course, a sherpa blanket are all things that make us feel the coziest.

The sensation of touch can center and soothe us. It can calm anxieties and get us to focus on one singular, tangible experience. It can be grounding to have something soft and fluffy to curl up in.

That’s where the luxurious throw blanket comes into the picture.

Throw Blankets

The easiest way to add a touch of warmth and comfort is to get yourself a throw blanket

What is a Throw Blanket

What exactly makes a throw blanket a throw blanket? 

Throw blankets are blankets that are usually smaller than regular blankets that go on your bed, though they do come in many different sizes. They’re versatile, cozy, and functional. 

They’re called throw blankets because they can literally be thrown anywhere you want them. You can keep a bunch of them on the couch, on the bed, on your big comfy chair. They’re the golden standard of casual blankets in every home.

Materials that Throw Blankets Are Made of

Remember how we said throw blankets are versatile in function? They’re also versatile in design, color, and fabric.

You can find throw blankets in every color, pattern, and design on the planet. They can also be made out of different materials. Some of the most common fabrics for throw blankets are cozy fabrics like:

  • Faux fur- This is the most luxurious, fluffy material that a throw blanket can be made out of. It’s softer than real fur and incredibly lush, adding a different level of class and comfort to any room.
  • Fleece- A common material that throw blankets are also made out of is fleece. This is the material that the inside of your hoodies and sweatpants are made of, so you see why it’s used in throw blankets.
  • Cotton- Cotton throw blankets are usually used best for aesthetic purposes versus warmth or comfort. They offer the versatility of printing and design, though.
  • Knitted- Knitted blankets can be made at home, making them a great, heartfelt gift.

How You can Use a Throw Blanket

You have your throw blanket, now what? How do you use a throw blanket?

You can throw your blanket on the couch, on your bed. Curl up with it for a long session of watching your favorite movies. Pair contrasting colors of throw blankets with the furniture or sheets that they’ll be living on.

Or you could hoard a pile of throw blankets to build the ultimate blanket fort. Or do all of the above. Whatever floats your boat.

Improve Your Space Easily with a Fluffy New Blanket

If you’ve been looking for a way to add that special, homey touch to your space, go with a cozy, fluffy throw blanket.

This Luxury Faux Fur Throw Blanket could be just the thing your home is missing. It can add texture, color, warmth, and vibrancy to any room you throw it in. 


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