What Is a Throw Blanket?

Decorating your home can become super overwhelming very quickly. What color scheme will look best in this room? Will these patterns clash? How much is too much? All of these questions come into play as you are trying to spice up a room to make it pleasing to the eye. Here’s a little secret: consider a throw blanket. 

As simple as it may be, the color, texture, and pattern of a throw blanket can turn a room into something totally different in a matter of seconds. Not only does it serve as a decorative piece, but some can serve a purpose by keeping you and your guests warm and cozy as the temperatures start to drop outside. 

What Is a Throw Blanket?

A throw blanket is exactly that, a type of blanket that you can quite literally throw on the couch, chairs, beds, etc. as an accent or decoration. They are commonly smaller in size than a typical blanket, but they can come in any size that suits what you are looking for. Throw blankets are super versatile in both function and style, as the colors and patterns of different throws can turn any basic room into a cozy and cute setting. 

Many people use throw blankets for design purposes, but with the rise in popularity in throw blankets, you can find one that fits the style of the home while still serving its purpose as a cozy blanket. It is not just for the living room, as you can place them anywhere, such as the foot of your bed or slouched over an office chair. 

Different Types of Throw Blankets

There are so many different types of throw blankets that are each unique to their own style. Interestingly enough, throw blankets can be used year-round, no matter what season. There are heavy throw blankets that add a lot of depth into a room, especially in the winter, and light throw blankets, perfect for a summer night. Now that summer is over, and winter is coming, consider looking for a heated throw blanket to help make the season a little more bearable. 

There are even weighted throw blankets out there that are considered at-home-therapy blankets, which can have a calming effect on the body. These deep pressure blankets are even known to help with a variety of problems such as anxiety, ADHD, and insomnia. Many of them have a sleek look that can match any style in a room. The soft and velvety fabric and different sizes add another element to your living space. 

The Best Materials for Throw Blankets

Something else to consider when picking out a throw blanket is the material. Different materials provide different textures to the blanket, which can give it a completely different look when used for decorating. Here are some common materials used in fabricating throw blankets:

  • Faux fur is probably one of the most popular materials used in making throw blankets. The extremely plush and soft fur makes it look chic and luxurious on any piece of furniture. Not only does the blanket look silky smooth, but it is also soft to the touch, like our Luxury Faux Fur Throw Blanket. It comes in eight beautiful colors that are all so plush and cozy; you won’t want to give it up!
  • Wool blankets provide plenty of warmth yet are still breathable due to the natural fibers that can wick away moisture from heat. Therefore, these tend to adapt well to different seasons as they will keep you very warm in the winters and dry during the summer. 
  • Cotton blankets also offer a degree of breathability as its light weight can be helpful in the summer and can still provide sufficient warmth in the winter. 100 percent cotton material tends to be a great option for people with allergies or people with sensitive skin. 
  • Fleece is a synthetic material with similar properties to wool, which is a great alternative to people who are allergic. With its lightweight quality, fleece throw blankets make it easy to manipulate, whilst still providing warmth and comfort. 
  • Knitted blankets allow for a plethora of options when it comes to texture and patterns. With the diversity in types of stitches and patchwork, knitted blankets can be unique to one's home and add a dimension of personality to the room. 
  • Sherpa blankets are made from polyester and provide two different sides: a flat smooth side and a furry side, to resemble the feeling and look of a sheep’s fleece. Due to the double-sided material, it provides excellent insulation to maintain your body heat.
  • Cashmere material is known for its fine and lightweight feel while also providing warmth. Cashmere is commonly considered a luxurious fabric that is extremely soft to touch. 
  • Microfiber blankets are one of the most affordable yet still substantial materials in the industry. It is usually made with a mixture of different materials such as polyester and nylon, to name a few. 

Different Sizes of Throw Blankets

A standard sized throw blanket is usually around 50’’ x 60’’, but it can vary widely from as small as a twin size to as big as a king-size. Choosing the size of your throw blanket can vary greatly depending on the size of your furniture or your vision in styling your room. For example, you wouldn’t want to put a large king-sized throw blanket over a small single-sized couch. 

How to Style a Throw Blanket

  • Throw it on your couch to add a stylish pop to your living area. Sling it over the arm of the sofa or have it folded neatly laying by your throw pillows.
  • Incorporate a decor statement in any room by adding your throw blanket with an accent chair or ottoman. Use complementary colors with the accent furniture piece of your choice.
  • Lay the throw blanket at the end of your bed to add some dimension and style to your bedding in addition to all your pillows. Some throw blankets work great to layer on your bed for extra warmth in the winter!  
  • Combine your favorite throw blankets and roll them into a pile to place in a super cute woven basket. Leave them in a common area for decoration until you and your guests unravel them for use!
  • Consider purchasing a blanket ladder, as it is a great piece of furniture to layer up your different styled blankets. These also add such a cute minimalistic feature to your common area! There is a rising popularity in the rustic farmhouse style. This styling method is a super simple way to achieve that look!
  • When placing your throw blankets, you can either neatly fold it up or lazily ‘throw’ the blanket on the arm of your couch, back of a chair, etc. 
  • Too many throw blankets? That’s never a problem. Transform your throw blanket into a table runner for your patio table or console table, for example. A popular look for this styling method is finding a throw blanket with tassels, as it adds depth and texture to a simple piece of furniture.
  • Any dog owners out there? Here is a quick and easy styling tip to disguise your crate in any room: Find a throw blanket that compliments the colors of the room and simply throw it on top to cover the tops and sides of the crate. Not only does it help amp up the aesthetic of the crate, but it can even help your dog feel more secure and insulated in their own little area. 
  • Do you like the design of your blanket so much that you want to hang it up as a tapestry? Many families will hang blankets featuring the logos of their favorite sports teams or alma maters in their living rooms. You can even frame a blanket by stapling it to a large frame and hang it up or place it over your mantle for an eye-catching statement piece. 

How to Wash a Throw Blanket


Washing instructions for your throw blanket are typically pretty simple, but it really depends on the material used. Make sure to read the manufacturer's statement on correctly washing your throw blanket to extend the material’s longevity. 

Some blankets may be more specific and require dry cleaning or hand washing, as others can be as simple as running it through your washing machine, like our Luxury Faux Fur Throw Blanket. Simply throw it in the washer on a gentle cycle and leave it out to air dry!  

Throw blankets can serve many purposes in one’s home. Whether it is for a more aesthetic look in your living room or to get cozied up to watch a movie with your partner, a throw blanket is an essential piece to complete the look and function of your home. Anyone can find a perfect throw blanket since they come in numerous styles and materials to suit your needs. 

You can find your own throw blanket at any home store or even online. Now that you know the different options and styles to compliment your home, check out our website to find your perfect throw blanket!


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