The Best Wheelchair Seat Cushions

Are you one of the nearly three million wheelchair users in the United States? Or, do you have a loved one who uses a wheelchair on a regular basis?

If so, you know that the seat cushions that come standard on most wheelchairs aren't always the most comfortable. In fact, research shows that 89% of wheelchair users around the world report that their mobility equipment causes them some degree of pain or discomfort.

Is your wheelchair seat cushion lacking in padding, ventilation, or support? If so, there are premium accessories available to help you find much-needed relief. Today, we're taking a closer look at a few of the top features and qualities that today's best wheelchair cushions all have in common!

Our Gel-Infused Memory Foam Wheelchair Cushion

You could spend hours searching online for the best wheelchair seat cushion. Or, you could go straight to the source. 

Our Gel-Infused Memory Foam Wheelchair Cushion is filled with top-of-the-line touches and premium materials designed to maximize your everyday comfort. You don't have to settle for ultra-rigid, stiff seat cushions that put unnecessary strain and pressure on your hips, lower back, and coccyx

Over time, the discomfort that these seats cause can turn into a condition of chronic pain. This condition affects more than 20% of all U.S. adults and can greatly diminish your quality of life. When you're ready to upgrade your wheelchair, this cushion takes it to the next level and ensures your all-day comfort. 

Next, let's take a look at a few of the top features that this cushion provides and why it's time to invest in it today.

The Benefits of Memory Foam

Most standard cushions are filled with a variety of materials, such as:

  • Polyester staple fibers
  • Feathers
  • Non-woven material
  • Wool

These might feel soft to the touch at first. However, over time you'll find that they compress and deflate the longer you apply weight to them. This means that while they might work as temporary or short-term cushions, they simply cannot hold up to routine use.

While soft cushions sound ideal, keep in mind that you need cushioned support, and something a little firmer and denser than polyester is preferred. Too-soft cushions will do nothing to relieve your sciatica and back pain, and in many cases, can even exacerbate it.

If you're tired of replacing your wheelchair seat cushion every few months, it's time to try something different.

Our cushion is filled with pure gel-infused and ventilated memory foam. Gel-infused memory foam is simply traditional memory foam that has been fortified with gel microbeads to make it denser, sturdier and cooler than ever before. 

Still, it retains all of the great qualities you love about memory foam. It's soft, durable and heat-responsive. This means that it responds to your body heat and contours around your unique curves for 24/7 pain relief.

It is designed to fit your body comfortably and completely, supporting all of your sensitive pressure points and cradling them in place. What begins as a firm cushion soon conforms to your body and softens just the right amount as it warms up to your body temperature. Regardless of your body type, shape or weight, this cushion will provide the support you need.

Concerned about overheating as you navigate around in your wheelchair? Don't be.

While outdated, closed-cell memory foam might have dominated the market a few years ago, today's version is more breathable than ever before. This can be attributed to both the gel microbeads as well as the strategically-placed ventilation holes throughout the cushion. 

Pressure Relief

When you sit in a wheelchair for a long period of time, you're at risk of putting too much pressure on the bony or weight-bearing parts of your body, such as your:

  • Lower back
  • Hips
  • Heels

If left untreated or unrelieved, this can cause painful sores or pressure ulcers to develop in those places. These are wounds that break out on your skin or underlying tissues. Often, bed rest is the only viable treatment or solution for this affliction, which can cause a great shift in your lifestyle.

With the right wheelchair cushion, you can find unparalleled relief and help avoid this condition. The memory foam provides excellent support and helps alleviate pressure at your most sensitive and vulnerable regions. 

Added Height and Alignment 

It might seem like a small benefit, but the few inches of extra height that our cushion provides can help you sit more comfortably in your chair. It can also help you see your screen or reach your steering wheel more easily if you use the cushion in the office or in your vehicle.

Another benefit of sitting up taller? It also encourages you to sit up straighter. This is especially important if you tend to favor one side of your wheelchair more than the other. 

Ideally, your knees should be at a 90-degree angle when you're sitting down to optimize your posture. They should also be at the same angle as your hips or elevated just slightly higher. This helps k

If you're sinking too deeply into your current seat cushion, it can be difficult to achieve and maintain this alignment. In addition, it can also cause you to slump in your wheelchair or over your desk at work. This can cause you to feel excess tension in your shoulder blades, neck and upper back.

Another issue this added height helps? When you're elevated even just a little, it becomes that much easier to rise to a standing position.

Are you using a wheelchair to recover from a short-term illness or disability? Or, do you use one to go shopping or travel in crowds? If so, you might find it difficult to stand up after spending a significant part of your day sitting down.

To this end, the height that our cushion provides can make this transition a little smoother.

Recommended by Doctors and Orthopedic Specialists 

Whether you're seated in a wheelchair all day long or you have a sedentary office job that requires long hours behind a computer, sitting all day can place a great deal of strain on your lower back. 

For this reason, doctors and orthopedic specialists alike recommend our Gel-Infused Memory Foam Wheelchair Cushion to any patients who are seeking relief from the strain and tension of remaining in the same position for most of the day.

In addition, we also offer a Gel-Infused Memory Foam Coccyx Seat Cushion that's ideal for wheelchair users. The U-shaped cushion delivers pain-free seating and is specially designed for anyone suffering from pain in their back, hips and legs. In addition, it can also help relieve discomfort associated with sciatic nerve pain. 

a man in a wheelchair is walking with a doctor

Designed for Easy Transport

Are you looking for an ergonomic seat cushion that you can take with you anywhere you go? You can't exactly lug an overstuffed, gigantic pillow around town! 

We know that today's consumer is on the move. That's why we took special care to make our wheelchair cushion as lightweight and portable as possible. Whether you plan to spend hours driving behind a steering wheel or traveling around in your wheelchair, your cushion should support your full and active lifestyle, not impede it.

Of course, we've heard from plenty of satisfied customers who opt to purchase multiple Gel-Infused Memory Foam Wheelchair Cushions so they can leave one in their most commonly-visited locations. You might prefer to use one at work, one in the car and one at home!

a person in a wheelchair gets behind the wheel

Easy to Wash and Maintain

You need a wheelchair cushion that works for you. You shouldn't have to spend hours out of each year keeping it clean or looking for ways to freshen it up or make it look its best.

Unfortunately, some seat cushions feature an edge that is sewn shut around the filler material. This means that rather than popping it in the washing machine if it gets dirty, you're forced to spot treat every little spill or stain.

Recognizing and understanding this frustration, we designed our Gel-Infused Memory Foam Wheelchair Cushion to be a cinch to clean and maintain. The soft, durable cover unzips and slips off with ease, so you're only a load of laundry away from a perfectly fresh look.

Simply wash the cover with like colors and cold water, and then dry as normal in your dryer. If you follow these simple instructions, you'll never have to worry about it fading or losing its appeal over time.

Perfectly Sized Dimensions

Have you tried other wheelchair cushions in the past? If so, you know that it can be an experience similar to Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Some cushions are too big, while others are too small. Then, there are those that are too bulky, while others are too slim. On the other hand, our Gel-Infused Memory Foam Wheelchair Cushion is just right.

This cushion measures 18 inches by 17 inches by 3 inches. With these dimensions, it's perfectly designed to fit comfortably in most standard-sized wheelchairs. It's also a great size for your office chair, kitchen chair or even the driver's seat of your car.

Moreover, this cushion is also designed to be non-slip, so you never have to worry about it shifting around in your seat. As you rise and sit back down, it will stay secure and in position, ready to support you each time you need it.

You shouldn't have to invest in multiple different cushions just to ensure you're comfortable all day. This is truly a universal cushion that travels easily and can go with you anywhere. Whether you use your wheelchair on a constant basis or only in certain situations, our cushion is destined to become your go-to accessory.

Lifetime Replacement Guarantee

It goes without saying that most people tend to be tougher on the things they use on the most frequent basis. If you use your new wheelchair cushion as intended, it's bound to experience some form of wear and tear over the years, and that's OK.

We're so confident in the quality of this seat cushion that we're backing it with our unprecedented lifetime replacement guarantee. Our team spent years on this unique design and we're proud of the craftsmanship behind it. This is one of the many features that sets our product apart from the rest.

Sure, you can go out to the nearest big-box store and purchase a one-size-fits-most seat cushion for your wheelchair. Yet, it's unlikely that most mainstream manufacturers will guarantee their product for the lifetime of its use via a replacement policy. 

We know, too, and we firmly believe that your cushion will stand up to any test. Yet, if for any reason something happens to your cushion or you need a new one, we'll replace it free of charge. This way, you never have to be without the support you've come to know and appreciate.

Invest in a New Wheelchair Seat Cushion Today

You spend a substantial portion of your day in your wheelchair. You deserve a wheelchair seat cushion that will help you feel as secure, comfortable and supported as possible. 

While there are many variations of competitors, we're confident that our Gel-Infused Memory Foam Wheelchair Cushion is the best on the market. We took our time with the design and focused on creating a product that you could use on a daily basis without fear of losing quality.

When you're ready to invest in a new seat cushion, we encourage you to give ours a try. In addition, it also makes an ideal addition to your kitchen, home office or vehicle! Why sit in a stiff, hard-backed chair when you can experience incredible comfort and pain relief with this one product?

In addition to seat cushions, we also provide a wide range of travel accessories, pillows, and wellness gear designed to help you turn your home and workspace into an oasis. Feel free to browse our full collections and contact us with any questions!

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