15 Best Wheelchair Accessories to Make Your Life More Comfortable

Did you know that there are 2.7 million people in the United States that use a wheelchair?

If you're somebody who needs to use a wheelchair every day, or if you're somebody who only needs to use one occasionally, there are many wheelchair accessories on the market that can make life in a wheelchair more comfortable.

Investing and high-quality wheelchair accessories can make a surprising difference in your overall experience in a wheelchair. Even if the items on this list may seem small, they can help remove some of their frustrations from being in a wheelchair.

Are you interested in learning about the top wheelchair accessories on the market? We've created this complete guide to help you get a better idea of what's available to you on the market. Keep reading to learn more!

Finding the Best Wheelchair Accessories on the Market

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Discovering new ways to make a wheelchair more comfortable can make a huge difference in the long run. Not many people realize how wheelchair accessories help improve the overall comfort that a person can have while spending most of their time in a wheelchair.

On the other hand, if you're a caregiver for someone, wheelchair accessories can help you out too. You may not immediately realize how big of a difference some of the items in this list can make their day (and your day) that much easier.

Whatever type of wheelchair accessory you may be on the hunt for, we've got the best accessories listed below for you:

1. Carrying Cases

Wheelchair carrying cases allow for an individual to store a wheelchair away when it's not in use. Plus, a wheelchair carrying case also makes it easier to transport a wheelchair from place to place.

If you are the person that you're caring for a has a light wheelchair come on a wheelchair carrying case can make traveling with the wheelchair a lot more convenient. You should look for a wheelchair carrying case that will fit a foldable wheelchair inside of it.

The wheelchair carrying case doesn't just serve as a unique storage option for the wheelchair. It also will serve for an extra layer of protection for the wheelchair.

Many people know that public transportation systems easily damage luggage. Due to the bulky nature of a wheelchair, having an expensive wheelchair in a secured carrying case will help reduce the chances of getting damaged while traveling.

Plus, as you're moving through an airport or train station, a carrying case will make it a lot easier for you to maneuver through these crowded places.

2. Memory Foam Seat Cushions

Memory foam wheelchair seat cushions are more designed to help people of all ages and abilities if you're more comfortable. If you have an injury or medical condition that requires extra cushy support, a memory foam seat cushion will help to offer an additional level of comfort to the wheelchair. Plus, the ergonomics of your wheelchair will be improved.

Using a memory foam seat cushion can help to eliminate back pain that comes with the fatigue that's caused by sitting for long periods of time.

3. Work Trays

Are you very busy, even if the majority of your life's confined to being in a wheelchair? Investing in a wheelchair work tray will provide you with easy access to an extra surface for you to place your work on.

Whether the work you're doing is a type of hobby or you're interested in working on a laptop, wheelchair work trays can be attached to manual and electric wheelchairs.

When you're looking around for a wheelchair work tray, you should look for a durable tray. You should also look for a tray that has fitted straps that helps to make attaching to the wheelchair easier.

4. Cup Holders

Many people might look at a cup holder accessory for a wheelchair to be a frivolous item that isn't necessary. However, any of these people may not realize how helpful having a cup holder attached to the wheelchair can be.

You don't just have to use the cup holder attachment for holding a cup or bottle. You could even put in the medications that you need to take with you inside of this cup holder, so that way you don't have to worry about looking around a bag.

Plus, if you don't have a free surface for you to put an item on, a wheelchair cup holder can provide you with a secure place to stash an item.

An additional measure that you may want to look into when shopping around for a wheelchair cup holder is a cup holder that has a secure mount. Secure cup holders usually come with the ability to become screwed in place, which provides the cup holder with an increased level of stability.

You may also want to look into one that has a type of flipping design. This will allow you to fold the cup holder out of the way when you're not using it. In turn, this will make it easier for you to navigate through tight spaces when you're not using the cup holder.

5. Oxygen Tank Holders

Did you know that more than 1.5 million adults in the United States use portable oxygen tanks?

If you're one of the 1.5 million adults that has a medical condition that requires you to bring along an oxygen tank, you should consider investing in an oxygen tank holder. Oxygen tanks are large, heavy, and bulky pieces of equipment.

Not only is carrying around an oxygen tank when you're in a wheelchair difficult, but it can also be very dangerous. A wheelchair oxygen tank holder will have straps that will slide over the push handles on your wheelchair. The majority of oxygen tank holders on the market are water-resistant, which will help to protect the oxygen tank itself.

6. Wheelchair Gloves

Wheelchair gloves are made to help people who drive themselves in a wheelchair to push their wheelchairs easier. Not only do wheelchair gloves help to make gripping a few wheels on a wheelchair easier, but they also help to protect their hands from developing calluses or cuts.

If you're somebody that has to use a wheelchair for the rest of your life, wheelchair gloves can help provide you with more freedom. The design of the majority of wheelchair gloves will protect your palms by providing some protection on the inside and a durable padded grip on the outside.

7. Covers for the Wheelchair

A cover for the wheelchair may seem very unnecessary, especially if you are new to using a wheelchair.

Investing in a cover for your wheelchair will protect your wheelchair from getting a Dusty or dirtied up as it's not being used. Plus, and cover for your wheelchair will protect the wheelchair from any accidental spills.

Wheelchair covers are great to have to slow down the growth of bacteria and mildew. Also, a cover will also protect the wheelchair from the harmful UV rays that come from the sun that will quickly deteriorate the tires on your wheelchair and the seat on your wheelchair.

8. Covers for the Armrest

Sitting in a wheelchair for your entire day can leave your body feeling achy, and your skin feeling irritated. The majority of wheelchairs will come with support for your feet; not many wheelchair designs focus on your arms staying comfortable.

Investing in armrest covers how to make a wheelchair feel more comfortable by preventing arm friction. Plus, you may find that you'll receive pressure point pain relief using a wheelchair armrest cover.

9. Organizers

A wheelchair organizer is another great tool to use if you're looking to make carrying around everything that you need a lot easier. You can find wheelchair organizers that are attached to the back of the chair or to the side of your chair. Using a wheelchair organizer will keep everything that you need at a comfortable arm's reach way.

Depending on it be wheelchair organized with that you invest in, there may be some organizers that are just large enough to fit your phone and your keys. However, other models available on the market will make it easier for you to carry around your laptop, phone, keys, glasses, and even a notebook.

10. Ramps

It can be difficult to travel when you run into areas but aren't handicap friendly. Sometimes this means that you have to take a longer way to your destination or give up trying to try over there.

You can bring a personal wheelchair ramp along with you to avoid these types of situations. Portable wheelchair ramps are lightweight enough for most people to carry, while also being tough enough to handle the weight of your body and the wheelchair.

11. Leg Huggers

Leg Huggers can be attached to the leg bars on a wheelchair and act as an extra layer of padding. Using a leg hugger set on your wheelchair will help prevent your feet from slipping off the footrest of the wheelchair or becoming entangled in the footrests.

If you have lost complete control over your feet and legs, a leg hugger will be very useful for you. Leg huggers help prevent the legs of the person in the wheelchair from moving out of their originally placed position.

12. Body Harnesses

A body harness is a great tool to use to add an extra level of support for people who are using a wheelchair. If the person you were caring for has trouble maintaining stability when they're in an upright position, a body harness can help support them so that they stay seated upright.

You should look for body harness design with several straps, as this will provide a level of flexibility. Investing in a body harness with several straps allows you to install the harness in both the front of the wheelchair or the back of the wheelchair.

Plus, a multi-strap body harness allows the system to be set up dependent upon both the design of the wheelchair and the level of Independence that the user has.

13. Push Bars

Push bars are a useful tool for people but help to take care of somebody in a wheelchair. Using a push bar makes it a lot easier for people to push wheelchairs over surfaces that are typically difficult to move on. Some of the surfaces that are easier to move across when using a push bar include uneven flooring, soft ground, ramps, and even carpet.

The majority of push bars will come with the attachment that stops the push bar from being easily removed.

14. Pelvic Belts

A pelvic belt is used to stabilize the pelvic area of a wheelchair user, will also support a healthy spine posture. Pelvic belts are useful for stabilizing the lower body, which allows wheelchair users an increased level of strength and functionality.

15. Shoulder Harnesses

Shoulder harnesses are useful to support the healthy posture of the upper portion of the body, making it comfortable for wheelchair users to sit in all day. The majority of shoulder harnesses on the market are made to suit any person's shape and size using a wheelchair.

Understanding How to Find the Best Wheelchair Accessories for You

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There are many different wheelchair accessories available on the market. As technology continues to expand, many companies are beginning to develop equipment that better suits the unique needs of many wheelchair users. These developments offer improvements in both the comfort and the quality of life that wheelchair users can experience.

Investing in the right wheelchair accessories can make a huge difference in creating an independent lifestyle that's more comfortable for people depending on wheelchairs. From the perspective of caregivers, wheelchair accessories make a world of difference in creating easier ways to take care of people.

Are you interested in finding a wheelchair accessory that'll make your day to day living more comfortable and manageable? We've got items for you to check out on her website. Click here to shop our available inventory.

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