What Is Gel-Infused Memory Foam?

Memory foam as a material for mattresses and cushions has recently gained a lot of popularity. This is likely due to how comfortable yet firm memory foam material is. 

However, memory foam often traps your body heat in it because it doesn't have much airflow, making it very warm to sit or lay on. This can be good for people who get cold easily, but not for people who tend to get overheated. 

There is nothing worse than tossing and turning during the night because you are sweating. Luckily, there is what’s known as gel-infused memory foam. This cooling gel can help with cooling your body temperature while using a memory foam mattress or pillow. 

In this article, we’ll discuss what memory foam is used for, how the gel-infused part works, and the various benefits of gel-infused memory foam. 

What Is Memory Foam?

Starting with the basics, memory foam is a viscoelastic polyurethane foam that was first used by NASA. Visco foam is extremely dense and molds to the shape of the weight that is put on it. 

Memory foam is made out of a polymer called polyurethane. It is a durable material that is excellent for relieving pressure points and providing support and pressure relief for your entire body. 

There are three main types of memory foam, open-cell, traditional, and gel-infused. 

Traditional memory foam is the most basic type of memory foam. It provides good support for you but tends to get pretty warm because of its heat retention properties. 

Open-cell memory foam has a different type of structure to it. The air moves easier in this type of foam, which makes it more comfortable to lay on. 

Benefits Of Memory Foam

Memory foam is hypoallergenic, meaning you won’t struggle with dust or other types of allergens when using it. 

It is also extremely durable and can last around eight years on average. This, of course, depends on the quality of memory foam that you buy. You should also consider how much weight will be put on the cushion or other memory foam product, as that could affect the longevity of it. 

Memory foam is also versatile. It was first commonly used for mattresses but is now used today for many other purposes, such as neck pillows or seat cushions to help with back pain. 

Memory foam is also a supportive and high density foam. It is usually heavier than non-memory foam material because of its density and can be useful for providing weight distribution and taking the pressure off of your muscles, especially when compared to the standard spring mattress. 

Memory foam products are elastic, meaning they can hold the shape of your body and contour to all your curves. It has the ability to sense temperature and forms around you due to your body’s heat. It is the perfect balance between firmness and softness for people who like a little bit of both in the best mattress. It also helps you stay in the most supportive and comfy sleeping position.

When you buy memory foam, there are some lower-density options that are extremely soft. For a lot of people, the lower-density kind of memory foam is too soft and makes you feel as though you are sinking or being sucked into the cushion. You want your memory foam to hold to its original shape even while it's conforming to you so that you know it has the durability you need.

You can always tell how dense memory foam is by placing your hand on it and seeing how long the impression lasts. If it stays for a while, then the foam is not very dense. 

When you use a memory foam seat cushion, it can make long trips more enjoyable. This includes long car rides or plane rides. You can also find memory foam pillows, mattress pads, and mattress protectors for added comfort.

Memory foam also comes in a variation that features a gel-infusion that has cooling properties. A gel memory foam mattress would be good for people who are looking for a cooler sleep and find that traditional memory foam mattresses are too warm for them. Sometimes this will just be on the top layer of your gel infused memory foam mattress.

What Is The Gel Part?

Gel-infused memory foam mainly comes in two different types. One of which absorbs heat, while the other can release and absorb heat. This type is also known as a phase-changing material because it uses science to regulate the temperature of the material. 

The gel part is small liquid gel beads or particles that are inserted into the foam to make the surface cooler to lay or sleep on. This type of technology is still fairly new in the world of comfort, but it makes products more breathable. 

How Does It Work?

The gel inside the memory foam works by enhancing the air circulation of the foam while you lay on it. This allows your body heat to escape from the material instead of it getting trapped inside. 

Gel-infused memory foam is also better at bouncing back after the weight has been removed. This means when you move around on a gel-infused cushion or mattress, it will immediately adjust to your position. This also means that you won’t have as much of a “sinking” feeling that you get with regular memory foam. 

The concept of the cooling aspect works similarly to gel that is inside of an ice pack. That gel helps to keep the ice pack cold, not unlike the way the gel helps to keep you cool while you relax. 

Benefits Of Gel-Infused Memory Foam

The most glaringly obvious benefit of gel-infused memory foam is the breathability. When compared to regular memory foam, it does a much better job of keeping you cool. This is a huge plus for people who run on the warmer side all the time, but you should consider this if you are constantly getting the chills. Then gel-infused memory foam might not be for you if you're looking for a new mattress. 

Another benefit that we previously mentioned is the flexibility and mobility of the material. If you and your partner move around a lot during the night, then a gel-infused mattress topper would work wonderfully for keeping you both happy. The transfer of motion is greatly reduced with gel, so you can get up during the night without waking your partner, unlike on a regular innerspring mattress. 

Just like with traditional memory foam, gel-infused foam is perfect for people with back or neck pain. The gel can help cool the area while the foam can provide support and alignment for your body, especially for side sleepers.

Not only is gel-infused memory foam great for sleeping on, but it is also useful for seat cushions, neck pillows, and lumbar support pillows.  Everlasting Comfort offers all of these products with gel-infused memory foam for optimal breathability. They feature ventilation holes so that you get the best comfort possible while you work or travel. 

Another benefit of our gel-infused memory foam products is easy maintenance. All of the cushions we offer have a cover that can be removed and placed in the washing machine. This makes the cushions more hygienic and easy to care for. 

Products With Gel-Infused Memory Foam

Everlasting Comfort carries a large variety of cushions and pillows with a gel-infusion benefit. The coccyx seat cushion can help relieve the pain you feel after sitting down all day. Since our bodies are not designed to do this, it puts an unnatural amount of strain on our muscles and joints. 

A cushion for your coccyx can provide orthopedic comfort during the long hours at your desk. It also features a non-slip rubber bottom that won’t slip out from under you. There is also a lifetime replacement guarantee, so you never have to worry about something happening to your cushion. 

If you are looking for cool support for any part of your body, check out our line of gel-infused memory foam products. 

Should You Buy Regular Memory Foam Or Gel-Infused?

Both types of mattresses, cushions or mattress toppers are very similar in structure. So when you decide on one, you’ll be getting a lot of the same benefits no matter what you pick. 

However, if cooling is a feature that is very important to you, then you should pick the gel-infused variation of memory foam in whichever product you pick, whether it's a memory foam bed or a seat cushion. You should also consider these concerns:

  • How much money you would like to spend.
  • The importance of density in a memory foam product.
  • The body areas that need the most support.

Everyone’s needs are different when it comes to aches and pains. You should buy the memory foam product that you feel will address your specific pain. 

Gel-infused memory foam may also be the better option if you plan on using the cushion for longer periods. Daylong car rides tend to require a cooler solution than a two-hour plane ride. 

In Summary

If you are looking for cushions or pillows that can provide the best support possible while also keeping you cool, then you should consider buying gel-infused products. This variant is better at absorbing and releasing heat than other materials that you can leave you disappointed. 

We know that it can feel overwhelming to make the ultimate decision about what you require. But there is no need to stress, because no matter what product you get, it will help improve your quality of life, even in a small way. There is no wrong choice, so don’t worry. 

Gel-infused memory foam layers and cushions are a cost-effective alternative to buying an entirely new bed or chair. A lot of the pillows and cushions we offer can be used anywhere that you go, so you’ll never be without comfort.





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