Memory Foam: 10 Things Every Office Worker Should Know

It's official. Sitting is the new smoking.

Research shows that office workers are at an increased risk of all chronic illnesses, including heart disease and cancer, plus a bevy of other ailments such as back pain and obesity.

If your career requires you to spend your 9-5 seated at a desk, it's crucial that you take measures to keep your health on track and give yourself the best possible working conditions (which we feel includes memory foam cushions!)

To start, you should ensure you have an ergonomic work station, exercise regularly, and eat healthily. 

Some of these things are easier says than done—but there is one measure you can take which is easy. And that is getting your seating sorted. 

Enter memory foam office cushions. 

Sitting for extended periods is not only bad for your heart, but it can also play havoc on your hips and your back. 

Fortunately—while you probably can't quit your job and enter a permanent vacation for your posture's sake—you can do something about your seating arrangements. 

There are a number of memory foam benefits you an take advantage of if your job requires you to be seated for most of the day. Read on to find out what these are.

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1. Memory Foam Offers Superior and Even Support

Have you noticed that most office chairs offer no back support what so ever?

This is unfortunate, as research shows that increasing lumber support through cushion inserts can significantly reduce lumbar pain and flattening. 

Fortunately, while your office chair might not give you the support you need to protect your lower spine—a good memory foam back cushion can. 

One of the most popular memory foam benefits is that it can help to reduce back pain. The reason memory foam helps with back pain is that it offers even and distributed support for the hips and lumbar spine.

High density memory foam is an ideal material for lumber support cushioning because it molds to one's shape. Everyone's back is different. Your spine might curve very differently from your co-worker's sitting next to you. 

If you place a regular chair cushion behind your back, even if it's a down pillow, there is no guarantee that it will support you evenly. Memory foam cushions, however, provide perfectly even support along the curve of your spine. 

This form-fitting support allows one to relax into the cushion without slumping. Having comfortable support at your lower back also stops one from wanting to slouch forward.  

Most office chairs inevitably cause on to either want to slump over or sprawl back. Neither of these postures does your back any favors. A memory foam lumbar support pillow insert can keep you comfortably seated and supported in an upright and ergonomic position.

2. Some Memory Foam Cushion Designs Even Cater for Coccyx Pain

Were you reading the above section and wondering whether a memory foam cushion insert will help alleviate coccyx pain? If so, yes, it will. Memory foam helps with back pain and coccyx pain. 

What's more, you can also get memory foam cushions that are specifically designed to take the weight off the coccyx bone. 

These pillow forms come with a cut out so that while you will have full cushioned support to sit on, your tail bone will not be subject to any pressure. 

If you suffer from tail bone pain and need relief, take a look at our range of memory foam coccyx cushions. We offer two designs, regular memory foam, and gel-infused.

If you have issues with overheating, gel-infused memory foam coccyx cushions offer additional ventilation.

3. Memory Foam Cushions Can Help With Circulation

One of the significant dangers of sitting for too long is decreased circulation. Research has even revealed that prolonged sitting lowers the amount of blood that reaches one's brain. Yikes!

One of the reasons for this is that remaining stationary causes the heart to slow down. With this, blood flow slows down too. 

However, there is another contributing factor. This is increased pressure on your legs and behind. If you do not have good cushioning, the weight of your body will inhibit circulation through these areas. 

Because memory foam cushions offer softer and form-contoured support, they can reduce compression on your blood vessels. This, in turn, can improve circulation through your legs and buttocks. 

Of course, treating yourself and your derrière to superior comfort and improved circulation through a memory foam pillow won't solve all your problems. You'll still have to make movement a priority to maintain heart health and good blood flow. 

However, bringing a memory foam cushion to the office is an easy and effective hack for making sure that you aren't cutting off any more circulation than is necessary.

4. Better Seated Support Equals More Energy

Do you know what one of the biggest spinoffs of impaired circulation is? Less energy. 

The way this works is reduced blood circulation can slow down one's metabolism. If your metabolism is in a sluggish state, you feel tired. 

If you are keen to offset the negative effects of sitting at a desk all day by hitting up the gym afterward, this seems particularly unfair. 

Even had that feeling after work that you just don't have an ounce of energy to get to your workout/that fitness class/that run? If so, say hello to the effects of slow blood circulation. 

The good news is, if you choose to kit out your desk chair with the right memory foam support inserts, you'll be able to improve how you feel once 5 pm hits. Feeling a little more energized after work (and less like you need to crawl inside the couch) means more chance of getting exercise in. 

Exercising will further work to ramp up your metabolism and circulation, making for a win-win situation.

5. If You Suffer From Constipation, You Need to Try a Memory Foam Cushion

Another fun thing that reduced circulation can do to you is to exacerbate constipation

If you are one of the millions of Americans that battle with regular bowel movements, working at a desk won't help. 

What will help, however, is improving circulation to your abdomen, which you can do through using a memory foam cushion. 

Not only will memory foam ease blood flow construction, but it will also yield increased support. Sitting for extended periods is known to cause compression to the hips and abdomen. By providing comfortable support for your legs and back, your stomach will be able to relax, and with any luck, things will start to move along.

6. Memory Foam Office Cushions Are Affordable

Memory foam has a pricey reputation. Memory foam mattresses cost significantly more than regular foam or spring coil mattresses. 

However, what you might not realize is that memory foam cushions are quite affordable. Seeing as you aren't buying an entire mattress, you can enjoy the benefits of memory foam without the hefty price tag. 

In fact, if you shop with us, you can expect to completely kit out your office chair for well under $50. Not bad considering that you will be enjoying increased comfort, reduced health issues, and potentially reduced back pain.

7. Memory Foam Cushions Are Long-Lasting

Another factor that makes memory foam office cushions cost-effective is their lifespan. Depending on quality, a memory foam mattress can last up to 25 years or more. 

Memory foam seat cushions can last even longer than this, considering that you won't (we hope) be using them on weekends. You won't need a replacement cushion for a long time. During this time, you should expect consistent levels of support.

The almost unearthly sinking feeling of memory foam cushions and mattresses can often make one wonder how many "rebounces" they have left in them. Fortunately, memory foam cushions retain their ability to contour and spring back for many years. 

Considering the relatively low cost of memory foam office cushions, this makes them highly worthwhile. 

Are you considering any of the memory foam cushions in our online store? If so, you should also know that our memory foam products come with a lifetime warranty. 

Yes, you heard that right. The quality of our memory foam cushions is so good that you can expect to use them for the rest of your life. If anything happens to them, the producer will send you a new cushion at no cost. 

How's that for value for money?

8. Memory Foam Can Keep You Warm

Are you always cold at work? Do you keep a blanket under your desk and beg for someone to adjust the central air?

If so, you'll be happy to know that memory foam office cushions can keep you warm in your chair.

The reason for this is that memory foam is highly effective at absorbing heat. This is part of what makes it "melt" away from under you and contour to your body. 

Additionally, memory foam is also very efficient at storing heat. This means that while you sit in your chair, your body heat will build up in the foam and radiate back to you.

This is perfect if you constantly feel like you need a little extra heat. 

However, there are some people who this would not work for. These are the people who are continually hot and who struggle with sweatiness. Fortunately, if you are one of them, we have good news for you.

9. There Are Also Memory Foam Cushions for One Keeping Cool

Although memory foam stores heat, there are also specifically formulate memory foam cushion products that work to reduce heat build-up. 

These are typically made using gel infusion. Gel-infused memory foam cushions are formulated to increase ventilation. This acts to keep one cool, no matter how much time you spend in contact with the cushion. A standard throw pillow from your living room certainly can't do that.

Our gel-infused memory foam products also have strategically placed ventilator holes. These are designed to enhance comfort, while also allowing trapped heat to escape. 

At the same time, there is no reduction in the form-molding properties of the foam. You can expect all of the heat responsiveness typical to regular memory foam, but without warmth build up.

Hate a hot seat? If you live in a warm climate or struggle with overheating, our gel-infused cushions are for you.

10. Memory Foam Is Hypoallergenic

Another of the big memory foam benefits is its hypoallergenic properties. 

Roughly 20 million Americans are allergic to dust mites. Unfortunately, mattresses and cushions are prime locations for dust mites. 

These little critters literally burrow into and breed in cushions, beds, and padded seats. Considering that dust mite allergies can result in watering eyes, a running nose, and headaches, this is not a good situation. 

If you are an allergy suffer, you know how irritating an allergy bout can be.

Fortunately, this polyurethane foam is one cushion material that is not going to make things worse. Memory foam is a highly dense material. This makes it very difficult for dust-mite to enter and breed in it. 

The density of memory foam also prevents other allergens from building up, such as dust itself. This makes is a perfect foam type for anybody who is sensitive to allergens. 

Luckily, our cushion covers are also washable, so you can cut down on even more allergens that might collect in your upholstery or pillow cases. 

Make Your Office Seating Healthier and Comfier Today

a group of people working in the office

Many of us just accept that working at a desk is bad for one's health. Although quality foam cushions can't fix all the issues that sitting can cause, they can make a big difference.

For example, memory foam cushions are not going to get your heart rate up. Unless from excitement at achieving better comfort, ergonomics, and circulation, that is!

However, high-quality memory foam cushions can go a long way to improving many of the problems that office work can trigger.

They can make you more comfortable. Improve your posture. Reduce back and coccyx pain. Improve circulation. And keep you either warm or cool. 

What's more, they do all this while not breaking the bank, and—if you invest in our products—lasting a lifetime. 

It doesn't get much better than that, right?

If you are already looking forward to upgrading your office seating setup, don't delay. Browse our range of memory foam products today to learn more about product details and our return policy. 

Before you go do that, we have a final question. Do you have a long drive to the office? If so, you should also take a look at the best sellers in our travel category of cushions. 

Here's to better support, better health, and enhanced comfort.

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