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Waterproof Protector For Pillows

Pillows absorb all kinds of irritants and allergens, and a measly pillowcase isn’t going to protect it for long. Dirty pillows can lead to irritation of the skin and an uncomfortable sleep setting, as well as contain dangerous mold that you can’t detect,  which is why you need the Everlasting Comfort Waterproof Pillow Protector.

This pillow protector is much more than a pillowcase--it keeps your pillow clean and free of any allergens, dirt, or seat that may come off your body as you sleep. Not only that, but it’s way more comfortable than a regular pillowcase and can actually improve your sleep habits. If you have a nice pillow that you want to protect, there’s no question you need this product. Let’s take a close look at the unique benefits of the Everlasting Comfort hypoallergenic pillow protector.

-Completely waterproof

Having a 100% waterproof pillow cover can make a world of difference. This cover will keep dirt, grime, and bodily fluids away from your pillow so it stays clean way longer. Say goodbye to dirty, stained pillows when you use this premium pillow protector.

-Hypoallergenic and breathable

The material used for this pillow protector is hypoallergenic and breathable, so you’ll feel completely comfortable while you sleep at night. The breathable membrane of this pillow protector allows for maximum airflow to prevent any mold from developing on your pillow.

-Made with 100% cotton

The Everlasting Comfort Pillow Protector is made from soft, premium cotton, and nothing else. You’ll sleep better each night just from resting your head on this comforting material. The premium cotton allows for maximum comfort while protecting your pillow from allergens.

-Fully encloses your pillow

With regular pillowcases that you slide on, your pillow will still be exposed to dirt and bodily fluids, which makes it dirty and unusable really fast. When you use this pillow protector, your pillow will be completely encased and protected from the outside world. That means your pillow will be safe from things like bed bugs, fleas, or any other unwanted specimen.

-Lifetime replacement guarantee

This pillow protector was made to last, but if anything ever happens to your Everlasting Comfort pillow protector, you can rest assured you won’t be without your pillow protector for long. We will send a free replacement right away!

This pillow protector is machine-washable and easy to remove from the pillow, so you’ll never be left sleeping on a dirty pillow again. By using this clean and comforting protector, you can prevent skin problems, keep your pillow clean, keep bed bugs away, and greatly enhance your sleep experience. If you want to ensure your pillow is clean and safe to use, this product is essential.

Purchase your Everlasting Comfort Waterproof Pillow Protector today and don’t spend another second using your old, grimy pillowcases. Treat your pillow the right way when you use this premium pillow protector. It’s time to upgrade your bed and your sleep habits with this incredible product.

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saundra c.
United States United States
Pillow Protectors

These are the best pillow protectors I have ever purchased. I am waking up much less stuffy in the mornings. Would definitely recommend.

Yeimy z.
United States United States
Muy util

Muy buenas

The Y.
United States United States
The features the pillow protectors have eg waterproof, hypoallergenic, bug proof.

I have a small cottage that is rented to traveling nurses. I wanted the bedding to be safe yet stain proof for the bed pillows. I believe these protectors will serve my purpose for maintaining the bed pillows.

Linda P.
United States United States
Expecting Something Else

I thought I was ordering pillow cases to fit a king size pillow but I got more of a pillow covering instead.My fault for not reading the description more closely.

This G.
United States United States
Good as advertised

I have a history of nosebleeds and bleeding through pillowcases and onto my pillows. I bought this in the hopes that in the event of a nosebleed, this will help. Today, I had a minor nosebleed that bled on my case. I checked the fabric and it caused a small stain on the case. I took the pillow out of the case and there was no blood on the pillow. Additionally, I used a stain remover and got the blood out in five minutes. It was a great purchase.

Douglas W.
United States United States
Keeps pillow dry

Keeps my pillow protected.No problems so far.Only used for two months so far but like them.

Stephanie Q.
United States United States
Washed up great


Patty f.
United States United States
Impressed with quality

Very high-quality, very soft, true to size. After being allergy tested I found out I am very allergic todust mites. I did a though cleaning and washing. I ordered the queen size cases and they are nice and large. I am A highly critical Person and very happy with this product! Typically I don't have time to write reviews but I do read them prior to purchasing. Currently Sheltering in place and no more dust mites!

United States United States

Just started using so can't give a full review but they definitely are soft and will will submit a new review if I find any problems

United States United States

Quick shipment and the product works

Q: Is this one pillow case, or a pair as people would typically expect?

A: Each purchase gets you two pillow protectors. They're sold as a set.

Q: What are the sizes for? King/Queen/standard?

A: The Everlasting Comfort pillow protectors come in three different sizes- standard, queen, and king. The standard size measures 21" x 27". The queen size measures 20" x 30". The king size measures 20" x 36".

Q: Does this pillow protector have the plastic enclosure for the zipper to fully seal the pillow?

A: Our pillow protector comes with a secure fully enclosed zipper.

Q: Are these pillow protectors liquid/water proof?

A: Yes, the Everlasting Comfort pillow protectors are 100% waterproof.