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CNN - March 3, 2021

All the WFH products that we now can't live without

"A full day after clipping this to my dining chair (and finally sitting in an ergonomically correct position) my upper back was no longer on fire. No clutter plus better posture equals a win-win in my book. — Scott Simone, deputy editor"

Yahoo - June 3, 2021

Here's how an affordable under-desk foot rest transformed my work from home setup

"With a compact size that easily fits anywhere you need foot support, this teardrop-shaped footrest helps to elevate your legs, making for a more comfortable seated position. It features an ergonomically contoured structure that lets you place your feet in numerous positions to help fight tired legs and feet."

Business Insider - February 14, 2019

How to improve your posture with a few tips and tools

"Whether used at your desk, in the car, or anywhere you'll be seated for a while, a lumbar pillow offers more comfort and support for your lower back as well as enhanced posture, by helping maintain a slight curve to your spine and an upright position."

USA Today - October 14, 2020

The best bedding deals to shop on Amazon's Prime Day

"The Everlasting Comfort Pillow Protectors are hypoallergenic and made from breathable cotton. Numerous customers claim the protectors saved their pillows—they can probably save yours, too."

Chicago Tribune - April 4, 2021

Health benefits of humidifers

"This unit lasts up to 50 hours and incorporates aromatherapy for relaxation. The low-profile black design fades into the background of a room while quietly making it more comfortable."

Huffpost - May 4, 2021

You Should REALLY Wash Your Pillowcases Every Week. Here's Why.

"Pillow protectors that can be used underneath pillowcases could be helpful,” Woolery-Lloyd said. The protectors can minimize contact with allergens and prevent staining and mold. Everlasting Comfort makes water-resistant and hypoallergenic pillow protectors."