Large Room Humidifiers

Everyone strives to do everything in their power to keep their family as healthy as possible. You make sure they are eating correctly and that they take their vitamins. One additional way to ensure that you are providing that type of environment in your home is to purchase large room humidifiers for your home. 

If you are not familiar with all of the benefits that a humidifier can add to your home, keep reading to learn why it is a must-have item.

When Would You Need a Humidifier?

The ideal humidity range in a home should be between 30-50%. If the humidity in your home rises above or below that range, trouble can start. Everyone is aware that once it is over 50%, mildew and bacteria are more likely to start growing, but what happens when the humidity level falls below 30%?

When the air in your home becomes too dry, which normally happens in the winter months, it can wreak havoc on your home, your pet’s health, your family’s health, and your health. In fact, it can even encourage the presence of dust mites! A humidifier can add moisture back into the dry air and keep the humidity in the ideal range.

By investing in a few large room humidifiers, you can make sure to protect all of the above from damage!

What Kind of Humidifier Do You Need?

There are all kinds of humidifier models out there, from evaporative humidifiers to ultrasonic humidifiers. Some have filters, some have fans, some have larger water tanks in order to add comfort to more square feet, and some are small and personal.

If you have children or pets, you may want to avoid using warm mist humidifiers. While these are common, usually easy to refill, and may be able to hold several gallons in their water reservoirs, they release hot water vapor that can be dangerous.

Evaporative models, on the other hand, are safer, but they can be loud, thanks to the fast fan speed necessary to throw moisture into the air.

Keep an eye out for devices with built-in humidistats, as well as auto shut-off functions, timers, or sleep modes. You may even be able to find humidifiers with night lights, digital displays, and a remote control.

The best large room humidifiers also act as an essential oil diffuser so that you can infuse your coverage area with the benefits of aromatherapy, as well as moist air. These usually work by allowing you to add essential oils into a separate tray, and they're most often ultrasonic cool mist humidifiers.

Cleaning Your Humidifier

Once you choose the best humidifier model for you, you have to ensure that you're cleaning it properly in order to get all the benefits. 

For some models, this will include replacing the wicking filter that collects most of the minerals from your local water supply, which often appears as fine white dust. You'll also need to empty, clean, and refill the water tank in order to prevent the growth of mold. 

Best Rooms to Place Your Humidifiers

When you get your large room humidifier home, you are going to want to know the best rooms to place them in. While every room in your home can benefit from having a humidifier, there are certain rooms where it is a true must-have.

Children’s Rooms

Adding a humidifier to a child’s room will not only help to keep them healthy it will also help them to fall asleep faster and sleep deeper. This will be especially true if you make sure that the humidifier you chose can diffuse essential oils. There are several ways that a humidifier can be beneficial to your children:

  • The added moisture will keep them from developing sore throats at night.
  • The added moisture will help to keep their sinuses hydrated and make it easier for them to drain properly.
  • Keeping the sinuses and throat from becoming dry also helps to prevent infections.
  • It helps to keep them from suffering from nose bleeds and cracked lips
  • The soft humming of the humidifier helps to lull them to sleep.
  • Essential oils (especially lavender) help them to calm down and fall asleep quickly.

Master Bedroom

Does your partner keep you up at night snoring, or do you keep him up? Either way, adding a humidifier to your bedroom can help and elevate that problem. When looking for a humidifier for your bedroom, just like in your child’s bedroom, you will want to invest in one that can also diffuse essential oils. Here are just a few benefits that a humidifier will add to your bedroom.

  • Helps to keep the throat and sinuses from drying out.
  • Your sinuses and throat do not swell from being dry, so this helps to reduce snoring.
  • Helps to keep infections from starting in your respiratory system
  • If you do become sick, the humidifier helps you to sleep easier and get relief.
  • You can use essential oils like lavender to help you sleep or eucalyptus to help if you have a cold.
  • By keeping the air moist in your room, you will sleep deeper and wake more rested.

Family Room

Adding a large room humidifier to the areas of the home your whole family shares will ensure that your whole home stays comfortable all winter long. You will start to feel the benefit instantly.

It will improve the space for you, your family, and your pets in many ways.

  • The additional humidity in the air makes it feel warmer, and this will cut down on your utility costs.
  • It will help to keep everyone’s skin from becoming so dry. You will even start to notice your pets will not be scratching as much.
  • It is also great for everyone’s hair and will help to relieve static energy in the house.
  • Your furniture and other household items will last longer by not having to deal with the flux in humidity in the house as well.
  • It will make your floors last longer as well as keep paint and wallpaper looking nicer for longer.

Additional Benefits

Now that you know the best rooms to place your humidifiers in and what benefits they provide for each of those spaces. It is now time to discuss the heavy-hitting benefits that it has that will impact the health of your and your family.

Adding humidifiers to your home may help reduce the spread of germs. This means you will not have to catch every virus that your child has introduced to them at school anymore. If anyone in your family suffers from allergies, it can also help to minimize their symptoms. 

Keep Your Family Healthy & Your Home Germ Free

The benefits of a large room humidifier can not be beaten. It is a simple purchase that can change the health of everyone in your home. Your whole household will be sleeping better, and this will make your home more peaceful. No more crabby children when you wake them to get ready for school. 

The humidifier will also help you to keep your home germ-free and everyone in it healthy through the whole winter. You can purchase a large home humidifier that will allow you to diffuse essential oils right here. Make this purchase today so that you can have the peace of mind that you are providing your family with a home that is safe and always allows them to get a good night’s sleep.


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