Bath Accessories

You know that feeling. When it’s been a long week or few weeks, and your body is fully exhausted. You have finally set aside a chunk of time to take for yourself. It’s a self-care day.

You probably have a few essentials set up: maybe your favorite TV series, dinner, or dessert to yourself. A cup of your very favorite tea. Probably a nap or two.

And what else is the epitome of self-care and relaxation? A long, luxurious soak in a bath.

But today calls for not just any regular bath. The ultimate bath. And how do you get to the ultimate bath experience?

By using one of these cutting-edge, essential bathroom accessories, you can elevate your bathroom to that of a spa. 

The Importance of Bath Time

Why exactly is a bath just so darn relaxing?

Baths are relaxing and soothing because of a few different reasons. They provide natural healing by opening your blood vessels and increasing circulation. It can help improve your breathing, lower your blood pressure, and even protect you from illness and infection.

So why not go ahead and take that relaxation up a notch by adding in some innovative bath accessories to your relaxation routine?

How to Elevate Bath Time

How can you take an already amazingly relaxing experience to the next level?

By using some of these incredibly creative bath accessories, you can make your bath even better than ever before.

Bath Bomb

The classic, ever-popular bath bomb. There’s a reason that these fantastic little things have made their way into our homes, hearts, and self-care routine. Bath bombs are easily stored under the bathroom sink or make them part of the decoration in a basket on your shelves in your powder room.

Using a lovely bath bomb with a fun fizzing sensation or trendy color can take your bathing experience to the next level. Choose from soothing scents like jasmine and lavender to sinus-opening eucalyptus or spearmint.

This combination of sensation, movement, and scent makes a bath bomb a must for any relaxing bath experience. Pop one in and lay back.


When you’re in the bath, your skin is warming up and loosening. Why not use this as a great time to do some light exfoliation?

Rubbing a loofah over your body can provide gentle stimulation to your skin, awakening and livening it.

Bath Tray

If you’re someone who loves to read in the bath or even wants to watch something on their tablet while they soak, make sure to get yourself a nice bath tray.

Bath trays are pieces of wood that have small cutouts and divots in them where you can place certain things like your phone or small things. You could load yours up with a candle and some nail polish. Or, cue up your favorite show or film on your tablet.

You can even set up a whole dessert for yourself with a small bouquet of flowers. Celebrate yourself. Have fun. Bring whatever you want into your bath with you.

Pumice Stone

If you’re having some issues with an excess of dead skin building up on your feet, now is the perfect time to get rid of that.

Try out a pumice stone. It’s a gentle but effective way to slough off that dead skin and those calluses on your feet and toes. Make sure to use some type of lotion or cuticle oil on the pumice stone to give it enough lubrication to rub off that dead skin.

Pumice stones are natural, inexpensive ways to take your self-care and pampering to the next level. Plus, they’re a lot less intimidating than that cheese grater-looking thing that they use on your feet at the nail salon.

Bath Pillow

All too often, when you get into the bath only to have to hold your head at an awkward angle, smashed up against your cold tile bath. Way to kill the ambiance, right?

The next time you go to celebrate a little bit of bath time, get yourself a bath pillow. Bath pillows are designed to attach to the side of your bathtub. They’re made out of a soft, slip-resistant, and waterproof material to keep them from getting too wet or soggy while you bathe.

When you lay down, you can lean your head against it to keep it at a comfortable angle without having to worry about the cold porcelain digging into the back of your neck.

It also supports your neck in a way that doesn’t hurt your spine or leave you with a sore neck after a bath that was supposed to be relaxing.

Pretty much a win-win situation if you ask us.

A Fancy Shower Curtain

If you’re going all out, why not include your shower curtain in on this party?

Getting yourself a fancy shower curtain with a soothing seascape, the dark blue waves of the ocean, or a tropical paradise is an easy way to boost the vibe of your bath time instantly.

If “fancy” isn’t really your thing, go ahead and get yourself that goofy shower curtain you’ve been eyeing. Whatever floats your rubber ducky.

Essential Oil Diffuser

One of the most powerful natural tools for relaxation is aromatherapy.

You can harness the power of this ancient therapeutic technique by using a good essential oil diffuser in your bathroom during bath time.

Try lavender for the ultimate relaxation vibe. Or, use something energizing like citrus. Make it your own.

Bluetooth Speaker

Something many of us forget to consider is the power of music.

It’s psychologically proven that music can alter our mood, aiding us in relaxation or amping us up to get excited.

Adding a Bluetooth speaker to your bath space can change your bath game.

Bathroom Decor

Besides a wide selection of bathroom accessories, have you considered giving your bathroom a facelift with popular finishes? You don't need granite countertops or expensive chrome or bronze bathroom hardware and bathroom furniture to create a zen experience. 

Instead, follow your tastes for stylish decorations. We love little accessory sets like cotton balls or cotton swabs in glass storage jars displayed on a bathroom counter. Try filling your soap dish with unique soaps.

Go for a personalized touch by having your bath towels and robes monogrammed with your initials, or go for a matching color scheme between your hand towels and bath mats (extra props if they match your kitchen linens). 

For a truly aesthetically pleasing experience, match your toothbrush holders to your wastebaskets and makeup organizer. 

Take Your Bath Experience to the Next Level

The next time you head for your weekly hot bath, don’t forget to bring one of these innovative bath accessories with you.


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