Long Flight Ahead of You? Here's How to Sleep on a Contour Memory Foam Pillow

Did you know that there are 36.8 million commercial flights in the world every year? This number is undoubtedly impressive and doesn't include the number of military flights, business flights, and private flights.

With that impressive statistic, chances are you're going to take at least one flight this year. If the trip that you have planned is long, you may be looking into options to increase your comfort while you're on your journey. You'll want to get a great night's sleep, but the types of pillows that airlines provide aren't very comfortable.

If you're considering investing in a memory foam contour pillow, you may have some questions and concerns that make you question if a memory foam pillow is a right option for you. That's why today, we've created a complete guide to help you better understand why you should invest in a memory foam contour pillow. Keep reading to learn more! 

What Is a Memory Foam Contour Pillow?

A memory foam contour pillow is a type of pillow that has a divet in the middle of the pillow to fit the curvature of your neck and your upper spine. This allows your head to rest in the dip, which helps your spine to realign and support your neck naturally.

A memory foam contour pillow uses your body heat and gravity to conform the pillow to your neck and your head. This will allow the pillow to be entirely custom to your levels of comfort. With the combination of unique materials that go into making a memory foam contour pillow, the formulation allows your neck and had to be cradled. In fact, this material was actually created by NASA to help protect astronauts.  

This results in a reduction in strain on your neck muscles, while also relieving pressure. That's why memory foam mattresses are so popular.

What Are the Benefits of Sleeping on a Memory Foam Contour Pillow? 

mixture of the benefits of using memory foam, with additional benefits of having your spine realigned and your neck supported. Some of the benefits that you can expect to reap from using this type of pillow include:

When you first rest your head on a memory foam contour pillow, you may notice the pillow you're used to sleeping on is a lot squishier and softer.

However, sleeping on a memory foam contour pillow will help to relax the muscles in your neck as you're sleeping! 

Plus, memory foam contour pillows will deliver the same consistent support and comfort when you go to bed at night. Pillows that are made with fiber or shredded foam often tend to lump and flatten over time. 

Memory foam contour pillows don't go flat and will continue to offer you the same smooth and supportive surface every night.

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How to Sleep on a Memory Foam Contour Pillow

If you've already invested in a memory foam contour pillow, you know need to know how to properly sleep on your new pillow. Here's how to go about sleeping with your memory foam contour pillow:

When You're Flying 

If you've only invested in a memory foam contour pillow to use when flying, there's a special trick you need to learn to ensure a restful night's sleep.

What's the trick? 

You should invest in a memory foam contour pillow that allows you to re-create how you normally sleep when you're not flying. This means that if you're someone who sleeps on your side, you'll want to invest in a contour pillow that supports the side of your head, rather than the back of your head.

On the other hand, if you're a back sleeper, you'll want to invest in a pillow that has the divet in the middle to support the back of your head and your neck.    

If You're A Side Sleeper 

You want to make sure that the large end of your memory foam Contour pillow whines up with the hollow of your neck. You'll also want to get the bottom line of the pillow to be closely aligned with the top part of your shoulder.

If You're A Stomach Sleeper

A memory foam contour pillow isn't going to be the most comfortable option for you to use if you're somebody who sleeps in your stomach. This is because there dent in the pillow will cause you to arch your neck into an uncomfortable position, which can cause shoulder strain and neck strain. You may find that you sleep more comfortably with another pillow alternative.

Doing this will allow your neck's curvature to be fully relaxed and ensure that you don't have any muscle strain while you're sleeping.

If You're A Back Sleeper

When you get your memory foam pillow, have a downward slope of the pillow facing towards your neck. The dip that's in the contour pillow should be gently holding your and shouldn't feel uncomfortable.

Once you have the pillow properly set up, lay the back of your head against the pillow. You'll want to adjust the lower portion of the pillow to align exactly with your shoulders without touching them. If your shoulders are lying on top of the pillow, it will mess up the divot's alignment and neck, possibly causing your muscles to feel strained.

You may notice that the pillow feels stiff when you're first lying on it. The heat coming off of your body will warm me pillow up, allowing the memory foam to shape into a formulation that's more comfortable for you to rest your head-on.

How to Properly Wash Your Memory Foam Contour Pillow

If you happen to get any makeup stains or drool stains on your pillow, there are ways that you can keep it looking fresh without having to purchase a new one. First, you can refresh your pillow by sprinkling baking soda on the pillow and leaving it on for an hour. Once you have a baking soda on for an hour, you can vacuum off the baking soda.

You could also try using warm water to spot clean any stains that are on the pillow with a clean cloth or toothbrush in a circular motion. Make sure that you wring out any excess liquid from the damp cloth. Always be sure to allow your pillow to air dry before you go back to sleep on it. The drying process usually works best if you lie the pillow on a flat surface in direct sunlight to avoid mildew. No matter how tempting it is, do not use a hairdryer on your pillow. 

It is possible for you to wash memory foam pillows if you want to do a deep cleaning. The first step is vacuuming the pillow to remove any dust or dust mites that may be on it. All you have to do is remove the upholstery attachment and place your pillow in lukewarm water and use a gentle soap or mild detergent to clean it. Solid memory foam should not go in a washing machine, as this can lead to melted or shredded memory foam, which is why spot cleaning as a first step is a good idea. The next step is wringing out excess water

The pillow cover on many of these pillows can be put in the washer with cold water and a gentle detergent to remove build up and any dead skin cells that may have accumulated. Be sure to double-check that the pillow cover is machine washable.

If you're really concerned about protecting your pillow on a long flight, you might consider putting an extra pillowcase over it to reduce the need to clean memory foam pillows.

How Often to Replace Your Memory Foam Contour Pillow

If you're like most people, the chances are that you only replace the pillows that you're currently sleeping on when they become too flat to be comfortable to sleep on. However, your sweat, dust, and dander all get absorbed into your pillows, increasing the allergens that your body is regularly introduced to every night.

There are warning signs that you should be aware of that your memory foam pillow will show you if it needs to be replaced sooner. These warning signs are:

  • Sweat stains
  • Stains from your body oil
  • Lumpy foam
  • If your pillow takes an extended amount of time to reshape itself if you fold it in half
  • Shoulder pain or neck pain when you wake up
  • An increase in allergy symptoms
  • Waking up and not feeling refreshed

 It's highly recommended that you change out your memory foam pillow every two years. This is simply just too prevent the accumulation of allergens collecting in your pillow.

How to Invest in a High-Quality Memory Foam Contour Pillow

If you're looking to invest in a luxury night's sleep when you're flying, buy a high-quality memory foam contour pillow for all provided you with the luxury that you're looking for. Thanks for the density in memory foam pillows come with, your neck and head will have your desired level of support to help make your long flight feel more comfortable. 

Have you decided that it's time for you to invest in a memory foam contour pillow? Here's how to go about finding the best memory foam contour pillow for you to invest in:

The Firmness of the Pillow

Memory foam contour pillows also come in a variety of levels of firmness. This is something that you'll want to investigate before you make a final decision on a specific pillow.

Memory foam contour pillows that have down in them are great to invest in if you're looking for a great firmness pillow but doesn't have elasticity. 

On the other hand, a memory foam wedge pillow is something to consider if you're looking to have a pillow that you can use to support your neck, your legs, or your head while you're flying. 

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The Filling Used in the Pillow

The type of filling that's used inside of your memory foam contour pillow will also dictate how comfortable you are when you're sleeping. It will also be a determining factor and how long your pillow last. The majority of memory foam Contour pillows on the market are filled with foam or down.

You should find a memory foam pillow that has a guaranteed to last up to two years without sagging. 

You should also be aware that after you buy your memory foam pillow, your pillow will be exposed to certain heat levels. This is because your body produces heat when you're sleeping, which will allow the memory foam to fit the shape of your head. 

This means that over time, your memory foam pillow will be custom shape to your head and will help to evenly distribute the weight of your head while you're sleeping.

Over time, your pillow will be a lot more comfortable to sleep on, no matter what the position you may be sleeping in is.

The Position That You Often Sleep in 

When you're shopping around for a memory foam contour pillow, you also need to keep in mind as a position that you most frequently sleep in. This is because if you are a side sleeper, a type of pillow that you'll want to invest in will look a lot different than the pillow that was made for a stomach sleeper.

However, if you are looking to ensure the health of your neck and your back while you're flying, you can invest in a specialized memory foam contour pillow that will be ideal no matter what type of position you enjoy sleeping in the most.

The Size of the Pillow

There are three main sizes that memory foam contour pillows come in. 

These are the standard size, the queen size, and the king size. 

Finding the Best Memory Foam Contour Pillow for You

When you're on a long flight, the last thing that you want to worry about if getting comfortable enough to fall asleep, so you need a good pillow. Investing in a high-quality memory foam contour pillow will make a huge difference in the quality of the sleep you're getting, as well as reducing the neck pain or strain that you feel when you wake up. 

Have you decided that a memory foam contour pillow is the best pillow investment to make for you? 

Investing in a memory foam contour pillow is perfect if you're looking to receive extra support for your spine and your neck. 

Here at Everlasting Comfort, we have several memory foam contour pillows for you to choose from! Click here to check out our range memory foam contour pillows to find the perfect one for you!

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