11 Sensational Tips to Manage Your Lumbar Back Pain

The lumbar area is the portion of your spine close to your tailbone commonly called the lower back.

Lumbar pain is common for a lot of people from all walks of life. This pain can become excruciating at times, so you should find the remedies that will help you improve your everyday life. 

Read on to learn how to treat your lumbar back pain. 

1. Embrace Baths of Different Temperatures

Hot and cold therapies will ease a lot of the lumbar pain you experience. 

This therapy relaxes the muscles in your back. Investing in a hot jetted tub can be a great investment if you have chronic back pain issues. 

Interchanging between different temperature points will help you get the back pain relief that you're looking for. 

Taking hot baths eases your joint pain so that your back is less tense. Cold baths increase blood circulation all over your body to decrease the swelling. 

When your body is less inflamed it'll reduce your lumbar pain. Skip the shower after each long day and go through some hot and cold baths for at least a half-hour at a time. 

You can enhance these baths by adding ice to a cold bath and Epsom salt to a hot bath. 

2. Stretch on a Daily Basis

Stretching elongates your spine and eases the tension in your total body. This makes it an effective treatment for lumbar spine pain. 

You can enjoy a significant reduction in back pain even if you stretch for 15 minutes per day.

Take your time and sit deep in these stretches so that your muscles can relax. The more comfortable you get holding difficult stretches, the more limber your body will get. 

When your body is limber your muscles are less likely to bunch up and cause you pain. 

Alternate between standing and sitting stretches. Make sure that you breathe deeply through your nostrils and out through your mouth as you lean into a stretch. 

Allow your body to relax rather than fighting the stretch or avoiding discomfort. 

Stretching regularly will help you feel more comfortable in your body each day, which will reduce your pain. You can also buy a back cushion to improve your posture regularly. 

girl stretches at work

3. Start Getting Professional Massages

Considering how many people are dealing with chronic bodily pain, nowhere near enough people take the time to get professional massages. 

Massage therapy professionals understand your vertebrae system and muscle groups. They know how to manipulate your back in a way that improves circulation and helps your body stretch. 

Getting a half-hour massage can offer you lots of lumbar pain relief.

Ask your massage therapist about the treatments they offer and tell them about the back issues that you have been living with. 

Massage therapy improves your body's blood flow. This influx of blood flow helps you relax your muscles and reduces the pain in your body. 

The massage will heal your body's soft tissue so that it isn't as sore or sensitive to the touch. 

Receiving a professional massage also stimulates positive endorphins in your brain. These endorphins unleash your body's natural painkilling hormones to ease some of the pain that you're dealing with. 

The sense of overall joy and wellness that you get from a professional massage also trains your body to deal with chronic pain.

Your body will hold less tension as a whole. This eases the stiffness that you'd otherwise live with. 

4. Take Yoga, Pilates, and Other Arts

Yoga is a universal art that improves your mind and body. Practicing this art loosens the tension in your back, helping to heal your lumbar pain. 

Holding yoga poses naturally elongates your spine and stretches your neck and back muscles to relieve pain. Consider signing up for a yoga studio near you to embrace the different types. 

Some yoga classes you can take include beginner's yoga, hot yoga, Kundalini yoga, and power yoga. 

When you take yoga classes, your body becomes more flexible and will generally hold less tension.

It adds natural muscle tone to your body and improves your coordination. A more coordinated person is less susceptible to injury. You will move more naturally and fluidly and avoid missteps. 

You'll also cut some fat and lose some weight when you practice yoga on a regular basis. 

The two-knee spiral twist is a great pose you can use to stretch your back. Downward dog is excellent at stretching your body so you can reduce lower lumbar pain. 

Buy a knee pillow to assist you with some of the more difficult poses. 

Taking pilates is great for lumbar pain since it focuses predominantly on keeping the alignment of your spine. The more you straighten your spine and remain conscious of its movement, the more you'll build a pain-free body. 

You'll ease so much pain in your body when you practice these exercises on a daily basis. 

5. Make Fitness Part of Your Life

Never underestimate the value you'll get from some weights and a treadmill. Take care of your health and fitness to prevent lower lumbar back pain.

Resistance exercises build the muscle groups in both your back and your core. The stronger these muscle groups are, the less they tax and wear on each other. 

Many back injuries happen because the person had a weak core. When the back has to overcompensate for the weak core, you'll tear muscles and hurt your spine. 

Invest in some home gym equipment that can help you build your strongest body. Pullups are incredible total-body exercises that strengthen your neck, back, core, and legs. 

These exercises also require you to hold your own bodyweight steady, which teaches you control and coordination. The stronger your back, the less likely you are to suffer from pesky injuries. 

Invest in some kettlebells that give you a full range of motion with your resistance exercises. Holding a heavy kettlebell at your chest adds the resistance you need to build your back with some deep squats. 

Holding a light kettlebell over your stomach during situps and crunches will build both your back and your abs. 

Getting some quality cardio in every week will also improve your back pain. A healthy heart circulates blood effectively, which will reduce the inflammation in your lumbar area.

6. Get a Comfortable Sleep Setup

Poor sleep habits will also lead to lumbar pain. Take a look at your mattress first. You'll need a good mix of plushness and firmness. 

If the mattress is too soft it won't support your back muscles enough. Your back and neck will tense up throughout the night and create pain in your waking life. 

A mattress that is too hard doesn't provide enough give for you to rest and relax your back pain. 

Consider how your head is cradled when you sleep as well. Get a memory foam pillow to support you in a variety of positions. 

Sleep in positions that are comfortable to your back so that you're not causing unnecessary pain. 

Above all, make sure that you're allowing yourself enough sleep each night. The biggest problem that people make is not getting nearly enough hours. 

Your body heals more optimally when you get at least 8 hours of sleep. Set up a sleep routine that allows you to fall asleep each night no problem. 

For instance, cut out caffeine any time later than noon so that you're not degrading your overall sleep quality. 

7. Figure Out Your Driving Situation

A lot of back pain happens when you drive. An uncomfortable seating arrangement will compress your spine and wear your back muscles down over time. 

Instead, make sure that your seat is upright and adjusted so you can maintain proper posture. Keep the chair pulled up close enough to the steering wheel that you don't have to reach for it. 

Get a pillow to support your coccyx so you can stay comfortable on long drives. Coccyx pain will eventually lead to weakness in your lumbar area. 

8. Look Into CBD OIl

You can use cannabidiol (CBD) to ease lots of your back pain issues. 

When you take CBD on a regular basis you can tap into your body's natural painkiller properties. This is a plant that works with your endocannabinoid system.

As such, it optimizes the production of all your organs, including your spine and the muscles in your back. 

You can take CBD oil on a daily basis because it isn't habit-forming and doesn't have toxic properties. 

Taking CBD doses is simple and straightforward as well. Many people enjoy using CBD oil in a vape. Some people prefer edibles, CBD tea, or rubbing a balm directly on their back. 

Figure out the best CBD dose for your back pain so that you can get the healing that you're looking for. 

9. Remove Stress From Your Life as Much as Possible

You'll find that stress is at the root of a lot of lumbar pain problems.

Your body carries stress in your muscles. The muscles will become knotted up and create pain throughout your back. 

Addressing your anxiety and stress issues will go a long way toward reducing back pain. Learning to calm your thoughts will help you to alleviate stress and discomfort. 

Consider things like aromatherapy and how they can help to relax your breathing and ease your tension. Get an aromatherapy diffuser that stimulates your senses and causes you to breathe deeply. 

Different essential oils evoke different moods and responses, so test out some fragrances. Consider adding some candles to the rotation as well to create a pleasant and relaxing environment in your home. 

Get off of social media for a while and quiet the chatter in your mind. Consider drinking a cup of herbal tea and napping some naps throughout the day to ground your energy. 

The more you put your mind and body at ease, the less you'll deal with back pain in the long-run. 

10. Eat as Healthy as Possible

happy girl eating healthy food

The way you eat will also dictate how well your body can heal from back pain.

If you eat a lot of fried foods, drink alcohol, smoke, and eat a log of sugary foods, you're causing your body to become inflamed. 

Conversely, eating lots of green vegetables or stuffing them in a smoothie will reduce the inflammation in your body so that your back stays healthy.

When you cut the unhealthy foods out of your diet you'll reduce chronic pain for the long-run. 

11. Go to the Chiropractor Regularly

Take time to speak to a professional chiropractor that can help you with your back issues.

These professionals provide spinal adjustments, acupuncture, acupressure, and other kinds of treatments that will help you with lumbar pain. 

Visit the chiropractor every couple of weeks or once a month so that you get the targeted care that will build your spine.

Show them exactly where you're experiencing lumbar pain problems and what level of pain you are dealing with. From there, the chiropractor will create a targeted plan to treat these issues. 

Fix Your Lumbar Back Pain Issues

If you're going through lumbar back pain issues the tips in this article provide a remedy. This level of pain can reduce your quality of life if you let it. 

Instead, go through a series of therapeutic treatments that will keep your back issues away. 

We also have a series of products that will help you with your lumbar pain. 

Take a look around our site and contact us for more info on lumbar support and other comfort products.

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