How Do Humidifiers Work?

Many people like to use humidifiers as they add moisture to the air. This added moisture makes a room much more comfortable to be in. If you were to be in a room where the air has no moisture it can make your skin dry. Therefore, adding a bit of moisture to the air can help. But how do humidifiers work? This article explains how they work so you know whether a humidifier is the right appliance for you. 

Evaporative Humidifiers

Humidifiers are also known as ‘evaporative humidifiers’ and they come with a reservoir. This reservoir can hold cold water before dispensing it into a basin. Once the water is in the basin a wicking filter will absorb it. The cold water will then be blown by a fan and the water will be encouraged out and into the air. 

When air makes its way through the filter, some of the water will be evaporated. The higher the room’s humidity, the harder it will be for the water to evaporate. This is why many humidifiers are self-regulating. In other words, when there’s a lot of humidity in the air the humidifier will release a lot less water. 

Occasionally, humidifiers will be hooked up to a home’s heating system. These humidifiers work in a similar way to smaller models. 

Different Types of Humidifiers 

There are more types of humidifiers than you may realize:

  • Impeller humidifier - This type of humidifier contains a rotating disc. This disc throws water at a diffuser that’s shaped a lot like a comb. This diffuser breaks up the water into droplets that can float in the air. The water looks a little like fog as it makes its way out the humidifier. 
  • Steam humidifier - Also known as a vaporizer, this type of humidifier released warm steam. This is usually the cheapest type of humidifier as it uses a simple method. In addition to this, you can usually add inhalants to the humidifier to help you breathe a little more easily. 
  • Ultrasonic humidifier - A humidifier such as this contains a metal diaphragm that vibrates. It does this so that water droplets are created. They tend to be silent while producing a cool fog of water. 
  • Wick/Evaporative system -  A wick/evaporative humidifier uses a foam wick, paper cloth, or a sheet so that water is drawn out of the reservoir. A fan blows over the wick and ensures that the water is absorbed into the air. The higher the humidity the harder it is for the water to be evaporated. 

As you can see, there are quite a few different humidifiers available on the market. Making sure you buy the right one is crucial. However, when you understand how humidifiers work you’re much more likely to buy one that’s ideal for you. 

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