5 Reasons to Buy a Gel Infused Cushion

Did you know memory foam goes as far back as 1966? 

The gel-infusion process didn’t come around until decades after. In the 2000s, Peterson Chemical Technology developed and patented the technology to solve some issues with the original memory foam.

Some of these issues were the trapped body heat and slow spring-back time. The second-gen memory foam attempted to fix these. Still, it was the third-generation of gel beads that proved to be effective.

So, if you’ve been using memory foam for your seat, back, or bed, you might want to upgrade to the gel-infused variety. Check out the reasons why you should buy a gel-infused cushion below.

Pros of Gel-Infused Cushion

Since gel-infused foams are still memory foams, they offer the same benefits as the latter. In some areas, though, they have certain advantages. See below why they’re superior over memory foams and other types of foams. 

1. Has a Cooling Effect

Old memory foams are notorious because of overheating issues. Many people who use memory foam mattresses find themselves waking up at various stages of the night because of the unbearable warmth.

This stays true whether you’re using memory foam as a mattress topper, seat, or back cushion.

That’s because it holds on to body heat; the longer you stay in it, the more heat it retains. It has two factors that contribute to this problem: the material and the fact that it conforms to your body. 

Did you know that some industries use the same material as an insulator? What’s more, mattresses need to have a high density of it so it can support your body. Imagine sleeping on a thick slab of insulator every night?

When it conforms to the shape of your body, it leaves little space around it for proper airflow. If you sweat, it won’t evaporate as there’s no ventilation. It will instead contribute to the rising temperature. 

To combat this problem, companies started using different materials. Some of them have introduced gel-cooling components.

The gel is a cooling agent, so it’s a great way to counteract the heat absorption quality of memory foams. Try to check and hold your palm against a gel-infused cushion; it will be cool to the touch. 

Gel also pulls heat away from the body. It helps keep the body parts in contact with the foam cooler for a longer time.

The infusion of gel into the foam also opens up the cell structure. This creates passageways in the process. This allows for more breathability and better ventilation.

2. Offers Better Support

Again, let’s go back to memory foam—another one of its flaws is that it’s too soft. While it seems comfortable, it doesn’t offer much in terms of support. What happens is that you sink too much into the foam, wrecking your proper alignment.

How does a gel-infused cushion offer more support? The gel prevents you from sinking too much; it’s more resilient and is less yielding to body heat.

Having the right amount of support, especially for those who experience back pain. Your cushion or foam should have firm qualities so they’ll be able to support your spinal cord better. 

At the same time, the gel-infused cushion can accommodate your pressure points like a memory foam can. It still conforms to your body, so it helps relieve the pressure points. This reduces pains and aches you would experience in a normal foam.

This is why most experts recommend a medium-firm mattress. It shouldn’t be too firm that it won’t adjust to your body’s curves. But, it shouldn’t be too soft that it will allow the body to sink in too much.

Gel-infused memory foam mattresses are in this category. They’re great for both back- and side-sleepers because they can conform to any curve while providing firm support so that nothing goes misaligned.

A misaligned spine at night can cause long-term damage. It’s best if you get one with better support as we spend a third of our day on the bed. If you’re getting a gel-infused back cushion for your chair, it also helps keep the back pain away. 

3. Delivers More Comfort

Tired of your uncomfortable back or seat cushion? You may not have tried a gel-infused seat or back cushion yet.

It’s more comfortable because of its cooling properties. This is especially important in hot countries. In these places, you might need the support but you don’t need the suffocating feel of memory foam. 

And, remember what we said earlier about memory foam users waking up many times in a night? Well, having a gel-infused variant will eliminate that problem. Because it’s cooler, you’ll have a more fitful rest. 

Staying cool while sleeping helps improve the quality of sleep. It stimulates the production of melatonin, which has the added effect of anti-aging. Plus, you won’t get disrupted by your sweat and high body temperature.

Another way it can give you a more comfortable sleep is by having motion transfer resistance. This is a quality it shares with traditional memory foam. Even if your partner tosses and turns in their sleep, you won’t feel it.

You might have seen commercials about memory foams featuring a glass of drink on top that doesn’t spill even when a person jumps up and down on the other side of the same foam. This isn’t far from reality as it’s highly capable of stopping the motion transfer.

You’ll be able to turn whenever you want, as well. Although your body sinks, gel-infused memory foam has a fast reaction time. It springs back faster.

It might be hard to stand up or move around in the original memory foam. But, you don’t have these problems in the gel-infused one. 

It doesn’t have that smothering feeling, hence, it’s great for a variety of sleeping positions.

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4. Great for Long-Term Use

Memory foam, in general, lasts as long as any other type of foam. They can last 8 to 10 years, depending on how well-cared they are. Higher quality ones may even last 15 years.

You can expect gel-infused foam to have similar durability. As such, they’re a good investment for long-term use, as well.

However, the quality of the cushion you’ll buy is the largest factor in determining its lifespan. If you want good durability, buy one with at least 4 to 5 lbs/cubic foot density. Anything lower than that, you can’t expect to last as long.

Furthermore, your body weight can be a factor in its degradation. The heavier the weight it bears, the sooner it will break down.

Each company has a technology of its own, as well, which contributes to the cushion’s lifespan.

In the end, there’s no certain way to know how long a specific foam will last. You only need to take care of it and watch out for signs of deterioration.

For instance, areas with obvious compressions that aren’t getting back to its original shape is a sure sign. Lumps, bumps, and sagging are also indicators.

If you see these signs, it’s better to buy another cushion or mattress right away. They won’t provide you with the right support anymore.

5. Safe for Allergy Sufferers

Memory foam, in general, is a hypoallergenic material. This is because of the fibers in the polyurethane foam.

The dense structure of memory foam prohibits dust mites and their breeding process. And, as you know, dust mites cause night-time allergies. 

Did you know that a typical mattress that’s been in use for a few years has about 100,000 to 10 million dust mites? That’s a lot of dust mite droppings; your average pillow might even consist of 10% dust mites and their droppings.

It’s shocking considering that we spend most of our time in our bedrooms. The allergy that’s been bugging you might be because of your bed.

If you’ve been experiencing itching, sneezing, wheezing, and such, then your bed may have become a breeding ground for dust mites. You can differentiate it apart from other allergies by the timing of the symptoms. If you’re getting them at night or upon waking up, that’s a signal that your bed is your problem.

Memory foam solves this issue as does gel-infused memory foam. How so?

The density of this type of foam strips the dust mites of their breeding ground. They like the warm and humid cavities in a typical mattress, after all. As such, they’re a good choice when people with allergies start experiencing the symptoms above.

Of course, we can’t discount the other types of allergies, like an allergy to polyurethane foam itself. Don’t forget to read up on your allergy to find the best type for you.

Cons of Gel-Infused Cushion

Still, there are some considerations you have to take in before buying a gel-infused cushion. The following may be deal-breakers to you, although they’re dismissible to others.

1. More Expensive than Other Options

All the amazing benefits of gel-infused cushions and mattresses come with a price. They can be rather expensive.

For some people, it can be a deal-breaker as they use the initial cost to make a decision. This isn’t the only cost you should factor in, though.

You should also consider the durability of the product. If it will last you a long time, isn’t it a good investment?

That aside, you shouldn’t also dismiss its capabilities to improve your sleep quality. It has a direct impact on your lives.

Losing sleep or poor sleep quality can lead to irritability, loss of energy, and confusion. At worst, it can lead to various diseases. Having good sleep quality, therefore, leads to better life quality.

Even for seats and back cushions, the amount of comfort you’ll get from a gel-infused variant is hard to find somewhere else.

These are good enough reasons to make a practical investment. Still, you should be wary of companies making false claims. Some may inflate the benefits of their product to charge exorbitant prices.

2. Cooling Effect May Not Last Long

Gel-infusion technology is not the same for all brands. Thus, some may have more effective cooling properties than others.

Some may not have lasting cooling effects. While it might be cool in the initial stages, some may eventually lose their cooling abilities because of the subpar technology used.

For instance, some types of gel might take in the temperature of the environment instead. It will then become uncomfortable as the night goes on. It then loses its purpose, taking on the same qualities as traditional memory foam.

Gel-infused seats and back cushions work the same way. So if you don’t get high-quality ones, you won’t get the cooling effect you like.

Research about the brand first and see if you can find reviews for the particular model you like. 

Note, though, that they may eventually lose their cooling effect over time. High-quality ones will still last longer, though. 

3. Too Heavy to Be Portable

This is more of a minor inconvenience, although it’s still worth pointing out. If you want to use your cushion in different places, you’ll have to carry it around with you.

For instance, you might want to use it at both your home and office. After all, you paid good money for it.

If you don’t have a car, this will pose a problem. Gel-infused cushions can be too heavy, so they’re not that portable. 

Mattresses, of course, are going to be even heavier. They’re not suitable for camping and such. If you need to reposition your bed, you’ll likely need help from friends. 

Some people buy gel-infused toppers instead, which also costs less. You can take it camping and it’s easier to transport.

Buy Gel-Infused Products Now

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If you’re willing to invest in a nice cushion, make sure to choose a gel-infused cushion. You get all the benefits above that you can enjoy for a long time.

There’s no better investment than something that will bring you the right kind of comfort and support. Look through our offerings to find the right fit for you or contact us for any questions. 

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