What Is the Best Gel Back Cushion?

When closing time strikes and it's time to leave the office, do you find yourself grabbing your lower back in pain?

When we sit for extended periods of time, we allow tension and strain to build upon our muscles and joints. We also put undue pressure on our most delicate bones. All of these can lead to chronic pain, pressure sores, and general aches.

You don't have to let back pain be a constant reality in your life. Investing in the right accessories, such as a gel back cushion, can help you feel your best, even if you need to sit for an extended period of time.

What are gel back cushions and why do you need one? Most importantly, which ones are the best on the market? Let's take a closer look!

What Is a Gel Back Cushion?

A gel back cushion is a special type of chair cushion made with gel-infused memory foam. 

This is a type of foam that includes all of the features you've come to know and love in your traditional memory foam cushions. As with standard memory foam, gel-infused varieties are comfortable, breathable and heat-responsive. This means they form to your body's unique curves and lines to evenly distribute your weight and relieve your pressure points. 

Yet, gel-infused cushions take these benefits one step further.

This material is even cooler and more breathable than you've come to expect. This is because, while designing gel-infused memory foam, manufacturers infuse cooling gels or beads of gel into the foam. The result? The cushion effectively pulls heat away from your body.

As you sit at work, in the car, or at home, this means that you'll stay cooler for longer, perspiring less and performing more.

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Where to Find the Best Gel Cushion For Your Back

Both standard and gel-infused memory foam offer incredible relief for anyone suffering from back pain. Research shows that up to 80% of the U.S. population will experience this issue at some point in their lives. 

Back pain is exacerbated if you sit for hours in your office. You might also feel the tension if your commute is long or you're on an extra-long flight! Thankfully, a memory foam back cushion can help make these experiences more enjoyable. 

When you're ready to buy a new back cushion, you understandably want to do your research. There are lots of options on the market and you want to invest in one that you'll use and enjoy for years to come! That's why we encourage you to start at our shop.

We offer a wide variety of home and office goods designed to help you optimize your overall health and wellness, and our lumbar support cushions are some of our best-sellers! Next, let's review a few of the reasons why our memory foam models are the best.

Memory Foam to Match Your Needs

We offer both standard and gel-infused memory foam back cushions in our online shop. Our Back Cushion Lumbar Support Pillow is made of 100% pure, premium memory foam. It is designed to contour to your body, alleviating pressure on your joints and reducing chronic pain in your lumbar area and lower back.

In addition, we are also proud to offer our Gel-Infused Memory Foam Lumbar Support Back Cushion! This cushion features strategically placed ventilation holes to keep you cool while you sit. It includes all of the best features of our Back Cushion Lumbar Support Pillow, with the extra benefit of cooling!

Easy to Use and Transport

Both types of back cushions feature an ergonomic design that allows them to fit anywhere on your seat for optimal support. The memory foam conforms to your body, offering targeted relief where you need it the most. 

Another reason to buy both? The standard and gel-infused back cushions also come with adjustable, removable straps, as well as a removable cover! When it's time to clean it, just pop it in the washing machine to remove grime and debris. 

Lifetime Replacement Guarantee

We know you'll love your back support cushion. We also know that life happens.

That's why another perk of our product is that it comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee! If anything happens to your cushion while you have it, we'll replace it for free, because no one should have to be without the comfort and support they crave. 

How Can a Gel Cushion Help My Back Pain?

You know they're designed to help relieve and prevent your lower back pain, but how exactly does a gel cushion work and what makes it so special? Let's take a look at 10 features that make this a must-have accessory for anyone with tension, pain, or tightness in this region. 

Targeted Pain Relief

First, let's talk about pain. Whether your back pain is sharp and jarring or dull and aggravating, you need it gone. 

Your gel back cushion isn't designed to sit flat and hard against your back. That would only add to your discomfort. Instead, it shifts and adjusts according to your specific pressure points, body composition and angles. This way, you're getting the benefit of a custom-fitted cushion for a fraction of the price.

Upon first use, you'll notice the incredible difference. If you're used to relying on painkillers or muscle relaxers to get you through the day without wincing, a high-quality gel back cushion can make a world of difference.

Premium Materials

Another reason why gel-infused memory foam is the top kind of back cushion on the market? This isn't a material that cuts corners. Rather, it's designed to be top-of-the-line, sparing no detail.

This kind of memory foam is durable, rugged and meant to last for years to come. Protected by its washable cover, it's also travel-friendly and lightweight so you'll want to take it with you wherever you go!

Ergonomic and Orthopedic Design

This isn't just any standard cushion you'll find at a big-box store. Those are flat and unable to contour to your curves! Rather, a gel-infused memory foam back pillow is specially designed to be as ergonomic as possible. This means it helps you fit your workplace to meet your needs and optimize your health. 

In addition, there's a reason that so many orthopedic doctors also recommend these cushions to patients suffering from back pain. Their shape is ideal for relieving uncomfortable pressure, speeding recovery and preventing reoccurrence.


Posture Correction

Another reason you might feel achy at the end of a long workday? If your chair isn't appropriately sized to your needs, it's likely that your posture is suffering. Ideally, you should be sitting up straight, with your knees even with or slightly higher than your hips.

If you can't get into this position without straining, an office accessory such as our Memory Foam Foot Rest Pillow can help elevate your legs. You can also move your computer monitor closer to you so you don't have to strain or bend forward.

At the same time, you can also use a gel-infused back pillow! This cushion helps ease you into the proper posture required to keep your back strong and healthy. Especially if you have a sedentary job, it's easy to grow weary and slump over your desk, but with this accessory, you'll be encouraged to align your spine. 

This cushion eases your pelvic area slightly forward, which helps you remain aware of your position and encourages you to maintain correct posture.

Budget-Friendly Therapeutic Relief

If your back pain is severe, a visit to your trusted health practitioner or chiropractor may be required to help diagnose and address any underlying issues. You may also visit a physical therapist, who can show you exercises and stretches to help manage your back pain on an everyday basis.

However, it's no secret that the costs of ongoing medical treatment can add up quickly. In between visits, you should be doing everything you can to help lessen the effects of your condition, rather than add to them.

This is where a gel back cushion comes into play! At an affordable price point you can feel good about, this accessory is less expensive than ongoing therapy. It can also help optimize the effects of any treatments you're already receiving.

Especially if your tailbone, coccyx or lumbar pain is minimal and relatively manageable, you could even discover that the consistent relief provided by your new cushion is enough to treat and soothe your pain. This makes it an investment that's more than worthwhile.

Variety of Materials, Styles and Designs

You don't have to settle for any old, run-of-the-mill back pillow when you need support. Today, there are more options on the market than ever before, fueled by an uptick in lower back pain that appears to still be on the rise.

This means that you can be as discerning as you want! Love the support of standard memory foam but looking for something that will help you stay a little cooler throughout the day? If so, there are different kinds of gel-infused memory foam back cushions to browse!

Easy to Transport

Your life doesn't stop or even slow down just because you're suffering from lower back pain. You're still required to go to work, drive your car and perform other sedentary tasks on a regular basis.

That's why you need a gel-infused back cushion that isn't heavy, bulky or cumbersome to transport. If that's what you have, you'll be tempted to simply leave it one place and never move it around, which lowers the return on your investment!

On the other hand, if your back cushion is lightweight and a cinch to travel with, you can get so much more use out of it! While it helps to have a different one at home than in the office, a single cushion can do the trick all day long. 

As you're shopping and comparing your options, look for one that has dual adjustable straps, like ours, so you can easily take it off your office chair and attach it to your driver's seat or your favorite chair at home! Along the way, if it gets stained, dirty or just a little dull, remember that the cover comes off in seconds and is machine washable!


We love our couch cushions, office chairs, children's stuffed animals and other plush objects that fill our lives. However, it's common knowledge that these fluff-filled items can harbor germs and bacteria. 

In fact, the wrong furniture can even trigger your indoor allergies! If you've noticed that you're sneezing, coughing and blowing your nose more frequently, outdoor allergens might not be to blame. Rather, it could be the upholstery that you are sitting on every day. Many times, this furniture is difficult or even impossible to wash, which means it's challenging to keep clean.

Buying a gel-infused foam back cushion is a small but important step toward creating an intentional, allergy-free home! The airflow holes included in our pillow help keep air flowing freely, which wards off microorganisms and keeps the surface sanitary. 

Relieve Your Back Pain and Reclaim Your Life

Back pain might be your current reality, but it doesn't have to be that way forever! When you have the right cushion on your chair, you'll discover how much the little things really matter.

You might not think too much about your desk chair, or how your driver's seat is configured. Yet, you'll feel the effects of poor posture, muscle strain and bone pressure. With a gel back cushion like ours, you can take a major step toward reclaiming your comfort and improving your quality of life.

For more information on how this product works or to explore the rest of our items, feel free to keep browsing! If you have any questions, contact our team to connect.

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