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Bathtub Bath Pillow

$40.99 $35.99

963 reviews

Bathtub Bath Pillow

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Bathtub Bath Pillow


Aromatherapy Diffuser


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Super comfy and stay suctioned

This pillow is super thick and comfortable. The only thing is that you have to really make sure the suction is attached well. Otherwise it’ll slide down when you lean on it. Worth buying!


Great and comfortable

I’m not sure if I’m just not strong enough (I have weak wrists) but I can’t get the pillow to suction onto the tub. Other than that the pillow is very comfy. Helps make baths 100x more relaxing. It dries fairly quickly and the hook to hang it up is very useful.


Great product

Got it for my wife who loves baths. With the easy adjustable head rest, this helps her enjoy a nice hot bath in whatever position she finds the most comfortable. The mesh covering is durable and the cushion inside holds up great after being wet. Suction cups do well as long as your tub Alaska allows it- taking note of any curves our short comings of a tub structure.

Katherine C.

Love it!

Very comfortable! Non slip

Michael O.

Cute and comfy

This pillow is expensive as bath pillows go , but as I bought a long bath that I couldn’t relax in it was well worth the money ,as I can now relax in my new bath . Pillow is soft ,comfortable and stays exactly where you put it .

Ergonomically Designed Back Cushion and Headrest

Made with premium memory foam, our bath pillow works to expertly cradle your back, shoulders, neck, and head, saving you from the pressure and pain the hard tub surface creates.

4 Powerful Suction Cups

Lay back and relax knowing that your bath pillow will not slip or shift during your bathing session. Armed with 4 powerful non-slip suction cups, they stick onto any smooth tub surface and hold strong. 

Built-In Drying Hook

We made it easy to keep your bath pillow fresh and easy to store. Designed with a built-in drying hook, it hangs onto any shower rod or towel rack to air dry efficiently, without taking up space in your bathroom.

Breathable Mesh Cover

Never worry about water buildup in your bath pillow, the breathable mesh cover offers better water and air permeability for faster drying times. This helps your bath pillow remain fresh and ready use after use.

Deep Side Storage Pocket

Whether you need to store your body wash, shampoo, or any other bath accessory, the deep side storage pocket makes it easy to do so, keeping all your bath essentials within reach when you need it.

Free Loofah Included

What would make the most perfectly relaxing bath experience even better? A free loofah, of course! We included this bonus bath essential to complete your bathing suite—just another way we’re bringing you ultimate relaxation and comfort.

Material: Pure Memory Foam 
Length: 16.20"
Width: 14.60"
Height: 4.13"
Weight: 1.09 LBS

How do you use a bath pillow?

The Everlasting Comfort Bath Pillow uses suction cups to attach the incline of a bath to support the back and neck.

Can bath pillows get wet?

Yes, the Everlasting Comfort Bath Pillow can get wet and is recommended for drying between each use.

How do you dry a bath pillow?

The Everlasting Comfort Bath Pillow can be laid flat to dry but also comes with a drying hook.

How do you wash a bath pillow?

Wash the Everlasting Comfort Bath Pillow by hand in cold water.

How can I make my bathtub more comfortable?

The Everlasting Comfort Bath Pillow supports the back from hard surfaces and supports the neck for additional comfort.

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Additional Information

Bathtub Bath Pillow

It’s been a long, tough day. Your body is sore, complete with achy muscles, tired joints, and overall fatigue. There’s only one thing that could possibly turn your day around and make your body feel better while putting your mind at ease: a nice relaxing bath.

A hot bath is something that we all know the luxury of. It’s the only way to fully envelop yourself in warm comfort, a great way to ease sore muscles. There are many other benefits to taking a great bath which we will discuss soon.

But what if you could take that exquisite experience of a bath one step further? What if you could add even more comfort and relaxation to the next level?

With Everlasting Comfort’s Bathtub Bath Pillow, you can make your next bath experience even more relaxing and pleasant.

Here’s how.

Why Self-Care Matters

First, it’s important to take a look at why it’s so important to incorporate self-care into your life. 

Self-care is something that we all know we should be doing, something that we all know that we really need to do, but we rarely take the time to actually practice it in our everyday life. We always seem to find some excuse not to take care of ourselves, whether we need to focus attention on caring for others or we feel like we’re too busy with work and other obligations.

But self-care isn’t something that you can just put on the backburner and never take care of. There are many reasons that self-care is vital to our well-being.

Let’s take a look at just why it’s so important to your mental and physical health practice self-care on a regular basis.

Keeps You From Experiencing Burnout

Many of us know the pitfalls of experiencing burnout. Burnout occurs when you’re overworked, over-stressed, and over-tired. At some point, if you keep going and going and going, your body has had enough. You physically shut down and can’t find the motivation or energy to do anything at all.

Burnout is, unfortunately, a common problem for many people. Self-care is a great way to nurture yourself back to a functional, healthy place or even prevent burnout from happening in the first place. Self-care is something that should be incorporated into everyday life, not just special occasions once or twice a month. 

Helps Improve Your Mental Health

One of the biggest benefits of practicing self-care is the positive effects that it has on our mental health as a whole.

It can help keep depression and anxiety levels in check, which is essential to stay on track with your mental health if you’re suffering from these common conditions. But it doesn’t just offer these benefits for people with diagnosed conditions.

Regardless of any diagnoses we may or may not have, we all have to take time to check in with ourselves and our mental wellness, and self-care is an important tool in doing this. Too often, this gets put to the side, not allowing us to heal from pain or better ourselves emotionally.

Establishes a Regular Routine

As a people, humans thrive on routine. Adding little steps to your routine, especially at night, helps you wind down and settle in for a great night of sleep. Additionally, a routine helps us give ourselves little things to look forward to if our day or week is proving to be stressful or taxing. 

Why a Bath Is a Great Way To Add Self-Care to Your Routine

So now that we know all of the benefits of self-care, it’s time to take a look at some of the ways that you can implement it into your daily life. 

A lot of ways that you can easily add self-care to your routine are things that help you take time alone with no distractions. Some people like to do this using yoga and meditation, some people prefer to keep a daily journal to log their emotions and experiences, and others prefer sensory things.

One of the most popular sensory experiences in helping you take care of yourself is saving some time to take a hot, relaxing bath with a nice homemade bath bomb.

Aside from the awesome feeling that baths obviously provide, they also offer surprising health benefits that can boost your overall well-being.

Here are a few of those health benefits that a hot bath can give you:

It Helps To Regulate Your Nervous System

The heat from a hot bath can help to reduce stress and anxiety in your nervous system that occurs when you have problems with body temperature regulation or pain. This can also work to boost your mood and help you better regulate emotions. 

This is what causes that great, relaxed, and euphoric feeling that you get during and right after a hot bath. This also helps reduce insomnia by allowing you to drift off into a deep sleep.

It Improves Heart and Respiratory Health

Something that may surprise you is that taking a warm bath can actually give you a good, light workout. The heat helps raise your heart rate just a bit, providing light cardiovascular exercise.

The heat and water pressure also have a positive effect on your lung health. The same heat that increases your heart rate causes more oxygen in your blood that helps improve lung function. This can also loosen mucus, creating a more productive cough that helps clear your lungs and sinuses from the gunk.

It Boosts Immunity and Blood Health

If it's the cold and flu season, you’re definitely going to want to take a few baths regularly. The oxygenated blood flow helps boost immunity and the health of your blood.

The heat from the bath is also great at killing off bacteria that cause all sorts of illnesses, making it a great, natural way to keep you healthier and free from sickness. And if you’re already suffering from a cold or flu, it’s the best way to help rid your body of the causes of your illness.

It Helps Improve the Health of Your Muscles, Bones, and Joints

This one probably will come as no surprise to many of us that the hot water of a bath provides soothing relief to our sore, tight muscles and joints. But how exactly does it do that?

It’s well-known that the light resistance of water provides comfort while stretching and moving around in it. You can stretch your body a little bit in your hot bath to provide extra tension release from those tight muscles. Adding Epsom salts is another great way to give your bath some extra healing powers. 

The heat also helps to release the muscle fibers, taking care of those “knots” that form when your muscle is tight for an extended period of time.

Why Our Bath Pillow Elevates Your Bathing Experience

The numerous benefits of taking a hot bath are undeniable. But what if we told you that you could amplify those benefits with the addition of an easy accessory to your bathtime soaks?

Adding one of our bathtub bath pillows can take your next bath from great to spectacular. It makes your bathing experience easier and even more comfortable, helping boost the already phenomenal benefits of your hot bath even more.

Here are some of the ways that our bath pillow can elevate your bathing experience:

It Adds a New Level of Comfort

Taking a bath is already an incredibly comfortable experience, but just think about it: what if you could rest your head on a plush, supportive, luxurious bath pillow while you relax into your soothing bath?

Sleeping on a bed is more comfortable with the addition of a pillow, so why wouldn’t the same be said about taking a bath?

The soft support padding of our bath pillow is just what your tub needs to take that bath experience to the next level of comfort. Try one out today to see for yourself just how essential it can become to your soothing, relaxing bath time. 

It Protects Your Head and Neck from Hard Bath Edges

One of the most uncomfortable parts about bath time is what happens to your head and neck during it. Let’s face it; bathtubs are made from a hard material like porcelain that is designed more for containing water and less for providing soft support for the contours of your body. That’s just part of the situation.

And one of the worst things that you experience during bathtime is the uncomfortable, cramped positions that you have to put your head and neck through. Your options are pretty much leaning your head over the side of the tub, causing the side to dig into your neck, or slouching down with your head and neck pressed uncomfortably against the wall of your tub. And don’t even get us started with the spout situation that renders one side of the bath unusable for your upper body.

Our pillow gets rid of this concern. With support for your head and neck, your head and neck don’t have to make contact with the cold, hard side of your bathtub. This makes your bathing experience only comfortable, with nothing keeping you from ultimate relaxation.

Special Features That Our Bathtub Bath Pillow Offers You

All of this sounds great, but how exactly can one bathtub accessory change the game when it comes to your bathtime?

Here at Everlasting Comfort, we understand the magic that a nice hot bath can create. But we also know how we can make it even better than ever before.

That’s why when we sat down to design this extraordinary bath accessory, we knew that it had to be absolutely perfect. Our bath pillow has quite a few unique features that we have designed into our bathtub bath pillow that we’re sure you’re going to love. 

Let’s examine some of the highlights that this pillow has to offer.

Luxurious Design

First, let’s talk about how beautiful this bath pillow is. Yes, we did just call our bath pillow beautiful, and you’ll see why when you try it out for yourself.

Our cushion is made with soft foam and an innovative ergonomic design that combines to turn your regular old bathtub into a luxurious spa-like experience. Its sleek design makes it an attractive addition to your bathtub to create the most beautiful bath that you have ever experienced.

But the aesthetically appealing design of the product is only the beginning of what our bath pillow has to offer. 

Soft, But Supportive

The most important thing about our bath pillow is the comfort that it offers. And we know a little bit about comfort. After all, it is in our name.

This brilliantly designed bathtub pillow provides soft and comfortable yet supportive effects on your head and neck during bathtime. Instead of resting your upper back and neck on the hard surface of your bathroom tub, our tub pillow will cradle your back and provide comfortable support. This pillow holds your head and neck in a position that suspends your posture for maximum relaxation benefits. 

The included headrest pillow provides support for the weight of your head using powerful suction cups so that you can lay back in your tub and rest your weary head after those long, exhausting days at work or at home.

This pillow is all that your bath is missing for the ultimate comfort in this relaxing self-care experience.

Non-Slip Suction Cups for Adjustability

A concern that many have when considering how a bathtub pillow might work is how well it will stay in place. A bathtub is a clearly slippery and wet surface that isn’t exactly known for its staying ability.

The design of our revolutionary tub pillow utilizes large suction cups attached to the back of it to keep your bathtub pillow securely in place. This means that you can relax without worrying about the pillow slipping and sliding away from you. 

The cushioning and extra strong suction cups allow this bathtub pillow to be versatile and usable in any tub that you may visit. This pillow is designed to fit any type of tub, spa, or jacuzzi.

The strong, water-proof suction cups that our pillow is created with mean that you get a stable and secured bathtub pillow you can easily adjust to fit your body. It's a tub pillow for back and head support that creates a truly custom experience that you can make work for you no matter where you need to use it.

Quick-Drying Breathable Mesh Cover

If you’re at all worried about the durability of the materials in this pillow and how well they hold up underwater, we’re here to dispel that concern. 

The breathable, machine-washable mesh cover included with our bathtub cushion offers better water and air permeability, keeping water and air moving easily through the body of your bath pillow.

The mesh material is fast-drying, which allows our bath pillows to dry quickly while also keeping water from settling into your pillow. Regular fabric can create the risk of mold or a soggy pillow the next time you use it. 

At some point, after all of the baths that you take, you’re going to need to clean your bath pillow itself to keep it fresh. We thought of that when designing this pillow for maximum breathability. When you want to freshen up your spa bath pillow, we recommend you hand wash it with cold water to get it back to its original, fresh-smelling state.

Built-In Drying Hook

After you get your pillow wet in the bath or after washing it with cold water, you’re going to need to allow it ample time to dry. With the pillow’s unconventional shape, it’s not the easiest to hang up on a clothesline to dry. However, we thought of a solution for this too. 

We understand this and designed our pillow to take care of any concerns or difficulties you may be worried about with the care of your pillow. That’s why we included a drying hook sewn directly to the bath pillow's mesh cover to make your pillow easy and hassle-free to dry after each use. 

The hook helps dry the pillow quicker by giving it a way to attach easily to a clothesline or over your shower curtain rod. This reduces any chance of unwanted build-up due to absorbed water, keeping maintenance low, and keeping your pillow from ever getting moldy. 

After you’re done relaxing in your elevated bath experience, all that you need to do is hang it up and let the air take care of the rest. You’ll have a dry pillow that’s ready for use in the tub again in no time at all.

Unique Storage Pocket and Loofah

We could have just offered our well-designed, comfortable bath pillow with its hang-dry hook, but we thought that would be too easy. When you’re in the bath, you’re going to need to keep some other things nearby to keep you clean. So we took our tub pillow design one step further by adding yet another intelligent addition.

Our spa pillow also features a large side pocket to keep all of your bathing essentials. This pocket allows for easy access to your bath brush, exfoliating mitts, or any other bath accessories you may need to have the best bathing experience possible. 

Not sure what you want to keep in this large pocket? We have you covered there, too. To top it all off, we give you a free bathing loofah with every pillow purchase so that you can complete your luxury bathing suite. 

All of these little extras that we include into every purchase make the Everlasting Bath Pillow one of the best bathtub accessories for anyone who values their bathtime and wants it to be the best experience possible. You won’t find another bath pillow on the market that can even compete with this brilliant product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you still curious about a few things? Do you have a few answers that you’re searching for before you go ahead and order one of these amazing bath pillows?

We get it. Here are some of your most asked questions and our answers to each one of them. 

  1. How do you use a bath pillow?

The Everlasting Comfort Bath Pillow uses suction cups to attach the incline of a bath to support the back and neck.

      2. Can bath pillows get wet?

    Yes, the Everlasting Comfort Bath Pillow can get wet and it is recommended to hang and dry it between each use.

         3. How do you dry a bath pillow?

    The Everlasting Comfort Bath Pillow can be laid flat to dry but also comes with a drying hook.

         4. Can you put a bath pillow in the washing machine?

    Hand washing in cold water is recommended for the Everlasting Comfort Bath Pillow.

    Improve Your Bath Experience Even More by Adding Other Comfort Products to Your Routine

    If you’re looking for even more ways to make your at-home spa a truly relaxing and luxurious experience, we have every other accessory that you could dream of.

    One of our favorite additions to bathtime is this essential oil diffuser. This will engage your senses by allowing you to add a fresh or relaxing scent to your bathtime, boosting the comfort and health benefits of your bath.

    Envelop your room in lavender oils for a soothing and relaxing experience that will boost the anxiety-fighting properties of your bath. Use something like bergamot to reduce stress. Or create a combination of these two and more to make a great-smelling blend that has the added benefits on your health.

    Elevate Your Self-Care Routine and Bathing Experience with Our Bathtub Bath Pillow

    If you’re looking for the most relaxing experience that you can have, take a hot, soothing bath with our bath pillow combined with an essential oil diffuser. This combination creates the ultimate, perfect condition for true stress relief at the end of a tough day or just because—you deserve it. 

    Elevate your self-care routine by using our bathtub bath pillow the next time that you treat yourself to a nice bath.

    Tubs Weren't Designed With Your Comfort In Mind, We Fixed That: Baths are painful to rest on, so we crafted our bathtub pillow and headrest with soft foam to support your back and neck

    Bathtub Bath Pillow

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