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Chair Armrest Pads

$29.99 $25.99

1012 reviews

Chair Armrest Pads

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Chair Armrest Pads



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James N.
United States United States

Great Quality Products!

Love the armrest cushions! Fast shipping - ordered a received the very next day. These solved the comfort issue that I was having with my desk chair armrests. Made my chair much more comfortable! Very happy with the purchase. Thank you!


Exactly what the description

Velcro kept pulling on clothing.



Chairs are expensive. I got one without arm cussions, so I ordered these ones. They fit perfectly, easy to put on, and now my elbows are soooo much more comfortable!

edmund jr.

Good Product

works great


Excellent product

Added these to my gaming chair. They were easy to install and are very comfortable. These make it possible to rest my elbow on my chair's armrest - prior to this the hard arm rests would hurt my elbows. They are nicely constructed and believe they will hold up in the long term- I'll add an update if there are any issues with wear as I have only used these for about a month. Only bad thing I noticed about these is that my armrests are fully adjustable and can be moved forward and backward and tilted in toward the seat and out. The retaining straps *slightly* (like 1 click both directions) limits the adjustability of the arm rests forward and backward. They do not interfere with the adjustment in and out from the direction of the seat. My gaming chair is an RS Gaming Davanti. These are a good value for the price!

Memory Foam and Cooling Gel Pad
Pure memory foam adapts to your arms and elbows using your own body heat to provide support where you need it most. Added top gel pad layer keeps your arm rest pads cool, never trapping heat, so you can work comfortably all day long.

Contoured Design
Ergonomic design is shaped to adjust to the natural curves of your arm and elbow to provide more personalized support. The padded armrest also helps posture by acting as a riser for chairs with limited adjustment capabilities.

Breathable Mesh Cover
Don’t worry about wearing down our arm rest pads with daily use, the included mesh covers are machine washable, ensuring they stay fresh. Combined with the gel memory foam, our mesh covers allow ample airflow throughout the arm cushions to prevent heat buildup.

Universal Design Fits a Variety of Chairs
Our large armrest pads are designed to fit virtually any type of chair. From computer chairs and gaming to chairs, to wheelchairs, dining chairs, and even patio chairs—let our armrests take your miserable seating to a more comfortable, supportive level.
Unique Double Sided Fasteners

Two is always better than one right? Our double sided fasteners go on tightly, and ensure the arm rest pads don’t slip or slide even during bouts of heavy arm movements. Easily adjustable and simple to remove, so you can move from chair to chair with ease.

Material: Memory Foam with Gel Top
Length: 9.50"
Width: 3"
Height: 1.50" 
Weight: 0.59 LBS

What is the best setting to wash these on?

The cover of our Everlasting Comfort Armrest Pads are machine washable on a gentle cycle with cold water. Air dry only. NOTE: DO NOT PUT MEMORY FOAM IN WASHER OR DRYER.

What material is the cover of the arm rest made of?

The cover of our Everlasting Comfort Armrest Pads are made of a soft breathable mesh fabric.

Do they slide off the arm rest easily?

Our Everlasting Comfort Armrest Pads come equipped with double sided fasteners for a strong reliable hold that won't need readjusting.

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Additional Information

Chair Armrest Pads

For many of us, the 9 to 5 grind is a nearly everyday experience. We wake up, drive to work, pack into a small office, then spend eight or more hours seated at a computer in our office chair with little variation or stimulation.

Spending 40 or more hours a week in a cubicle at a computer means that our office becomes a bit of a second home to many of us. We spend so much time at our desks that it becomes important to have comfortable armrests.

The longer you remain at your job, you eventually begin to get yourself some upgrades to your office setup that make doing your job more enjoyable. That creaky office chair that seems capable of giving out at any moment? Swap it out for a new ergonomic one. An achy wrist from using your mouse and keyboard at uncomfortable angles? Add a gel cushion to keep your hands in a more comfortable position.

If you have taken these things into consideration and stepped up your office comfort game already, we’re here to remind you of one last thing that you need to keep working as enjoyable as possible: a set of high-quality office chair armrest pads to make your cubicle the best place to be.

But where can you go to find a memory foam chair armrest pad that will do what it needs to do? And what exactly does a chair armrest pad do anyway? Isn't it basically an elbow pad?

Here at Everlasting Comfort, we have the answers to what you need in an armrest pad and where you can find a good set (hint: it’s right here.)

Why Do You Need a Chair Armrest Pad?

Out of all of the ergonomic office products that you already have, why do you need to add a set of comfy, plush chair armrest pads to the list?

The truth is, chair armrest pads provide more benefits than you may think. Let’s take a look at some of the many wonderful benefits that these unique comfort products have to offer that other products simply don’t.

They Keep Your Arms at a Neutral Resting Position

The most essential function that chair armrest cushions serve is that they keep your arms in a neutral position for maximum forearms pressure relief and relief for carpal tunnel symptoms.

Premium quality armrests give you that sweet spot where the weight of your arms is supported at an appropriate height without keeping your arms in an uncomfortable position or angle. This causes less muscle strain on not only your arms but also your wrists, hands, and even shoulders. This is why it's also a good idea to combine arm pads with wrist rest support.

They Could Help Reduce Risk of Neck and Back Pain

At the end of the day, many of us find ourselves in the unfortunate position of suffering from neck and upper back pain from sitting at a computer and typing away all day. This is caused by a few different reasons, one of them being, you guessed it, the position of your arms.

With a high-quality armrest, your upper back pain can become a thing of the past. It provides support for the weight of your arms which puts less stress on your shoulders and upper back to hold your arms in place. This allows those muscles, which are usually tight (thus causing that aching feeling at the end of the day), to have more room to relax and rest.

They Could Help You Get Out of Your Office Chair

If you’re someone who has weakened muscle strength or control from an injury or aging, a set of armrest pads could be just what you need to make getting up from and down into your office chair easier.

If you think about getting up from your chair, you use a few different muscle groups: typically your abs and legs, with a little extra support from your arms. If you have had a knee injury or pulled a muscle in your torso, it may be uncomfortable, difficult, or even painful to use those muscles a lot.

When you have a set of chair armrest pads from Everlasting Comfort, you have the grip and support from superior memory foam that you need to allow you to put more pressure on your arms to hoist yourself up. This is a wonderful thing for anyone with limited mobility or a lower-body injury.

The Dangers of a Lack of Arm Support at the Office

So all of these bonuses from using a pair of armrest pads are great, but what do you have to lose by not using them? Is it really a concern not to have the added support and comfort of a pair of chair armrest pads, or can you simply go without?

Here are a few complications that can arise from not having the support of a soft memory foam pad:

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Arthritis

One of the biggest issues that can be a complication of not having the proper support for your arms at your office chair is carpal tunnel syndrome. Carpal tunnel syndrome happens when there is pressure on the median nerve. This causes numbness, weakness, and tingling in your hands and up your arms. Without proper support to keep your arms in a good position, the nerves in your hands and arms can get pinched, causing damage.

Another problem that can be worsened without proper arm support is arthritis. Arthritis is characterized by a swelling or inflammation of the joints, which is known to cause pain, limited mobility, and even numbness. When you type, you’re putting a lot of pressure on your fingers and wrists to do a lot of work. This worsens the inflammation caused by arthritis, leading to a flare-up of symptoms that could be easily avoided by the proper positioning of your arms.


Tendonitis is a painful condition usually caused by overuse or incorrect use. It is often diagnosed through an ultrasound and treated with physical therapy or ibuprofen. It can make typing and other hand movements difficult and uncomfortable. 

Fatigue and Pain

Even if you don’t suffer from any formal diagnosis of the conditions listed above, you could still experience pain and fatigue in your arms and wrists at the end of the day.

Our bodies aren’t designed to handle the repetitive and minute movement required when typing on a computer. Having improper seating arrangements with poor chair armrests causes your neck and shoulders to work overtime holding up the full weight of your arms in an awkward position. This also causes these muscles to become fatigued and tight at the end of the workday, causing pain that lasts long after you clock out for the day.

What To Look for in a Quality Pair of Chair Armrest Pads

So what is it that you need to look for in a good pair of armrest pads? There are a few criteria that you should check up on when trying to choose the perfect set.

Made of a Comfortable Material

First and most importantly, you need to make sure that your pair of chair armrest pads is made out of a comfortable material. You want it to be supportive but soft. Breathable, but firm enough.

Provides Support

In order to keep your arms in a position that’s comfortable for the whole day, they need to have a good amount of support and be the perfect size. If your armrest pads are too soft, your arms will sink into them as the day goes on, which sort of defeats the purpose of having them in the first place.

Ergonomic Design

Aside from providing support and being comfortable on your skin, your armrest pads need to have an ergonomic design. This means that they are able to form to your arms and intuitively keep them in the right place based on your height and the position of your chair.

This is also largely due to both the material and support of the armrest pads, so you can see where each of these features has to come together to form the best armrest out there.

What Makes Our Armrest Pads the Best

So why are we such a big fan of our armrest pads, and why do we think that you will be, too?

We boast many features that others just don’t have. Everything from the quality of materials to the design to the secure fastening abilities of our armrest pads makes them superior to any other products on the market.

But don’t just take our word for it. Let’s take a look at what we do specifically that sets us so far above the rest.

Made from High-Quality Memory Foam and a Cooling Gel Pad

Let’s face it; not all armrest pads are made equal. Some are made from cheap foam that provides support but isn’t pleasant to rest your arms on. Others are just too soft, and they don’t hold their shape, causing sagging and a lack of support that doesn’t do anything to help you feel more comfortable and supported. Our office chair armrest pads are just right.

The reason for this is that our office chair armrest pads are made from 100 percent pure high-density memory foam that is designed to adjust to your arm, wrist, and elbow. Memory foam has been a long-time favorite when it comes to comfort items for a long time, and that’s for a good reason.

Memory foam is an innovative material that provides adequate and strong support for your body while moving with it, fitting the contours of your body. It also is capable of retaining shape so that, over time, it learns the shape of your body and is able to provide all of the support that you need right where you need it.

But we don’t just stop at the highest-quality memory foam; we take it one step further. Our memory foam cushion includes a cooling gel insert on the top to maximize comfort by keeping you nice and cool while you work. No more arm sweat from long days of furious typing at your computer: our armrest pads keep you cool and comfortable.

Contoured Design for Maximum Comfort

Everyone’s arm has a specific, natural curve to it that varies from person to person. We know that no two arms are alike, and we designed our chair armrest pads with you in mind.

We specifically designed our office chair arm pads to provide superior support and adjust to your elbow and forearm contours. The padded armrest forms to the natural shape of your forearm and elbow, providing unique and total support. This helps posture by acting as a riser for chairs with limited adjustment capabilities. 

This contour is designed to make sure that no matter what chair or position you are sitting in, your arms and elbows are supported, comfortable, and relaxed.

Breathable Mesh Cover To Keep Things Cool

If you work in an office, you know that you don’t always get control over the temperature settings of your office. In fact, you rarely do at all. Some days, you will inevitably find yourself sweating in your chair all day long, especially in your arms, which are doing the most work through typing.

We understand the struggle of having sweaty, overheated arms. And we also understand that some chair armrest pads retain heat which only makes this issue worse.

That’s why we added extra precautions to make sure that you feel comfortable all day long. Along with the cooling gel pad, our armrest padding comes with breathable mesh covers to release heat rather than trap it and make it worse. It also makes for easy cleaning.

Even better, our armrest pads work double-time to keep you comfortable while keeping your office furniture protected. That’s right: our superior padded armrest will also act as an office chair armrest cover. This keeps your chair from experiencing wear and tear that is bound to happen from years of extended use. And best of all, the arm rest's covers are removable and machine washable. But we’ll get into that a bit more later. 

Designed To Fit a Wide Variety of Chairs

Our armrest cushion is designed for many different chair types because it is made with elastic straps. This means that you can bring it with you no matter what the setting or chair to make sure that you are at your most comfortable at all times. Yes, we do mean at all times.

Do you need us to get a little bit more specific? Your office chair, gaming chair, dining chair, and wheelchair are all great examples of where you can use the extra support and comfort that our chair armrest pads have to offer.

Need to have something comfortable to rest your arms on while you’re live streaming play-throughs? We’ve got you. Need a little extra support at the Thanksgiving dinner table? We’ve got you.

Any time or place, any chair, whether you are looking for gaming chair accessories or ways to improve your office chair ergonomics, our pads were designed for extended periods at your computer and desk. Game away, type away, or lounge away in comfort using the best chair armrest pads available. 

Comes with Attached Unique Double-Sided Fasteners for Security

A common concern when looking for chair armrest pads is how well they are going to stay where you place them. Some chair armrest pads have a terrible tendency of slipping and sliding around, meaning you may find your armrest pads on the ground by the end of the day. Not exactly helpful, right?

Unlike many of our competitors, our armrest pad is equipped with double-sided fasteners and an anti-slip base to make sure that your armrest pads stay put, no matter what the day may bring. These durable and reusable self-engaging straps provide a solid reliable hold that won’t need readjusting throughout the day. Just strap them on exactly where you want them and enjoy the support and comfort all day.

Easy To Clean

Lastly, what makes our armrest pads so incredible is that they are amazingly easy to clean. 

When your armrest pads start to look a little bit dirty and dingy, all you need to do is remove the breathable mesh cover. You can toss it into the washing machine and wash it on the gentle cycle using cold water. Make sure that you air-dry these covers only to prevent shrinking or damage.

Also, please note that the armrests themselves are not machine washable or dryer-friendly. The unique memory foam in them is just not designed to go through the pressure and soaking that a washing machine entails, and the dryer would do some serious damage to the high-quality materials it is made from.

A Few Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have a few questions? We get it, so did these folks.

Take a look at some of our most commonly asked questions and the answers for all of them.

1. What is the best setting to wash these on?

The cover of our Everlasting Comfort Armrest Pads is machine washable on a gentle cycle with cold water. Air dry only. NOTE: DO NOT PUT MEMORY FOAM IN THE WASHER OR DRYER.

2. If these are memory foam, won't they suffer from the squish effect, not only just flattening out and staying that way after using a while? 

Our Everlasting Comfort Armrest Pads are 1.5 inches thick and made of pure memory foam, which retains its shape over time.

3. What material is the cover of the armrest made of?

The cover of our Everlasting Comfort Armrest Pads is made of soft, breathable mesh fabric.

4. Will this product fit on my armrest length of 11 inches long?

Our Everlasting Comfort Armrest Pads are 9.5 X 1.5 X 3 inches and come equipped with double-sided fasteners for a strong, reliable hold.

5. Do they slide off the armrest easily?

Our Everlasting Comfort Armrest Pads come equipped with double-sided fasteners for a strong, trusted hold that won't need readjusting.

6. Do these last a long time?

Yes, our Everlasting Comfort Armrest Pads are durable and are designed to retain their shape over time.

7. Do you have a version that is made with your new/improved foam?

Our Everlasting Comfort Armrest Pads are made of 100% memory foam with a cooling gel pad for added comfort.

8. Where does this product ship from?

Our Everlasting Comfort Armrest Pads are shipped from our USA-based warehouses directly to the customer.

Pair Them With Our Other Great Products for the Most Comfortable Office Set Up

If you’re looking to have the most comfortable, ergonomic office set up in the whole building, look no further than Everlasting Comfort. We have all of the supplies that you need to keep your desk, office chair, and whole cubicle comfortable and the perfect working environment to get things done. You may even leave the office feeling more refreshed than you came in.

Go ahead and click around on our website for unique finds that are designed with your comfort and wellbeing in mind. 

We have a wide variety of selections featuring everything from footrests to lumbar pillows and even essential oil diffusers if your boss allows them (it’s always a good idea to ask).

We hate to choose favorites, but if we had to pick just one office accessory that will compliment your new chair armrest pads perfectly, we would have to go with our incredible memory foam coccyx seat cushion

This will keep your hips, bottom, and legs in line to make sure that your weight is evenly distributed while you sit for hours at your office desk. It also encourages good and healthy seated posture, which will help you build healthy habits outside of the office as well. Plus, it’s made from the same high-quality memory foam that our armrest pads are made of. 

Don’t Wait Another Minute; Get Yourself These Chair Armrest Pads Today!

If you work for a long time in a chair, you need to make sure that your seat is as comfortable as possible. Try out our Everlasting Comfort Chair Armrest Pads today to experience the most comfortable workspace of your life.

Chair Arms Too Short for Desk, We Can Help: Desk chairs with limited adjustment capabilities lead to stress in your upper body; use our padded armrest as a riser to improve sitting posture

Chair Armrest Pads

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$29.99 $25.99

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