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Hypoallergenic Pillow Covers


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At Everlasting Comfort, we take sleep seriously. That's why our team spent countless hours identifying what makes a genuinely exceptional pillow protector. And improving your sleep hygiene was at the top of our list when creating our soft and protective pillow protectors. Whether it's protection from bedbugs and dust mites or keeping liquids from penetrating your bedding, our pillow protectors are ready to shield against external irritants.

Our 100% waterproof pillow protectors with zippers offer a dual-layer design that's soft to the touch and breathable, ensuring a comfortable and noiseless sleep. The soft cotton terry cloth exterior feels like you're resting your head on a cloud, while the silent interior polyester membrane blocks moisture and liquids from reaching your pillow. Fully enclosed, thanks to its waterproof zipper, you can rest knowing our waterproof pillow case will shield your pillow from anything that's thrown at it. Available in king, queen, and standard sizes, we have zipper pillow cases in a size that meets your needs. And if you're a pillow addict like us, you can choose between the 2-pack and 4-pack.

To ensure your waterproof pillow protector outlasts your pillow, we designed them to be machine washable and dryer safe. Backed by the Everlasting Comfort lifetime replacement policy, you can rest with the assurance your protectors will do the job exactly as intended. If anything should ever happen to your waterproof pillow covers, we will replace them at no charge to you. With all these great features, it's about time you took the next step in protecting your investment.

Does this pillow protector have the plastic enclosure for the zipper to fully seal the pillow?

Our pillow protector comes with a secure fully enclosed zipper.

Can these pillow protectors be washed in a washing machine?

Yes! They are safe to put in your washer and dryer. Refer to the care instructions for complete details.

Are these pillow protectors cotton?

No, the pillow covers are 100% polyester terry fabric. 

Are they bedbug proof?

Our pillow protectors are bedbug proof. The zippered design means you get full encasement for your pillows.

What sizes do the covers come in?

We have 3 sizes that come in a two or four pack.

Standard 21" x 27" (53cm x 68cm)

Queen 20" x 30" (51cm x 76cm)

King: 20" x 36" (51cm x 91cm)

Can they be put in a dryer?

Yes, they are okay for the dryer when using low heat or tumble dry.

What is the purpose of a pillow protector?

A pillow protector encases a pillow and increases its lifespan by preventing damage caused by body soil and environmental factors.

Is a pillow protector the same as a pillowcase?

A pillow protector mimics the shape of your pillow and protects against body soil. It is for use under a pillow case.

How long do pillow protectors last?

The Everlasting Comfort Pillow Protector is waterproof and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Do you wash pillow protectors?

Pillow protectors are recommended for washing once every one or two months.

How do you use a pillow protector?

A pillow protector fits over the pillow and under the pillow case.

Why do pillows turn yellow?

Without use of a pillow protector, pillows with yellow due to buildup of body soil and bacteria.

Is it bad to sleep on a pillow without a pillow case?

Sleeping without a pillow protector decreases the lifespan of the pillow.


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Arthur W.
These are the best Pillowcases!

We finally found truly comfortable pillows (after many that weren't), and we really wanted to take care of them.I found the Everlasting Comfort Waterproof Pillowcases just searching through Amazon.They looked promising, and I ordered two King-size cases... I gotta tell ya - these are absolutely the best I've ever seen.They're very well made; totally water resistant, and the soft terry cotton material on the outside of these made our new awesome pillows GOLD (we sleep so good)!!! NOTE: We wash these warm, gentle cycle with our sheets - with an extra spin at the end.Before going in the dryer; we simply turn them inside out (waterproof material out) and gently shake off any residual water.Then; we turn them cloth-side out again and dry them with the sheets ON LOW HEAT.It works perfectly!

Perfect for bed wetting

These are perfect for my toddler who just started ***** training. They keep her pillows nice and dry. I love them so much I'm buying a second set!

Johanna L.
Peace of mind

I recently bought 2 very expensive pillows and I wanted to make sure that they were protected from accidents. The pillow protectors are very well made. They are soft, not slippery, and don't make any noise. I am very satisfied.

This G.
United States United States
Good as advertised

I have a history of nosebleeds and bleeding through pillowcases and onto my pillows. I bought this in the hopes that in the event of a nosebleed, this will help. Today, I had a minor nosebleed that bled on my case. I checked the fabric and it caused a small stain on the case. I took the pillow out of the case and there was no blood on the pillow. Additionally, I used a stain remover and got the blood out in five minutes. It was a great purchase.

Patty f.
United States United States
Impressed with quality

Very high-quality, very soft, true to size. After being allergy tested I found out I am very allergic todust mites. I did a though cleaning and washing. I ordered the queen size cases and they are nice and large. I am A highly critical Person and very happy with this product! Typically I don't have time to write reviews but I do read them prior to purchasing. Currently Sheltering in place and no more dust mites!

Shannon P.
United States United States
Great protector

I bought these after purchasing some very expensive pillows in hopes that they would help extend their life. The pillow protector works great! It is a little 'noisy' when you rub it together or by itself but once it is on the pillow it does not make any noise. I don't mind the terry material as it is under my pillow case, the zipper is convenient and closes easily.

Mark M.
United States United States
Everlasting Comfort Pillow Protectors keep my High Dollar Pillows Protected! Excellent Service!!

Everlasting Comfort Pillow Protectors arrived to protect my new Bamboo (feels like Feather) Fiber Pillows.So, I had to pull the trigger on some new Pillows after a decade of using my favorite pillows.So, I bought some fairly expensive 'Luxury Hotel' style pillows with a unique bamboo fiber that is soft and breathable.I wanted some equally 'tech' style pillow protectors and after reading the reviews bought these terry cloth exterior with a breathable/waterproof membrane to protect my satiny looking new pillows from sweat stains and accidental spills when snaking in the bed.Hmmmm,,, so,,, I like the looks and they have a lifetime warranty, but wait,,,, is that a defect in the zipper and I've just opened the packaging??Yep... Defective on arrival.These covers come with a lifetime warranty, but, for $15 I'm not gonna spend much more time dealing with it. However, I get an email from Everlasting Comfort wondering if I've received my order and whether I'm pleased?I write back telling Rebecca I'm pleased with one case, but, the other was defective and quality control should be improved before sending them to customers.I'm not interested in invoking a 'lifetime warranty' and will just make do with one case's zipper not actually enclosing the pillow.And then Rebecca takes over and replies, 'Your replacement cases are on their way.'That was it.No begging, no photos or videos, no send back the old cases and when we receive them we will send you the replacement.Just, good ole customer service!! About 4 days later I received my replacement pillow protectors in perfect condition and now have an extra set.I applaud customer service on such a small ticket item.I got what I paid for without a hassel. Everlasting Comfort stands by their product and customer service.I highly recommend buying from such a company.The product is exactly as descrived in function and if a defect is discovered, Everlasting Comfort will make it right!What more can you ask for?

Everlasting Comfort Hypoallergenic Pillow Covers ReviewEverlasting Comfort Hypoallergenic Pillow Covers Review
Alejandra V.
United States United States
I love this pillow protectors I bought 2 packages a total ...

I love this pillow protectors I bought 2 packages a total of 4 pieces back in May 2017.My son had a bad bloody nose while still in bed and nothing went through on the pillow.I just purchased another set Just a few days ago April 2018. I want to keep all of our pillows protected. They are not noisy or anything and they feel like a towel material. I will buy more if I happen to get more pillows. Here is a picture of the inside of the protector coveryou can see how nothing went through. Great buy.

Everlasting Comfort Hypoallergenic Pillow Covers Review
Jennifer P.
United States United States
'Heavenly Bed'

A few weeks ago my partner and I stayed at the Wyndham and realized just how AMAZING their beds were. Since then, I've made it a mission to make our bed into the "Heavenly Bed". I started out by purchasing new pillows (WENERSI Luxury Hotel White Goose Down Pillows). Since they recommend getting them professionally dry cleaned, I did not want to run the chances of having to take them in often. Therefore, I decided to purchase this set of pillow protectors. I received them on time! I washed them AND AIR DRIED them before putting them on my brand new pillows. The size of the pillows I bought were Queen (20x28 inches) and the Standard size (21"x27") pillow protectors fit them perfectly! I am yet to find out whether or not these pillows are 100% waterproof. So far, they have done the job for which I initially bought them for. Besides my pillow protectors arriving on time and protecting my brand new pillows I want to rave about the customer service! I placed my order on Friday and received them on Sunday (Amazon Prime). Since then the dealer has already reached out to me TWICE to make sure that all is well with my order! THAT sealed the deal for me! I definitely recommend these pillow protectors. Price was perfect for a set of TWO.

Everlasting Comfort Hypoallergenic Pillow Covers ReviewEverlasting Comfort Hypoallergenic Pillow Covers ReviewEverlasting Comfort Hypoallergenic Pillow Covers Review
United States United States
Worthwhile investment

As others have mentioned these pillow protectors have a great outer material.It doesn't sound or feel like there's any plastic between my cranium and my $50 lights out sleep investment.Made the mistake of not protecting the previous one not realizing it wasn't machine washable.These are well worth the money and will certainly pay dividends especially considering the alternative is to buy a new pillow if your "the one" is even still available.

Everlasting Comfort Hypoallergenic Pillow Covers Review

Hypoallergenic Pillow Covers


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