What is Memory Foam and Why Do We Love It?

Most people today have discovered the benefits and comfort provided by memory foam pillows and mattresses. But it wasn’t too long ago that memory foam didn’t even exist! Invented by NASA in 1966, memory foam has gone through changes and advancements over the years to become a comforting product that is found in many homes today. 

Memory foam can provide a number of benefits and relief for your body. These include even weight distribution, pressure relief, a better night’s sleep, and so much more. Read on for more information about what memory foam is and why we love it!

How is Memory Foam Made?

Originally called viscoelastic, memory foam received its name because of its ability to form around a person’s body and retain the imprint. It was originally known as “slow spring back foam” due to its slow-moving properties. 

The name “viscoelastic” is derived from two of the inherent properties of memory foam. The material is viscous, meaning it has a thick consistency that resembles both a liquid and a solid. The elastic part of the name refers to its ability to bounce back and regain its shape. 

It is crafted in a complex chemical process, which involves feeding gas into a polymer matrix. This results in an open-cell solid structure, allowing the foam to match pressure that is applied against it. The “open-cell” element of the foam allows for breathability and the expulsion of body heat.

The material is poured into molds, such as in the shape of a mattress. It can be cut to any size using foam saws. 

The unique composition of memory foam is temperature-sensitive, giving it different properties at different temperatures. When a warm body lays on a memory foam mattress, the contouring and forming properties of the mattress are activated. 

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Original Uses for Memory Foam

The original memory foam was created by NASA in an effort to improve aircraft cushion safety. The intense gravitational forces experienced during takeoff and landing called for a cushion material that would relieve some of the pressure for the astronauts. Memory foam was created and used because of its ability to form around any astronaut, regardless of the size or shape of the person.

Luckily, you can benefit from the inventions of NASA engineers, even if you aren’t going on a trip to the moon.

For a long time, memory foam was mostly used in medical settings. A common issue for long-term hospital patients is bed sores. These ulcers are created by constant pressure when a patient is unable to get out of bed. Memory foam mattresses help eliminate this pressure and reduce the severity of bedsores.  

Gel infused memory foam is a more recent invention. The gel is added to the memory foam before it is molded. The gel foam is designed to keep body temperature down at night by absorbing and releasing body heat. Traditional memory foam tends to retain heat, which is a common complaint amongst mattress owners. 

Reasons We Love Memory Foam

Apart from being oh-so-comfortable, there are many ways that memory foam can benefit your life. Read our favorites below!

Supports Posture

Due to its contouring properties and elasticity, memory foam has the ability to relieve pressure in different areas of the body. If you work from a desk and experience lower back or buttocks pain, a Coccyx Support Seat Cushion can work wonders for you!

Our seat cushion, in particular, is perfectly designed to support your tailbone and provide comfort to your whole body while you sit at your office desk. It’s also effective for car seats if you spend a lot of time driving each day and need tailbone pain relief. We even offer a lifetime replacement guarantee, so you can rely on years of pain relief!

If you experience back pain in addition to your lower body, you may benefit from a memory foam seat cushion and back cushion set. If you work from home, you know what sitting in a chair all day can do to your back and the rest of your body. Our memory foam set can help alleviate and prevent chronic back pain. The gel-infused memory foam enhances comfort and helps keep the cushions cool!

Reduces Tossing and Turning

Memory foam has the ability to contour and form to a person’s body. Because of this feature, memory foam mattresses allow sleepers to find natural, spine-aligning positions to sleep. When you are in comfortable, supportive positions, your body is less likely to move around in search of something better.

Memory foam cushions and pillows can also be used for a better night’s sleep. A Memory Foam Half Moon Pillow can provide a variety of relieving benefits to ensure that you don’t toss and turn at night. When used under the neck, proper alignment of the spine can be achieved, which is essential for quality, pain-free sleep. If you experience knee pain, the pillow can be placed under your leg to provide soft, cloud-like support.

If your body is comforted and supported by memory foam, it will have fewer reasons to move around in the night. This can lead to a healthier, more restful sleep!

Distribute Body Weight Evenly

Memory foam is known for its even weight distribution. When used with bedridden patients, it reduces the pressure on any one point of the body. This helps eliminate bedsores, a common problem for many patients. 
This idea can be transferred to the everyday lives of most people. If you have any aches or pains and just need some pressure relief, memory foam might be the answer. Many people struggle with knee pain, which can be alleviated, at least temporarily, through the use of memory foam. 

If you rest a knee on a memory foam cushion, the weight of your body is more evenly distributed throughout your knee and leg. This allows for less pressure on the painful parts of your knee, giving it time to rest and recover.

In addition, memory foam reduces motion transfer in your bed. This is an important feature for many couples who get out in and out of bed at different times. When one person moves around, the other side of the bed is not affected. 

Many people use memory foam cushions to aid in knee surgery recovery. When using a foam cushion or pillow, the knee and leg weight can be distributed evenly, allowing your knee to feel as though it is floating. Without the extra pressure normally exerted on the knee, quick and efficient healing is able to take place. 

Relieves Pressure

As mentioned earlier, memory foam is often used in medical settings to aid healing. Bedsores, a common ailment in long-term hospital patients, can be reduced with memory foam. The pressure-relieving properties of the foam allow for reduced pressure on the body, leading to fewer bed sores. 

Even if you aren’t bedridden in a hospital, memory foam can help heal your smaller ailments. If you are forced to sit more often due to a leg or ankle injury, a memory foam cushion can make your recovery a little more comfortable. Or, a cushion can be placed under an injury, such as the knee, to allow for reduced pressure on the inflamed area and more rapid healing. 

Resistant to Allergens

Memory foam is a very dense material, leading it to be hypoallergenic. Traditional mattresses and pillows have been known to harbor mold, dust mites, and other allergens. This leads to unhealthy sleeping environments or the frequent purchasing of new mattresses and beddings. 

Because of the composition of memory foam, the unwanted pests have a tough time making a home in the thick foam. 

For those who suffer allergies, memory foam can provide additional relief beyond its comforting properties. Even for those without frequent allergies, a dust and allergen-free home can only help!

See for Yourself!

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There are so many benefits to using memory foam. While it was first used only in hospitals, this technology is now widely available. Relief is available for anyone who needs it!

Memory foam is resistant to allergens, aids in healing, relieves pressure, and leads to a night of better sleep. Utilizing the many benefits of memory foam, you can create a healthier and more comfortable environment for you and your family. 

If you work from a desk most of the time, memory foam cushions are a no brainer. The support and comfort provided by the cushions can do wonders for back pain. It provides relief for current aches and pains and can prevent future flare-ups from occurring. 

Memory foam has quickly made its way into homes everywhere, despite being a relatively recent invention. The undeniable comfort and support that it offers have led to its widespread use. 

Don’t let your aches and pains get the better of you - try out memory foam and see if it is the relief that you have been looking for!






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