What Is Lumbar Support? How to Help Your Back Pain

Chronic back pain can limit your quality of life. All of your limbs are attached to your spine and back muscles, making lumbar pain particularly troublesome.

Walking around with lumbar pain can make you take days off from work and run up medical bills. Searching for support is your best bet.

But what is lumbar support?

Keep reading to learn more about getting rid of pain and providing your back the support that it needs. 

What Is Lumbar Support?

The lumbar region of the back is the lower back closest to the tailbone, which is the source of pain a lot of people deal with. This is the most mobile part of your back and also the most susceptible to pain when it is compressed.

Lumbar support comes in the form of pillows, cushions, and other components that secure this part of your spine. 

Finding the best lumbar support on the market helps you stay comfortable in your body and pain-free. Staying on top of your back pain relief will also help with aging and dealing with life's stresses. 

Here are some tips that will keep your lumbar area as healthy and as strong as possible. 

1. Get the Best Office Chair That You Can Find

You'll get lots of back support when you have a comfortable office chair. 

Put some serious time, effort, and research into whichever office chair you choose. The back and seat part of the chair should be solid enough to support your body weight. Many of today's most ergonomic office chairs can comfortably hold up to 300 pounds. 

The chair should also be adjustable so you can sit with the best posture when you type and work. The more comfortably you can maintain your posture, the less you will deal with lower back pain.

Your office chair can also be outfitted with different pillows and pads that keep your spine as comfortable as possible.

2. Put Yourself on a Workout Plan for Your Back

More than 60 million people today are dealing with back pain. 

If you workout on a regular basis you can strengthen your back and prevent some of the pain that you are dealing with. Now, more than ever is a great time for you to start building a home gym in your garage or basement. 

A solid squat rack or some kettlebells will keep your back as strong as possible. You can get a weight vest and do some lunges to build your back, shoulders, and core at the same time. 

Take the time to build the muscle groups in all different parts of your back. The more you build muscle, the more you'll increase your bone density. 

This bone density keeps your spine strong and healthy and less susceptible to pain. 

A body that carries less fat will also be pain-free. Invest in a treadmill, stair climber, or other forms of cardio. Get at least a half-hour to an hour in each day so that your back stays strong and your muscles more limber. 

The more trim you keep your body the more evenly you will distribute weight in your back. 

3. Provide Some Back Support in Your Vehicle

The majority of people put several thousand miles on their vehicle each year due to their daily commute. Driving in a seated position for hours at a time can wear down your back and compress your spine. 

Getting a quality lumbar support pillow for the car will keep you comfortable as you drive. 

You can strengthen your spine by adding support to your driver's chair. Keeping your spine comfortable and at a steady height makes it easier for you to drive several hours. 

You'll definitely need to support your coccyx as you drive. This prevents your pelvis from tensing, which creates stiffness and pain in your body. 

4. Give Your Back a Nice Stretch as Often as Possible

Stretching is the best lumbar support that you can get. 

When you stretch on a regular basis you'll be better able to keep your spine comfortable. You carry a lot of tension in your back, which can easily cause your lumbar area to tighten up. 

If your muscles are too tight it's difficult to feel anything but discomfort in your daily life. 

Taking yoga classes helps you keep your back as comfortable as possible each day. This is a natural way to stretch that makes your body strong and toned. 

Yoga improves your body's flexibility and adds fluid to your joints. It will make you more mobile and improve your coordination. Yoga is gentle, so it doesn't make you as sore as weight lifting. 

Your spine will elongate, making you more limber and durable. 

5. Have a Physician Take a Look at Your Back Problem

It's important to get a thorough exam to see exactly what is happening with your back. Go to a physician first so that they can run some thorough evaluations to let you know what you are dealing with.

They may recommend surgery or extended physical therapy depending on the circumstances of your injury.

A physician visit will cost you about $160 in most cases for people that are uninsured. If you have insurance you might have a $15 to $20 co-pay per visit. 

Going to the doctor lets you get a referral to a specialist when you need them also. A back specialist can break down your pain down to the exact spinal column. 

They will refer you to physical therapists that can put you through the best recovery regimen. 

6. Remove the Stress From Your Life to the Best of Your Ability 

A lot of lower back pain happens due to simply being stressed out. When you have unresolved anger or other energy it often manifests with your back muscles tensing up. 

The more these muscles tense up, the more pain you'll experience over time. This pain can double when you sit down hours at a time every day. 

Most people earn a living sitting down right now, so these extended hours compress your spine and lead to a sedentary lifestyle. You don't get quality blood circulation when you're living sedentary. 

Find ways to work out the stress in your life. This may involve a nighttime ritual to unwind. Some people enjoy things like a nice bubble bath and a glass of wine. 

Perhaps you de-stress with aromatherapy and meditation. No matter what you have to do, find ways to cool your jets and reshift the focus in your life. 

7. Take a Visit to the Spa on a Regular Basis

Spa and sauna treatments are great for back pain for both physical and therapeutic reasons. 

On a physical level, the many hot and cold tubs give you a chance to provide therapy to your muscles. The cold tub soak will reduce your swelling. It improves blood circulation which can prevent pain all over your body. 

The therapeutic benefits are also clear since these sauna and mineral rooms open your pores and reduce stress. The stress hormone in your body can tie your back in knots. 

Treat spa visits like medicine and take one at least once every couple of weeks. 

8. Invest in a Lumbar Support Pillow

Buying a supportive pillow is one of the best forms of lumbar support you can ever receive. 

There are several pillow options you can look into for every aspect of your life. Adding a pillow to your office chair will keep you sitting upright without craning your neck as you type. 

This pillow also corrects pelvic tilt, which is the source of a lot of pain that people go through on a regular basis. Make sure that these pillows are crafted with memory foam or some sort of supportive gel. 

Investing a little bit of money in a lumbar pillow will save you lots of money on medical bills in the long-run. 

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9. Straighten Your Posture Whenever You Sit or Stand

Good posture is one of the best forms of lumbar support. You control a lot of your own pain by simply deciding to sit up straight. 

Sit straight while allowing the natural curvature of your spine. Don't slouch or crane your neck or you will deal with serious back and neck pain. 

Adjust your chair so that you can sit straight naturally without stress or strain. 

Keep your head straight and your spine aligned in your standing posture as well. Walk comfortably and evenly on your feet while maintaining your body's balance. 

When your posture is straight your muscles don't have to overcompensate or adjust. This reduces the likelihood of strain and pain. 

10. Take a Dip in the Pool Whenever Possible

Aquatics therapy is one of the best ways to support your back. Water is gentle enough to not hurt you, with plenty of resistance to build a strong body. 

Take the time to perfect your strokes, paying attention to each kick and motion of your arms and shoulders. Swimming rebuilds the muscles in your lower back and lets you stretch them and improve your blood flow. 

Even if you're not a swimmer, water aerobics or other forms of resistance will help you with any form of back pain. 

You can swim as often as you'd like since it's such a gentle form of exercise. 

11. Get Enough Comfortable Sleep Each Night

A lot of your back pain issues can be avoided simply by getting better sleep. If your mattress doesn't support you you're putting unnecessary strain on your spine each night. 

Invest a little bit more money in a better mattress that can cradle your body. 

Aside from choosing the right pillows and mattresses, make sure that you are even getting enough sleep. When you sleep completely throughout the night your body is able to heal and recover. 

It also will reduce the cortisol in your body, which can fight inflammation in your body. Your mood and memory also improve when you get 8 hours of sleep each night. 

Take the time to get the sleep that you deserve so that your body is strong and healthy. 

12. Find the Right Pair of Shoes

Finding the right pair of shoes will also support you and prevent back pain. 

When your feet don't provide a solid base your lower back pain has to overcompensate. This puts undue strain on those muscles that can lead to excruciating issues. 

Make sure that your work shoes are solid with lots of grip. The soles should be sturdy and cushioned enough so that your feet don't slide. 

Pay a little bit more for some shoes that you can comfortably wear for hours at a time. 

Always wear thick cotton socks that are comfortable, and tie your shoes snugly each day. 

13. Keep Your Weight Under Control

Keeping unnecessary weight off your body is the best way to keep your back healthy. Your back carries a heavy strain when you're best. 

Find a workout plan that you can commit to five to six days per week. Make sure that the plan helps you build muscle and burn fat while getting your heart rate above. 

Just as importantly, make sure that your diet is as clean as possible. Drink a green smoothie each morning and cut out fried and salty foods and sugary desserts. 

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Get the Lumbar Healing and Support That You Need

So what is lumbar support?

The tips in this article will help you take the best care of your back. We specialize in the products that will give you the best in lumbar health.  

Take the time to contact us when you are in need of any sort of lumbar support products. 

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