Do Seat Cushions Work?

If you spend hours sitting while working at the office or from home, you know how hard that can be on your back and muscles. Sitting in one position for long periods can lead to neck and back pain, stiff muscles, and tailbone pain.

If you suffer from pain on a regular basis, it's important to take steps to address the problem now and prevent it from getting worse.

Seat cushions can make a huge difference in your comfort level. Less pain during the workday leads to less pain at home and a better night's sleep.

How you sit matters. Let's take a look at how seat cushions can contribute to your comfort, your productivity, and your overall health.

Support Your Back

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If your job requires you to sit for hours at a time, you may go home feeling stiff and achy. Pain is exhausting and can affect all areas of your life.

An easy remedy to start with is a supportive cushion for your chair. There are many varieties to choose from, so you have to find what works best for you.

Memory foam, gel cushions, and orthopedic varieties are all good choices. A seat cushion helps take some of the pressure off of your spine and tailbone.

Tailbone pain can be extremely painful and keep you from enjoying your time at work or play. A supportive pillow cushions your coccyx and takes the pressure off your lower back.

It's a simple way to care for yourself and support your body as you work.

Sit Taller

When you have to sit for long periods of time, it's easy to get a little lazy and fall into the habit of slouching. This can lead to neck and back pain and circulatory problems as well.

You may know it's important to stand tall, but it's equally important to sit tall. Investing in a quality seat cushion can help take the pressure off your back and body, helping you sit taller with better posture.

Sitting tall strengthens your muscles, making it easier to practice good posture every day. Some tips for better posture include:

  • Keeping your feet flat and your knees at a right angle as you sit
  • Sitting with your shoulders and back straight
  • Positioning your chair so your knees and hips are at the same level
  • Moving your monitor just below your head height
  • Resting the mouse above your lap
  • Avoiding sitting in the same position for prolonged periods of time

A coccyx pillow helps to pull your bottom forward, encouraging good posture. When your hips are in the right position, it's harder to slouch.

Cushion Your Tailbone

If you suffer from tailbone pain, sitting is a struggle. Constant pressure on your tailbone can make it tender and painful.

An injury, trauma, or wear and tear can result in debilitating tailbone pain. If you've had a tailbone injury, it's very tender and needs time to heal. A coccyx pillow can ease or prevent tailbone pain. 

A supportive pillow takes the pressure off your tailbone and distributes it to your hips and thighs instead. When your weight is evenly distributed, you can sit easier and with less pain.

A coccyx pillow molds to your shape and adds a bit of comfort and gentle support to your day. Less pain makes it easier to work, sleep, and participate in life's daily activities.

Improve Circulation 

Sitting all day puts a strain on your circulatory system. It affects blood flow through your legs, pelvis, and back. When your tissues and muscles don't receive the oxygen they need, your body cannot function at an optimal level. 

You may feel tired, sluggish, and achy. When you have compromised circulation, you may have more pain than usual.

Using a quality memory foam seat cushion may help. The cushion redistributes your weight and promotes better circulation through the body.

Using the right seat cushion can help increase the blood flow through your legs, pelvis, and back. Take the time to add a seat cushion to your chair for better circulation and less pain.

Increase Your Comfort

You may be busy, but you should take the time to think about your comfort level. Is your chair comfortable? Are you experiencing pain after sitting for hours at a time?

Many people get busy with life's responsibilities, and they put their wellbeing on the back-burner. Untreated pain gets worse over time, not better.

If you're having pain issues, adding a gel-infused or memory foam cushion could make all the difference. When your body has the support it needs, it may perform better.

There's no need to sit all day in an uncomfortable chair and go home with a sore back or muscles. Increase your comfort level through the day with a quality supportive cushion.

Decrease Pressure on the Body

While you sit, the weight of your body adds stress to your back and lower body, resulting in pain, stiffness, and fatigue. One major benefit of using a proper seat cushion is decreasing the pressure on your coccyx, hips, legs, and back.

Using a coccyx pillow can take some of this strain off your body. This can help you have a better day while protecting your spine.

Caring for your spine every day can help prevent future chronic pain issues. Investing in a great seat cushion is one of the easiest ways to care for your spine and your overall wellbeing.

Heal After an Injury

After an injury, you need to give your body time to rest and heal. Coccyx injuries make it a little harder to accomplish this.

It's almost impossible to avoid sitting, so you have to cushion the coccyx area whenever you do. Putting too much pressure on your tailbone after an injury prevents it from healing.

You could even make the injury worse if you're not careful. That's why it's so important to have the right seat cushion following this type of injury.

A gel-infused pillow is cooling and can be comforting following a tailbone injury. A good seat cushion may also help you recover after other types of injuries by making you more comfortable wherever you're sitting.

The right cushion promotes good circulation. And this is vital for good health and proper healing from any injury.

Recover After Childbirth

If you've given birth, the thought of sitting at work all day may be daunting. Your body has been through a lot of physical changes and needs time to recover and heal.

There's no reason to work or care for your baby in pain. A coccyx pillow may be the answer.

A gel-infused pillow provides stability and a cooling element for extra comfort. If you've recently given birth, try a support cushion as you recover.  

Travel in Comfort

If you deal with back pain or any chronic pain issue, traveling is a difficult task. No matter how you're traveling, a seat cushion is small and portable.

Take it with you wherever you go for some extra comfort and support. And seat cushions are perfect for the office, home, church, restaurants, a friend's house, or anywhere you have to sit for lengthy periods.

There are so many styles of seat cushions to choose from. You're sure to find one you can't live without. 

Ease Sciatica Pain

Sciatica is a painful condition that many people endure each day. It affects the nerves that run from your hips to your thighs.

As the sciatic nerve compresses, you feel shooting pains along your backside and down your leg. 

Sitting for hours at work can aggravate the problem and intensify the pain. A chair cushion can help keep your hips and spine in alignment and reduce sciatic pain episodes.

Maintaining good posture is also helpful for people with this condition. Practicing good posture can reduce the pressure on your hips.

A quality seat cushion won't cure sciatica, but it can help make you comfortable and may reduce flareups of the condition.

Work Easier

If you work in an office, you probably have to sit longer than you want to. You may get so busy you forget to stretch, walk around, or take a break.

Sitting in one position can make you uncomfortable and lead to aches and pains. If you don't address mild neck and back pain, it can escalate to chronic pain down the line. Be sure to take time to get up, walk around, and even go for a short walk during the workday.

Having an ergonomic chair for work is a great idea, but you can go one step further by adding a comfortable and supportive seat cushion. 

When you're at your desk, have a good chair along with a quality chair cushion to get your through the 9 to 5 with less pain and fatigue.

Manage Orthopedic Issues

If you have an orthopedic condition, a regular chair may be very uncomfortable for you. People with arthritis, osteoporosis, spine and neck issues and other health conditions may have difficulty sitting in a hard chair.

Sitting in a hard seat can aggravate these problems or make the symptoms worse. A memory foam pillow can help take the weight off of your back and hips and redistribute your weight.

This can make you more comfortable and more likely to tolerate sitting for short stretches without putting extra stress on your body.

Remember to put your health and comfort first. An orthopedic cushion may be the perfect solution.

Consider Your Spine 

Back pain is one of the most common medical problems. It can take over your life and make everyday activities difficult.

If you have chronic back pain, sitting for hours at a time can leave you unable to function as you should. If you're looking for an economical and easy way to support your back as you work, a memory foam cushion may be a good choice. 

These types of cushions are firm yet comfortable. They help take the pressure off of your spine and tailbone.

A quality chair cushion supports your entire musculoskeletal system and is great for your posture, overall comfort, and spine health.

Don't sit and work in a hard, uncomfortable chair. Take the time to care for your back and invest in a supportive seat cushion.

Lasting Value 

Seat cushions are an affordable way to add a little comfort to your day. A quality cushion is durable and should last for many years.

You want to purchase your cushion from a reputable company that has a history of selling quality products. The technology that goes into each cushion affects its durability. Bodyweight can be a factor in the product's durability as well.

You can find cheap cushions on the market, but they won't last or support your body as they should. Invest in a quality chair cushion that will provide long-lasting support and comfort when you need it most.

Support Your Back With a Quality Seat Cushion

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Sitting too much at work or home is hard on your back, neck, and spine. It's important to take a break and move around some during the day.

When you can't, make sure you have a great seat cushion to help distribute your weight, support your back, and provide comfort.

If you're working from home these days, you need your home office to be as comfortable as possible too. When you end the day with less strain on your body, you feel better and sleep better.

We carry a variety of quality supportive cushions and comfort products. Take a look at our website to find something just right for your comfort needs.

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