Are Memory Foam Pillows Worth It?

If you are having trouble with your ordinary pillow at home, you may be wondering if the memory foam alternative is worth the switch. Twenty or thirty years ago, memory foam was a new product with prices that made it a luxury item. 

However, recent popularity and advancements in technology have caused the prices of memory foam to drop dramatically, making it a worthwhile investment for anyone who needs pain relief or better sleep.

Memory foam can provide a number of benefits and relief for your body. Memory foam mattresses provide support while also forming around your body, giving you a “weightless” feel that can help with pain and healing, especially when it comes to neck pain. 

People with back pain and other discomforts may want to consider switching to memory foam to provide relief. Body and neck pillows can help you find the right position to fall asleep quickly and deeply. 

For those who work at a desk all day, chair supports are available. These supports allow your body to better absorb the stresses of constantly sitting. They include a lifetime guarantee, ensuring that you will never go another day without the support you need. 

With all of the benefits and the relatively low costs, memory foam is definitely worth it for anyone who needs to make a pain-relieving change in their life. Read on for more info about memory foam and the costs and benefits associated with it!

What Is Memory Foam?

memory foam

Memory foam was designed by NASA in the mid-1960s for airplane seats. It is made from a high energy absorbent substance called polyurethane viscoelastic. The name “viscoelastic” is derived from two of the inherent properties of memory foam. 

The material is viscous, meaning it has a thick consistency that resembles both a liquid and a solid. The elastic part of the name refers to its ability to bounce back and regain its shape. 

Memory foam is a thick, ultra-supportive material that shapes to your body. When it comes to comfort, no other material rivals the comfort, cost, and supportive qualities that memory foam can offer. A down pillow or feather pillow doesn't have the same benefits when it comes to neck support— they take constant fluffing to even hold their shape as standard size bed pillows. Memory foam is able to hold its original shape, and you don't have to fluff this firm pillow like you do with regular pillows.

The unique composition of a contour memory foam pillow is temperature-sensitive, giving it different properties at different temperatures. When a warm body lies on a memory foam mattress, the contouring and conforming properties of the mattress are activated. Most memory foam devices are designed with cut outs for breathability. 

Memory foam is known for relieving pain and pressure while sleeping at night. Many people associate memory foam with high costs. However, advancements in the industry have led to massive drops in costs in recent years, allowing more people to access the comfort and healing that memory foam can provide. 

There are multiple types of memory foam that can go into pillows, including gel memory foam and even shredded memory foam pillows, all providing their own benefits. Some have more air flow, and some less.

Memory foam is made to relieve pressure on the body by contouring the shapes of your form. That’s right; it works with you to get you the sleep and comfort you need. And because it molds to your body, that means that memory foam pillows are helpful for side sleepers, back sleepers, and stomach sleepers alike. Regular supports and down alternatives don’t act as actively as memory foam, which molds and bends while providing firm, incomparable comfort. But, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get the maximum benefits of memory foam. 

What’s The Cost?

When it comes to memory foam, support like the Half Moon Bolster Pillow won’t cost you a fortune for maximum comfort. Regular memory foam mattresses make it seem impossible to get quality comfort. 

Now you can simply add a memory foam support cushion to get the comfort and relaxation you deserve. And at under $30, it fits in with most budgets. 

This 100% memory foam pillow is made with no additional additives and molds to the contours of your body. Any of our support cushions and pillows provide deep comfort and support a good night's sleep without costing you a fortune.

A brand new memory foam mattress can cost over $1,000. This is way out of the budget for many people, but not everyone needs a luxury mattress to sleep better. 

Everlasting Comfort offers memory foam support cushions and pillows orthopedically designed for the best kind of comfort you need. And, it won’t cost you more than a fraction of a mattress. 

This is made possible by making pieces designed to fit your needs at work, in the car, and especially at home, where you deserve the most comfort. Just about any support pillow or seat cushion available from Everlasting Comfort is under $50, which is a small price to pay for your health, especially when you consider that you're getting the best memory foam pillows from us. 

No More Pain

A variety of our memory foam support cushions offer a lifetime guarantee when you buy our products. So, you never have to worry about having another day of pain again! This makes the already low costs even more worth it, as you don’t have to worry about a product failing and losing your relief. We stand behind our memory foam!

The Gel Infused Memory Foam Lumbar Support Cushion is made with ventilated gel memory foam, a newer type of memory foam product. The gel in this type of pillow provides extra cooling abilities, as traditional memory foam, while customizable, is known to trap heat. 

Whether it’s for your office chair at work, the driver's seat of your car, or a chair at home while relaxing, these support cushions help alleviate day-to-day pain and discomfort. 

Studies say that lower back pain may be caused by sitting at a desk for too many hours of the day. Standard chairs aren’t designed for the number of hours put in at a desk job for millions of Americans today. 

Adding a support cushion made from high quality, 100% memory foam can help reduce the long term effects that sitting can have on your body.

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For people who have recently undergone knee or leg surgery, memory foam supports can provide a world of comfort and relief. Since you will be sitting or lying down most of the time, having the proper support can make or break your days. 

A Memory Foam Knee Pillow can provide versatile support for your lower body and help you during recovery.


Yes, that’s right. You can now travel with maximum comfort and relief with this gel infused travel pillow. It’s designed so you can achieve comfort whether you’re on a long uncomfortable flight or a long drive for a business trip. But, the Gel Infused Memory Foam Travel Pillow isn’t all business, as it can be used to help you find that perfect sleeping position. 

You can use this on any vacation, and it would make a great road trip gift to anyone who needs support and relaxation. Its design is compact and can be enjoyed without the bulky competitors’ style of travel cushion. Sleek, innovative, and getting maximum comfort is what memory foam travel pillows are about. 

You can also try the Gel Infused Memory Foam Coccyx Seat Cushion to take with you on the go or even to use at home. The great thing about Everlasting Comfort’s wide selection of travel cushions and supports is that you won’t have to worry about pain on your next trip.

These cooling pillows also have machine washable, removable pillowcases for easy cleaning, adding yet another great point to an already good pillow. Hypoallergenic pillow covers can also help to protect your pillows from dust mites and other allergens.

If used at home, it is recommended to add it to a desk chair or any seat most frequently used to relieve pain and discomfort. Sitting doesn’t have to be a pain with memory foam. It was designed to relieve pressure points and relieve joints. 

Using the Coccyx Seat Cushion made with 100% memory foam could change the way you relax at home and on the go. 


The benefits and comfort offered by memory foam should be clear. It is an excellent alternative to traditional pillows and mattresses and can provide relief for those who are stuck at a desk all day. Most importantly, memory foam supports and pillows are affordable, so you're sure to find the perfect pillow for you. 

The benefits greatly outweigh the small costs. We wholeheartedly believe that memory foam pillows are worth it!

Everlasting Comfort boasts a wide selection of 100% Memory Foam and Gel Infused Memory Foam support cushions and pillows. You don’t have to break the bank to achieve relief for your body. 

With deep comfort in mind, these products were orthopedically designed to give you the support and relaxation you deserve. Our memory foam, unlike other competitors, is 100% pure and does not contain any additives. This means all of the benefits and affordability in one!

We understand how detrimental a day of missed sleep or an uncomfortable workday can be. For this reason, some of our memory foam support cushions and pillows offer a lifetime replacement guarantee

You will never have to worry about another day of pain. This lifetime guarantee ensures that your purchase will be worth it, as you will never have to find an alternative form of relief again!

Comfort and relief should never be too expensive and should be available everywhere you go. Several of our travel cushions and support pillows can be used at home or on your next flight. 

Your body deserves the comfort you need to keep you everlasting and refreshed throughout your days. And, you won’t have to go a day without one of our support cushions or pillows when we offer lifetime warranties on multiple products. Get better comfort, simply and affordably.


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