Is Memory Foam Good for Lumbar Support?

If you suffer from lower back pain, you've likely tried every trick in the book to treat it.

You've tried the over-the-counter pain medicine, the physical therapy, the stretches and the special support bands. Yet, in your quest to find the best products and practices for lumbar support, have you considered the power of memory foam?

Yes, the same material that turns your bed into a haven of plush, supportive comfort is also an incredible resource for anyone suffering from pain along their spine, coccyx, hips or legs. Today, we're sharing why it's especially beneficial for your lower back and how to find the perfect memory foam products today!

Why Do I Need Lumbar Support?

Have you noticed that most traditional chairs have a small gap between the back of the seat and the bottom of the seat? This is right where your lower back, or lumbar region hits.

With this type of design, your back isn't fully supported. Yet, chairmakers aren't entirely to blame. 

Regardless of the type of seat you're in, you're liable to ache when you stand up. Why is this the case? As humans, we naturally tend to lean forward when we sit, pulling our lower back away from the back of our chair. In fact, the lower part of your spine natural bends inward toward your belly button, creating a form known as the lordotic curve

Maybe you sit for hours in your office. Or, perhaps your commute is an hour long and you don't have anywhere to stretch your legs. Either way, all of that extra pressure on your tailbone can leave your lumbar region feeling stressed and tight. You may also notice a sudden, sharp pain when you exert certain movements.

This is because, in the sitting position, we load three times as much pressure on our lumbosacral (lower back) discs than we do when standing. Not only does this cause your spine to creak and your muscles to throb, but in time, it can even affect your posture.

If your home or office chair does not offer adequate lumbar support, you'll find yourself hunched over and slouching more often. In turn, this can strain the soft tissue and joints located in your spine, leading to more discomfort. 

Benefits of Lumbar Support

When you find a product or treatment that delivers targeted lumbar support, you'll begin to notice a host of benefits right away. These products are designed to fill in the gap that's naturally created when you sit.

Whether you're sitting at work, at your kid's soccer game, or in front of the television at home, pay attention to the way your spine naturally curves. Do you notice that gap at your lordotic curve? You need the right cushion to fill in that space.

A lumbar support cushion accommodates the area right near your lower back and helps to support your back's natural inward curvature. When you lean against it, it not only relieves and helps prevent back pain but it also gently moves your spine into proper alignment, improving your posture in an instant. 

Without this type of support, your back muscles have to work overtime to keep your posture correct. When they become overly exerted, this effort fails and you'll find yourself slumped over your desk peering at your screen or working on assignments. Then, you wonder why you're grabbing your back in pain when closing time rolls around!

Why Is Memory Foam the Best Material?

When you're in the market for a lumbar support cushion, any old pillow won't do.

Why? Think of how your bed pillow has flattened over time. It might have started out fluffy as a cloud, but repetitive wear and tear has left it unsupportive and way too thin. This is because standard pillow foam or filling isn't designed to last for years. 

For the most part, these are quick-use items that you may be able to keep around for a year or two, at the most. Then, manufacturers know that you'll toss them and buy the same product all over again.

Ready to break the cycle? 

A memory foam lumbar support cushion is made from premium, 100% pure memory foam, designed to hug your spine and cushion it in all-day support. When you're looking for the best one on the market, check out our Back Cushion Lumbar Support Pillow.

Available in a wide range of colors including blue, black, red, navy blue and gray, this pillow contours to your body as soon as you sit down, thanks to the heat-responsive memory foam. As such, it helps alleviates pressure in your spine, helping you reduce chronic pain in your lower back and lumbar area.

Let’s take a closer look at the unique features that this back cushion provides. 

Pure, Reliable Memory Foam

Don't be fooled by unscrupulous manufacturers who claim to fill their pillows and cushions with memory foam only to add in fillers and other synthetic materials to add more bulk. 

While these may read "memory foam" on the label, they're far from pure. This is where our Back Cushion Lumbar Support Pillow is different. This pillow is made from the same pure, premium memory foam that some of the top manufacturers in the world use in their products. 

Convenient Versatility

We designed this pillow to be the ultimate "take-anywhere" back support accessory. We know that you sit in multiple places throughout the day, including your office, your car and your home. 

While it's smart to invest in multiple lumbar support cushions and keep them in your most frequently-used spots, we wanted to offer maximum versatility. You'll appreciate that this lightweight pillow is a cinch to move and easy to store. It's also designed to be used with many different kinds of seats, from your standard office chair to your favorite easy chair at home. 

Adjustable Straps

The exact position of your lumbar region won't be the same as your neighbor's. Nor will it exactly match your colleague at work's or your best friend's. 

Be wary of any memory foam support pillow that claims to be one-size-fits-all. You need one that you can adjust to fit your exact height, body type and other features. That's why we made ours with dual adjustable straps. This way, you can position it exactly where you need it to be to feel the maximum support of the memory foam against your back.

Lifetime Replacement Guarantee

When you find a product that offers incredible lower back pain relief, you should never have to be without it again. We're confident that you'll adore our Back Cushion Lumbar Support Pillow, and we want to make sure you're confident in using it.

If anything ever happens to it, just let us know and we'll send you a new replacement for free. We want you to use your pillow on a regular basis, rather than keep it tucked away out of fear of losing it. 

Removable, Hypoallergenic Cover

A memory foam cushion is your best bet when you need incredible lower back relief. Yet, for all of its benefits, this material isn't exactly machine washable. That's why you need a cover that is!

All of our memory foam cushions are covered in a removable, hypoallergenic cover that won't trap or harbor dust mites or other known household allergens. If you travel around with it and notice it's getting a little dirty, you can simply toss it in the washing machine and it will wash up good as new!

This can help extend the life of your memory foam cushion and make it more convenient to take it with you anywhere you go!

Other Benefits of Memory Foam for Lumbar Support

By now, you already know that memory foam conforms to your body and helps improve your posture. Yet, what makes it so uniquely qualified to help improve your lower back pain? 

The answer lies in its heat-responsive, body cradling power.

Heat-Responsive, Body Conforming

This is the signature feature of memory foam, and a large part of what sets it apart from other materials. When you rest your spine against your memory foam cushion, it molds to your body in response to the heat and pressure that you provide. 

This helps to evenly distribute your body weight and take the pressure off of your lower back. You'll feel better supported all along your body's curves and natural lines, and you'll feel the strain and stress release from your lumbar region. 

Then, when you get up from your seat, the memory foam will return to its original shape. This is a degree of custom, individualized support that you just can't find anywhere else. 

Unmatched Comfort

In addition to being supportive, memory foam is also downright comfortable. If you've ever used hard, tight back compression garments or any other type of lumbar support gear, you know that some of it can be bulky and cumbersome.

It's difficult to wear a support brace for a few minutes, let alone all day long. Yet, those who suffer from a tight back will do it just for the relief it provides. What if you could lean against a cushy, cozy backrest all day instead, and achieve the same effects if not better?

Today, memory foam is found in an array of products, from tennis shoes to medical prosthetics. You'll also find it in the world's top bedding, including pillows, mattresses, and mattress toppers.


You might be reading this and thinking, "Memory foam sounds amazing, but won't it make me hot?" In reality, it's quite the opposite! While early models of this material would trap heat, today's versions are actually temperature-regulating, helping you stay cool and comfortable all day long. 

In fact, we even offer memory foam lumbar support products with special cooling gel infused into them!

Our Gel Infused Memory Foam Lumbar Support Back Cushion is one example. This cushion is made from the same high-quality memory foam as our Back Cushion Lumbar Support Pillow. The main difference? This cushion is infused with special cooling beads and strategically-placed ventilation holes to help regulate your body temperature while you work or relax.

This way, even if you sweat from sitting in the same spot for too long, you won't have to worry about soaking the seat or ruining your cushion. This is one product that only gets better with time!

Ergonomic Design 

All of the cushions, pillows and sets that we provide in the Health and Wellness section of our online shop, along with other sections, are designed to help improve your overall quality of life. That's why they feature an ergonomic design that allows you to sit at your office or at your home in a way that is the most comfortable and beneficial to your overall health. 

Ergonomics is the practice of designing products that conform to the user's needs. These products not only help relieve their discomfort, but they make them more efficient and productive workers, as well! 

For these reasons and many others, orthopedic specialists and physicians often recommend these products to anyone who is suffering from lower back pain and needs immediate, real relief.

Shop Our Selection of Lumbar Support Products Today

Looking for more information on how to relieve back pain? You don't have to suffer quietly and hope that the aches will go away. If you've tried every lumbar support option under the sun, it's time to recognize the power of memory foam.

This material is unparalleled in terms of overall support, heat-responsiveness, spinal alignment and posture correction. In our online shop, you'll find memory foam cushions designed to support your spine, hips, lumbar area, coccyx and more. We know how beneficial and helpful that memory foam can be, and we're excited to help you discover it for yourself.

To learn more about ways you can relieve your back pain and improve your overall wellness, reach out to our team today.

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