12 Benefits Lumbar Cushions Bring to Your Home or Office

Living with back pain zaps the fun out of your day. It's exhausting and interferes with your workday, family time, and daily activities.

Backpain is a common problem, and there are lots of options on the market for back pain relief. But many of these remedies simply do not work.

Lumbar cushions are a popular and economical solution for many back-pain sufferers.

Sitting for extended periods puts a lot of stress on your spine and tailbone. With regular use, lumbar support cushions can ease or even prevent this stress.

Your health is worth it! Let's take a look at 12 amazing benefits of lumbar support cushions.

1. Ease Neck and Back Pain

Most of us spend more time sitting than we spend up and about during the day. Prolonged sitting at work or home leads to a multitude of issues, including weight gain, diabetes, poor posture, and back problems.

Once you develop back strain or fatigue, it can worsen over time. If you ignore the pain, it can result in chronic back pain or spinal disorders. And there's not an easy solution for this.

That's why it's important to address back pain right away.

Of course, you want to be as active as you can. But sometimes work obligations, health problems, or other issues get in the way.

A lumbar cushion is a simple way to ease the discomfort associated with sitting for long periods of time. You can use these cushions to support your back, relieve tension, and ease pain.

2. Prevent Further Damage

Lumbar strength is important for a healthy spine and active lifestyle. If you've already developed back pain, it's even more important to care for your back.

Orthopedic cushions help ease backpain after its onset. If you must sit for long periods of time, your back pain could get worse. So, preventing this issue is key.

Try to get some physical activity each day along with a good night's sleep. And whenever you're sitting, use lumbar pillows to support your spine and prevent further damage.

Before starting painkillers or undergoing any invasive procedures, do your body a favor and try lumbar support products first.

3. Improve Your Posture

The health and strength of your neck and back rely on good posture. Bad posture causes tension and strain that can lead to long-term neck and back pain and discomfort, which can affect your quality of life.

Proper posture elongates the body and enhances your appearance. When you stand or sit correctly, you take the strain off of your neck and spine.

If you've developed the bad habit of slouching when you walk or sit, it can be a hard habit to break. Lumbar support cushions can help you break this habit while supporting the curvature of your spine and your posture.

Take the strain off your neck, shoulders, and back. Try reminding yourself to sit and stand tall and use support products that enhance your posture to get rid of that slouch.

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4. Enjoy the Comfort 

Working all day at your desk or in an enclosed space can take a serious toll on your shoulders, neck, and back. Being in one position for a long time can make your muscles stiff and sore.

Day-in and day-out, this way of working can lead to major back pain, poor posture, and weight gain. For these reasons, it's important to get up and move as much as you can throughout the day.

Try taking short breaks or go for a walk around the office or your place of work whenever you can. While you are sitting, be sure to use a comfortable lumbar pillow or cushion for lower back support..

It's amazing how much comfort a little added support will bring.

It doesn't make sense to be uncomfortable at work. So, be kind to your back and your body.

Invest in a supportive cushion that makes your workday a little gentler and easier on the natural curvature of your spine. 

5. Improve Your Circulation

When you sit in one position for a long time, your muscles become tight and stiff. This can continue into the night and affect your sleep and circulation as well.

Stretching throughout the day can ease muscle stiffness, enhance your circulation, and improve your sleep. A quality support cushion can also help.

The right cushion enhances blood circulation by distributing your weight evenly while you sit.

Proper circulation is good for your entire body. It helps lessen the fatigue, stiffness, and cramping that result from sitting in one position too long.

Adding support cushions to the chairs you sit in the most will relieve back pain and improve your circulation.

6. Improve Sciatica Pain

Your Sciatic nerve runs down lower back and through the back of your legs. When there's too much pressure on the sciatic nerve, pain in the lower back can occur.

For many people, sciatic pain is serious and interferes with their daily life, work, and sleep. In some cases, the pain is severe and runs down the back and into the hips, legs, and buttocks.

There are various causes of sciatic pain, but one of the main culprits is prolonged sitting. An orthopedic cushion can be very helpful for easing and preventing sciatic pain.

If you suffer from this type of pain, you can't ignore the problem. Without attention, the pain can become more frequent and intense.

It's important to stay as active as possible, drink plenty of fluids, and use a proper support cushion to ease the pressure. 

7. Sleep Better

Nothing is better for your body than a good night's sleep. Proper sleep is restorative and critical for your overall health and wellbeing.

During the night, your body rejuvenates while you sleep. Your spine rests and prepares to support you the following day.

If your spine is not aligned during the night, you're sleeping in an awkward position. This can cause neck and back strain and lead to chronic problems with stiffness and pain.

Choosing the right support cushions can help you sleep better and ease the pressure on your neck and spine.

For a good night's sleep, be sure to invest in a firm or medium-firm mattress. Try sleeping with a support pillow between your legs if you sleep on your side or under your legs if you sleep on your back.

A quality lumbar support pillow can support your entire back as you rest. You can wake up feeling more refreshed and with less pain and stiffness.

You can use a lumbar pillow for other purposes as well. Try it in your favorite chair, the couch, or even on the floor in front of the TV.

Anywhere you sit, rest, or recline, you can use a lumbar pillow to add support and comfort.

8. Work Smarter 

Sitting in an office chair at work all day puts a huge amount of stress on your neck and back. This aggravates the soft tissues surrounding the spine and can cause or exacerbate neck, shoulder, or low back pain.

A lumbar pillow supports the spine by filling the gap between the chair and your lower back. This promotes good posture and supports the natural curve of your back.

Today's office culture may have you sitting for extended periods, but you don't need to suffer because of it. Using cushioned support in your work chair at the office or at home helps to relieve pain and tension, support your spine, and promote better posture.

9. Relieve Stress

Back pain is exhausting. If it continues over a long period of time, it stresses the body and the mind. 

The more you think about the pain, the more stressed out you feel. If you wake up each day with a stiff or sore back, you may be looking for some relief.

Some great natural stress relievers include getting enough rest, light exercise, Yoga, massage, and orthopedic back support. Waking up with less pain makes you feel lighter, more relaxed, and more willing to tackle the day.

Back support pillows and cushions help absorb excess weight, taking the strain off of your neck, shoulders, and back. This helps your muscles rest and heal and your body relax in comfort. 

It's important to remember that your physical health is closely related to your mental health. Less pain means less stress and worry for you.

10. Travel in Comfort

Support cushions are small and portable. Wherever you go or travel, you can take them with you. They are perfect for a road trip, bus or train ride, or lengthy flight.

When you travel, you are out of your normal comfort zone. This can affect your digestion, your sleep, and your pain level.

Sleeping on an unfamiliar bed, in the car, or on an airplane can make back pain worse. Taking your lumbar support cushions with you can help support your neck and spine. This may prevent unnecessary discomfort when you travel.  

Most support cushions are flexible and will adapt to the shape of the backrest and your back. So, enjoy traveling, but remember to support your spine with lumbar cushions.

11. Recommended by Doctors

There are numerous companies that prey on people with low back pain. Sadly, their pills, potions, and products often do not work at all.

Don't waste your money on these scammers. Before purchasing any back-pain remedy, do your research and speak with your doctor.

Many doctors and health professionals recommend support products for patients with back problems. Doctors often suggest lumbar support before resorting to prescription medication, injections, or surgery.

Support pillows are approved by the FDA, and millions of people use these products every day. Many people have great success with these products and are able to avoid other costly procedures and interventions.

No matter your condition, quality lumbar support cushions are safe to use and may provide some much-needed relief for your neck, shoulder, or lower back pain.

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12. Invest in Your Health

Your health and vitality should be at the top of your priority list. Taking good care of yourself is the best gift you can offer yourself and your loved ones.

Lumbar strength is an important part of good health, just like exercising, eating healthy, and getting enough rest. Even if you don't experience chronic back pain, you still need to support your spine.

Lumbar support can help ease the pain for those with chronic back issues. But it can also prevent back problems from occurring.

If you spend a lot of time sitting in one position at work, consider adding the comfort of lumbar support to your office chair. 

If you go home feeling twinges of pain or discomfort, don't wait until you have serious back pain. Invest in your health now with lumbar support cushions for home, work, and travel.

Buy Quality Lumbar Cushions 

Whether you spend too many hours sitting at the office or have other issues that keep you from being mobile, lumbar support is crucial for your spinal health.

Lumbar strength helps support your body and everything you do throughout your day. If your back muscles are weak or strained, it leads to backache and potential chronic pain problems down the road.

Putting your health first is so important. If you're experiencing back or neck pain or just need a little extra support, lumbar cushions may be a helpful solution for you.

There are lots of lumbar support products to choose from. Whether you need a neck pillow, back support, chair cushion, or other orthopedic products, there's a product for your particular need.

Our quality support products are made with the finest materials and your comfort in mind. If you're not sure which products will benefit you the most, we can help. 

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