Is Gel Infused Memory Foam Safe?

Memory foam provides some of the best comfort and support that you can find. What started out as an invention of viscoelastic, polyurethane foam from the brains at NASA to help improve aircraft cushions, memory foam has since become the de facto choice among consumers seeking the greatest comfort.

Whether for sleep, back and neck support, or correcting posture, memory foam provides for a lot of needs. But it wasn’t always this way, as the public didn’t have access to this space-age foam at first. 

NASA invented memory foam back in 1966 and kept it under wraps for nearly two decades. Memory foam was finally thrust into the public domain in the early ‘80s and was received with high praise. Memory foam mattresses are extremely popular, as well as the gel mattress versions produced by many mattress companies that incorporate a cooling foam layer. Many people consider these to be the best mattresses, far above traditional innerspring mattresses, due to their durability and comfort.

Improvements And Inquiries

Initially quite costly for consumers to own, memory foam has since become widely affordable. But the price isn’t the only thing that people are concerned about. There have been considerable improvements in memory foam in recent years, largely due to the common issue with heat retention.

And this has been one of the biggest complaints among consumers, as this side effect often results in discomfort after prolonged bodily contact with memory foam. Those who have used standard memory foam products can attest to their being a double-edged sword.

On the one hand, they provide exceptional comfort. But on the other, that comfort is quickly negated due to increasing body temperature. Most people would be extremely disappointed if they bought a new mattress, only to discover that it traps their body heat and they're too warm to sleep.

To remedy this problem, researchers re-engineered memory foam so that it remains cooler with use. Thus, gel-infused memory foam was born. Yet since its inception in 2011, there has been a lot of discussion relating to the safety of this new and improved version of memory foam.

In making gel-infused memory foam, manufacturers infuse gel beads into the foam to help increase air flow. These beads are much like what you would find in an ice pack – and they serve the same purpose, as well.

This provides the same high level of support as traditional memory foam beds or mattress toppers, yet with a much more comfortable experience. Since it helps keep your body temperature down, you needn’t worry about sweating and other heat-related discomforts, while your pressure points are still being cradled by the soft material. 

A cooler body rests more comfortably. In fact, your body begins its own natural cool-down phase around midday every day. So, for gel-infused memory foam to come with this new and improved quality, you would think it would be a home run.

Alas, following the release of gel memory foam, research would reveal that there is a natural breakdown process that occurs after production if not made properly. This causes a distinct odor to develop in the VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) that are used in memory foam.

Memory foam can be toxic if it's not treated properly. However, steps have been taken to ensure that the number of gas emissions and harmful chemical byproducts in the breakdown process are minimal.

It Pays To Buy Better

Some gel-infused memory foam manufacturers use cheaper methods and cut corners in the production of their product, but not Everlasting Comfort. The cheaper memory foam that you buy, the greater chance you have of coming into contact with the aforementioned gasses, so there may be a health risk associated with cheap, low-quality products.

Reputable companies take extreme measures to ensure the health and safety of their memory foam. This includes using environmentally safe compounds. This results in products that are safer for consumer use while delivering results that offer greater relief.

Bottom line: if you’re paying more for your memory foam product, you should expect it to be safe for extended use. Furthermore, the smaller your high-quality product is, the less concern there will be over its safety from the manufacturing process. You absolutely will not develop respiratory issues from a small travel pillow.

Indeed, the main argument against gel-infused memory foam relates to mattresses. Smaller products, like high-density travel pillows, are of little concern to consumers. They are safe for use and provide a great deal of support to the body without any problems with health issues.

Benefits of Gel-Infused Memory Foam

What’s more, you can look forward to better comfort when you rest or travel. Our gel-infused memory foam products come with strategic ventilation to allow for enhanced cooling. This ensures that you get the best results from the memory foam.

Less heat means optimal comfort, which goes a long way in delivering quality support. Memory foam is known for its ability to conform to your body. After all, it’s the main reason why consumers invest in it.

Gel-infused memory foam, on the other hand, improves on this feature exponentially. The end result is incredible ergonomics and comfort. Those looking to get the very best in personal care will want to give gel-infused memory foam some serious consideration.

Traditional memory foam is designed to “remember” the shape and density of your body. Gel-infused versions improve on this even more, giving you comfortable rest with enhanced stability.

This is important for the safety of your body. Supporting your neck, for example, needs to be done in a way that keeps your bones and muscles securely in place. If you’re using a lesser product that allows movement to occur, you are likely to get up with a sore neck.

The same is true in supporting other parts of your body. You need this stability to ensure your health and safety while resting. Without it, you can expect pain and discomfort following the use of the product.

This is why the restriction of motion transfer is so important. By keeping your body safely secured while you rest, you can look forward to feeling energized when you get up. And that will go a long way in how you feel the rest of the day.

Support When You Need It

If your job requires you to sit a lot throughout the day, you are putting your body in serious jeopardy. With time, you are likely to experience severe pain in your back, neck, legs, and tailbone, just to name a few.

The longer you continue to sit, the greater the discomfort will become. If you often feel fatigued and hurting when you get home from work, this is a red flag that something is disrupting your body during the day.

There are people who experience these troubles regardless of the chair’s quality. Stiffness eventually sets in, making it difficult to find relief. This is especially true if you are in a chair for hours at a time.

So, how can you avoid feeling this way? The best thing you can do for yourself is to invest in a gel-infused memory foam cushion. This will provide the additional support that your bones and muscles are screaming for at the end of the day.

A coccyx seat cushion is especially useful in relieving stiff, achy muscles after a long day at the office. This will take the pressure off of your spine, allowing you to sit for extended periods without the risk of chronic pain setting in.

These types of gel-infused memory foam are great for various forms of travel, too. Does your job involve you driving a vehicle for most of the day? Then you should definitely be looking into a supportive cushion.

Most people think that a soft car seat won’t cause as much stress on the body. However, it is the prolonged position that the body remains in that causes so much discomfort. Even sitting in a recliner all day can lead to severe stiffness and pain.

As such, it’s important to prepare yourself as best you can when extended sitting is involved. You will be doing your body a huge favor by providing it with as much support as possible. 

With that being said, you want to be sure that you are supporting yourself with the right product. Anything that isn’t giving your body the proper support is likely to result in pain worse than what you would experience without it.

A Wide Variety Of Applications

Another common chair that often doesn’t get the support it needs is that of the wheelchair. These seats aren’t exactly known for their comfort, and what’s worse is that those who use them aren’t getting the kind of stability their bodies need.

Standard pillows simply don’t provide the kind of cushioning that is conducive to relieving pain. Fortunately, gel-infused memory foam cushions offer exceptional support, allowing the body to feel relaxed while in the wheelchair and after its use.

Those who suffer from chronic pain can look forward to greater relief at the end of the day when using a gel-infused support cushion. And whereas a traditional cushion, memory foam or otherwise, traps in heat during use, gel-infused variants allow for continual cooling.

This results in greater comfort while allowing the user to have a more manageable experience. So much so that orthopedic doctors recommend that patients who are seated for extended periods to use gel-infused memory foam cushions.

In Conclusion

Regardless of your daily seating arrangement, it’s important to take the proper precautions. This will ensure that you are giving your body the best support and comfort possible. 

If you are interested in gel-infused memory foam products and are ready to take the first step toward relief, we invite you to explore our comprehensive catalog. There, you will find a wide variety of items to help improve your body while you work, travel, or rest.


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