Why You Need to Buy A Humidifier Now

Are you tired of suffering for months from seasonal colds and allergies? Do you want to achieve a more restful night's sleep and finally find relief from dry skin, hair and nails?

If so, a humidifier can help you get there. 

This one device can revolutionize the way you approach your overall health and wellness journey. If you've been on the fence about buying one, read on. Today we're sharing a few of the top reasons why a humidifier should top your list of must-haves this year. 

What Does a Humidifier Do?

With so many household gadgets advertised today, why should you focus your attention on a humidifier? Put simply, it can help improve the overall health of your household.

Though there are myriad makes and models, most humidifiers serve the same general purpose. They're designed to add moisture back into the air.

Why is this so important?

There are many routine events that deprive the air around you of the moisture you need to feel and look your best. This is especially true in the wintertime. During these chilly months, the air is naturally cooler and more arid. Then, to keep our homes comfortable, we pump our HVAC units on full blast, delivering hot, dry air that makes it even more impossible for our homes to hold enough humidity.

As a result, it's no wonder why people all over the globe complain of the following conditions:

  • Dry scalp
  • Red, itchy eyes
  • Scratchy throat
  • Congestion

Ideally, the relative humidity in your home should be around 30% to 50%. Any less than that, and you'll likely feel uncomfortably dry, while higher levels could trigger structural mold growth, along with physical symptoms such as lethargy.

A relative humidity of 100% means that the air is totally saturated and cannot hold any more water. If any is added, it will drop as condensation. On the other hand, when your mucus membranes are zapped of the moisture they need, you can feel the negative effects almost instantly. 

How It Works

Humidifiers are devices that emit water vapor or steam into the air around you to increase your relative humidity levels. There are a few different kinds, including:

  • Ultrasonic humidifiers
  • Central humidifiers
  • Impeller humidifiers
  • Steam vaporizers
  • Evaporators

When it's time to decide which one is best for your family, ultrasonic cool mist humidifiers are some of the most common and most preferred. These humidifiers use ultrasonic vibrations within the device to move the water and release as refreshing cool mist.

To learn more, check out our Filterless Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier. This 6L humidifier is whisper-quiet and also includes an auto-shutoff feature so you can run it all night long without concern. It's recommended by doctors and patients alike for its ability to help combat:

  • Airborne viruses and bacteria
  • Dry skin
  • Impaired respiratory function
  • Insomnia

As there is no heating element included in these machines, they are safe to use all night long. In addition, they are also one of the most commonly requested items in modern baby registries, as they're also safe and appropriate for supervised use in nurseries and children's rooms, too.

Now that we've covered the basics on how they operate, let's dive into some of the top reasons why it's time to invest in a humidifier today!

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1. A More Comfortable Home

If the humidity is low in your home, you might find yourself pumping the HVAC, but to no avail. That's because drier air is naturally a little colder, and stays that way. 

Consider this scene: You're outdoors during the summer on a balmy, humid day and you feel as though you're melting. That's because high humidity prevents sweat from escaping out of your body, causing you to feel overheated.

When it comes to relative humidity, the opposite also holds true. While too-moist air makes you feel warmer, dry air makes you reach for your sweater in the middle of the night. If you always wake up with cold toes, it's time to purchase a humidifier today.

Not only can you wake up feeling better than ever, but you can also save on short-term and long-term heating and cooling costs, too. When the air simply feelswarmer, you can turn your thermostat back a few degrees and save money on your utility bills. 

2. Sinus and Congestion Relief

Do you find it difficult to breathe deeply through your nose? Do you always wake up with a pounding sinus headache?

If so, your seasonal cold might not be fully to blame. Your stuffiness can also be contributed to the dry air that's present in your bedroom while you sleep.

For instance, the mucus membranes that line your nose can easily become too dry and crusted. This can lead to inflamation and discomfort, as can also make it difficult to breathe. When you improve the humidity levels around you, you allow those membranes to relax and release, so you can sleep better and easier.

An added benefit? You can finally say goodbye to that aggravating static electricity that seems to follow you around all season long! That means no more flyaway hairstyles and zings from the carpet as soon as you walk up the stairs in fuzzy socks. Higher humidity levels can help lower the charge that triggers this phenomenon.

To ensure you make the most of this benefit, be sure to read to instructions on your humidifier. When used appropriately, it can help alleviate the cold and sinus symptoms associated with dry air. However, too much moisture can have a negative effect on your condition. 

If relative humidity levels creep too high, it can encourage mold to grow in your environment, which could lead to an even greater health concern.

3. A Furniture Saver

Does your favorite wooden dining chair seem to creak a little more lately? What about drawers on your beloved built-ins, or even the hardwoods you're trampling underfoot? You don't have to live with the symphony, but it's important to know what's behind it.

Dry air can do a significant amount of damage to your home, and your wooden furniture is no exception. Not only can it cause your heirloom wooden pieces to split and crack, but it can also cause your floors to squeak more than usual.

Moving back and forth between one temperature extreme to the next can wreak havoc on even your best-protected pieces. A humidifier can help you keep the relative humidity levels in your home consistent so there are no surprises. 

4. Fewer Airborne Diseases

An airborne disease is one that travels from place to place via a microorganism that's easily transmitted through the air. Their presence is why we cough into our elbows and chew with our mouths closed.

In dry air, germs tend to find a welcome home. 

In fact, if you've ever wondered why the cooler months are generally recognized as "flu season", then this is one major answer. The flu is one virus that thrives in arid conditions and does not require a ton of humidity to transmit.

For this reason alone, humidifiers are smart investments and one of the best decisions you can make for your family. 

5. Thriving House Plants

There are many different reasons to try your hand at a few indoor plants. Not only is the simple act of caring for a plant both heart-warming and rewarding, but houseplants offer incredible health benefits, too.

Chiefly, they're responsible for absorbing toxins from the air and releasing oxygen back into it. They can also help to slightly increase the relative humidity! While each plant species has its own unique requirements, many grow better in environments that more closely mimic the outdoors. 

This means they aren't necessarily designed to thrive in sterile office environments. When the temperatures dip colder, they'll be in even greater need of the warm, moist air that your humidifier can provide. 

6. Moisturized Skin, Hair and Lips

The winter is long enough without adding the extra affliction of dry, cracked lips. The same goes for scaly elbows, ashen legs and brittle, limp tresses.

While it might be more of a superficial benefit and less of a functional one, you'll appreciate that a humidifier helps solve all of your dry skin woes. Whether you're noticing these changes because the air is particularly dry or you spend eight hours a day in a room filled with forced-air heating, you don't have to suffer all season long. 

You can help protect your most tender, vulnerable areas with a humidifier. This includes the thin skin on top of your hands, which tends to break and bleed most easily when the air is too dry. 

7. A Soothed Throat

Are you a nighttime mouth breather? If you tend to leave your jaw open while you doze, rather than breathe through your nose, you might be accustomed to the morning sensation of swallowing nails. 

If your throat is exposed to low-moisture, indoor air, it can over-dry your vocal chords and cause them to become painful and scratchy. This can also cause you to speak in a lower, more gravely tone. If this condition is left untreated for too long, it could cause you to lose your voice.

On the other hand, using a humidifier is a simple way to make sure that the relative humidity levels in your home are up to par. Not only does this help to soothe and relax your throat, but it can also help you avoid the hoarseness and discomfort that usually accompanies it.

8. Bounce Back Quicker

Are you getting over an illness? As you lie in your bed and nurse yourself back to health, go ahead and run a humidifier in your bedroom.

As you do, you can help relieve some of the most unpleasant parts of your illness. For instance, if you're suffering from a chronic cough or the flu, you might feel a sharp pain every time you cough. A humidifier can keep your throat coated so you don't feel the urge to cough as often.

When you're able to keep common side effects at bay, including a stuffy nose and sinus pressure, you'll be able to sleep better and more soundly at night. In return, this can help quicken your recovery time so you can bounce back to the things you love quicker than expected.

9. Help With Snoring

Does your partner routinely wake you up in the middle of the night with a nudge or a plea to please roll over? If so, it's time to add a humidifier to you nighttime setup.

Did you know that dry air can exacerbate your snoring symptoms? In some cases, it can even cause them! When there isn't enough moisture in the air, it can cause your throat to swell up, along with the tissues in your nose. As these areas become congested, airflow is restricted.

As you breathe through your mouth instead, this can lead to the telltale sounds of snoring!

10. Keep Flu Germs Away

One recent study explored the relationship between dry conditions and the spread of the influenza virus. The findings?

The researchers concluded that in environments where the relative humidity levels were low, the virus could spread more easily among everyone. Moreover, it was also able to live for a longer period of course. Knowing this, it's wise to run your humidifier all year long, but especially during the dreaded flu season!

Of course, there are other basic steps you can take to help prevent the spread of the flu. These include washing your hands and disinfecting commonly-touched surfaces!

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Invest in a New Humidifier Today

Maybe you need a new humidifier to replace an old model. Or, perhaps you've never owned one in your life and now you're intrigued.

Either way, we'd love to connect. Feel free to check out the cool mist humidifier in our shop, along with the other health and wellness products we offer for your home. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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