What Is Gel-Infused Memory Foam Support and Why You Should Use It

According to estimates, 30% of Americans suffer from chronic pain. 

If you are suffering from chronic pain, it's essential that you get the support you need while seated. One of the ways to do this is by leveraging the benefits of gel-infused memory foam cushion inserts. 

Memory foam offers enhanced support and can ease various types of pain, such as back, hip, coccyx, and leg pain. Besides this, memory foam can also improve circulation while sitting and limit the risk of spider veins. Because of this, memory foam is ideal for anyone who spends extended periods seated. 

However, not everyone enjoys a memory foam pillow. Memory foam is highly insulating, which can make for a "hot seat." If you are someone who struggles with overheating, this might prevent you from using memory foam products. 

Fortunately, while regular memory foam is insulating, gel-memory foam is different. 

If you want to find out what gel-infused memory foam is, and how it can benefit you, keep reading. Because we are about to do a deep dive into everything you need to know about this innovative variation of memory foam. 

The Benefits of Gel-Infused Memory Foam

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Memory foam, as a whole, has a host of benefits. Particularly for those who suffer from pain and the ill-effects of prolonged sitting. 

However, one of the big drawbacks for some is the heat retention properties of memory foam. Hate a hot seat? If so, then regular memory foam cushions are probably not for you. 

Fortunately, if regular memory foam gets to warm for you, you can take advantage of the benefits of gel-fused memory foam. Let's take a look at what these are. 

It Doesn't Get Hot

The biggest difference between regular memory foam and gel-infused memory foam is heat retention. Regular memory foam is designed to absorb body heat. The heat from your body transfers into the foam, where it is stored and causes the foam to sink away and mold to your body. 

This results in a "light as air" feeling of suspension and support.

Gel-infused memory foam works on the same principle. However, thanks to the incorporation of gel microbeads, it doesn't retain as much heat. These microbeads act to rapidly transfer heat back out of the foam. The result is the same support level of regular memory foam, combined with increased heat release. 

This means that no matter how long you remain in contact with a gel-infused memory foam cushion or mattress, your body heat won't build up in the foam. 

You Won't Sweat

If you struggle with overheating, you're probably all too familiar with that sweaty feeling that can come when sitting down. The longer you sit, and the more heat builds up, the sweatier you get. 

If this is you in a nutshell, then a regular memory foam cushion is not going to do you any favors. On the other hand, with a gel-infused memory foam cushion, you won't have to worry about that clammy feel or your clothes sticking to your skin. 

Because gel-infused memory foam products transfer heat away from your body, you may find that they cause you to sweat less than even a regular cushion does. 

Because of this capability of gel-infused memory foam, you can enjoy all of the benefits of memory foam, sweat-free. Yet to find out about all the areas where memory foam can help? If so, let's take a look at these now. 

General Memory Foam Benefits

The main benefit of gel-infused memory foam products is that they prevent you from overheating. If you live in a hot climate or tend to overheat easily, this can be a big plus. 

However, aside from offering a cool seat (or sleep), memory foam, gel-infused or otherwise, also has a number of great benefits. If you are curious as to how memory foam can help you, other than keeping you cool, let's take a look at what these are. 

Enhanced Support

The overarching benefit of memory foam products is the enhanced support they offer.

Like we explained just now, memory foam contours to your body. This means that every part of you that is in contact with the memory foam will have even support. Unlike regular foam or cushions, there won't be any areas that are handling more pressure than others. 

Why is this good?

For one, even support is a lot more comfortable than having some parts of your body, taking more pressure than others. What's more, even and contoured support is also a lot healthier for your body. 

By supporting your weight evenly, memory foam reduces compression on areas such as your hips. It also helps to keep your spine aligned and reduce pain from sitting or lying down. 

Better Circulation While Sitting 

Another benefit of even support and reduced pressure is better circulation. If you use a gel-infused memory foam product for sitting, such as a wedge cushion, or a lumbar support pillow, this will reduce constriction on your blood vessels and veins. 

When sitting, a good portion of your body weight is resting on your legs and bum. If you are leaning against a backrest, your back will also take some of this pressure. Depending on your weight and how long you remain seated, this can impact blood flow through these areas. 

Good circulation is vital for the body, and a lack of it can cause a variety of problems. These include muscle cramps, decreased concentration, nerve pain, and more. Besides this, impaired circulation can also exacerbate spider veins and varicose veins, or even cause them. 

One of the ways to combat impaired circulation while sitting is, of course, to get up a move around as frequently as possible. However, if you have to sit for extended periods due to work or a debility, this is easier said than done.

Fortunately, memory foam cushion inserts can reduce the pressure on your blood vessels while you do have to remain seated. This lowers compaction and allows the blood in your legs, pelvis, and back to flow more freely.

Coccyx and Back Pain Relief

If you suffer from back pain or coccyx pain, then you are a prime candidate for memory foam cushions. Here's how memory foam can mitigate back and coccyx pain. 

Back Pain and Memory Foam

Back pain can be caused by a variety of things. Including injury, muscle strain, genetic conditions, and more. It can also be triggered by sitting for too long, non-ergonomic seating, and poor posture. 

Because of its unique supportive properties, memory foam can both prevent and mitigate back pain. Experts are of the opinion that memory foam is the best cushioning material for those with back pain. 

Firstly, because memory foam cushions are more comfortable, they allow one to sit straighter. Instead of causing you to shift around in your seat like a lot of other cushions do. They also reduce pressure on your spine. 

Besides this, memory foam can also offer enhanced lumbar support. A lot of backrests do not provide optimum support in the lumbar area. This can cause one to alternate between slouching forward and sprawling back in your seat. Both of these postures are, of course, unideal for your back. 

A memory foam lumbar support pillow will instead allow you to sit upright comfortably. Because everyone's back is shaped slightly differently, not all seats or lumbar cushions will work for you. Memory foam is different, as it forms perfectly to your shape, giving your body tailored support.

Coccyx Pain and Memory Foam

Now let's take a look at how memory foam can alleviate coccyx pain. 

Like back pain, coccyx pain can be caused by a variety of things. Such as injury, childbirth, and aging. It can also be caused by sitting on hard surfaces. 

No matter what your coccyx pain was caused by, memory foam can offer some much-needed relief. 

Firstly, memory foam is incredibly soft and comfortable. If you sit on a memory foam pillow, this will be a lot easier on your tailbone than a regular cushion.

What's more, you can also purchase memory foam coccyx cushions that are specially designed to minimize coccyx pain. These cushions not only provide soft support to sit on, but they also incorporate a cutout at the back of the cushion. This prevents your coccyx from making contact with your seat, keeping it suspended. 

Why Invest In Gel-Infused Memory Foam Cushions?

Memory foam technology holds a number of benefits for your body. But besides being good for your body, there are also a number of other reasons to invest in memory foam cushions. 

Let's take a look at what these are. 

They Are Affordable

Firstly, memory foam cushions are affordable. Wait, what? Isn't memory foam supposed to be pricey?

Yes, that is correct. Memory foam is more costly to make than other types of foam and padding. However, the price points of memory foam cushions are very accessible, especially when compared to memory foam mattresses. 

This is because it takes a lot more foam to make a mattress that it does a cushion. 

By investing in a memory foam cushion, you can enjoy the benefits of memory foam during the day without having to pay several hundred dollars for a whole mattress. Instead, you can look at paying under or around $30 for a cushion that will provide you with years of support. 

Because gel-infused memory foam is more specialized than regular memory foam, it can be slightly more expensive. However, when it comes to cushions, the price difference is only going to vary by a couple of dollars at most, if at all. 

They Are Long-Lasting

We mentioned above that memory foam cushions can provide you with years of support. But we did not say how many years. 

Estimates average that most memory foam mattresses can last for between 8-10 years. While this is a good lifespan, memory foam cushions can last even longer than this. 

For one, you probably won't (we hope) spend more time driving or in your office chair than you do sleeping. This means that your memory foam cushion could well last you longer than a mattress. 

What's more, if you opt for high-quality memory foam, you can expect it to last even longer. 

For example, if you invest in one of our gel-infused memory foam cushions, you will be given a lifetime guarantee on the product. Should anything happen to it, under this guarantee, we will replace your cushion at no cost to you. 

They Are Hypoallergenic

Another of the perks of memory foam is that it's hypoallergenic. Memory foam has a dense structure that prevents dust, mites, and other allergens from entering the foam. 

On the other hand, regular pillows and cushions can harbor hundreds of thousands of dust mites, as well as their exoskeletons and excrement. Lovely thought, right?

If you suffer from allergies, then memory foam pillows and cushions are an ideal choice thanks to their sealed, dense structure. 

They Can Be Used Anywhere

Unlike a memory foam mattress, memory foam cushions can be taken anywhere you go. From your home to your car, to the office, you can bring your cushion long for enhanced support. 

Memory foam cushions can even be used for traveling. Hate airplane seats? Simply take your memory foam cushion along.

Some of our memory foam cushions even come with straps for easy transport.

They Offer Superior Comfort

Last but not least, memory foam is just downright comfortable. It gives you that sinking in feeling while still providing enhanced support. 

Many people prefer memory foam purely for this quality. If your work, driving, or leisure seating isn't ultra-comfy, then you'll be in for a treat when you try memory foam. 

Is It Time to Make Gel-Infused Memory Foam Support Part of Your Life?

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Memory foam poses a range of benefits, thanks to the enhanced support it offers. However, if you are someone who overheats easily, you may have avoided memory foam pillows up to now.

Fortunately, you don't have to skip the perks of memory foam anymore. 

Thanks to the rapid heat dispersion that gel-infused memory foam technology offers, you can treat your body and still stay cool. 

If you want to find out more about gel-infused memory foam inserts, take a look at our memory foam cushion ranges. We stock both regular and gel-infused memory foam products. Our memory foam options include cooling gel microbeads, as well as strategically placed ventilation channels within the foam to truly maximize cushion ventilation. 

If you have any questions about our products, please don't hesitate to reach out and we will be happy to help. 

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