What Is the Best Knee Pillow for Side Sleepers?

Research shows that four out of 10 Americans sleep on their side. Does this include you?

If you enjoy rolling over and curling up, you're making a smart move. Sleeping on your side is a preferred way to doze, as it allows your spine to rest in its natural position. 

However, there's a right and a wrong way to drift off into dreamland. To encourage your spine into the correct sleeping posture, it helps to use the best knee pillow for side sleepers. This accessory naturally elevates your hips and aligns your vertebrae, helping to ensure that you don't wake up to creaks and pops in the morning!

It goes without saying that not every cushion is created equal. Today, we're sharing a few of the top features to look for when you're ready to buy a new knee pillow for the bedroom!

Why Should You Sleep on Your Side?

Are you used to waking up every morning with a tense, tight back? Do your bones sound like a symphony when you go to yawn and stretch?

If so, your mattress and bed might not be fully to blame, though this isn't to say that these surfaces don't play a major role in your spine health. A mattress that's too soft will lack adequate spinal support and could leave you miserable in the morning. The same goes for one that's overly hard and stiff.

Yet, the position you sleep in is also of paramount importance. While there's no one-size-fits-all sleeping position, turning over onto your side has some major advantages. Let's take a look at why side sleepers get it right!

Sleeping on Your Back

If you suffer from any form of temporomandibular disorder (TMD) or orofacial pain, you'll likely sleep on your back.

This is because this position puts the least amount of stress and pressure on your jaw. It also supports your head and helps align your body in a neutral position.

Ultimately, sleeping on your back can be beneficial to your spinal health, although it does take some getting used to. It can even help prevent wrinkles! To help you ease into the most comfortable position, the American Chiropractic Association (ACA) recommends that all back sleepers add a pillow under their knees.

Who shouldn't sleep on their back? Anyone who snores or suffers from sleep apnea.

This is a condition that causes you to start and stop breathing intermittently as you sleep. It is caused by a range of issues, including relaxed airway muscles, improper tongue positioning and breathing through your mouth. 

Sleeping on Your Stomach

pregnant girl resting on the bed

Doctors recommend that pregnant women avoid sleeping on their stomachs. What about everyone else? 

Unfortunately, it's not advised for anyone. When you sleep on your stomach, your posture is completely misaligned. The same goes for side sleepers who raise one arm above their heads.

While these positions can feel comfy at first, you'll notice the effects a few hours later. The good news? According to the same research source shared earlier, only 16% of Americans sleep on their stomachs.

Sleeping on Your Side

Experts agree: Sleeping on your side is the best position for anyone who suffers from lower back pain. This is especially the case for pregnant women, as well as anyone suffering from sciatica or joint pain.

However, that doesn't just mean rolling over at night and calling it a day. Rather, to achieve the most benefits from this position, it helps to use a pillow between your knees.

Why is this step so important? The right knee cushion will keep your hips, pelvis and spine in the best alignment possible. 

How to Sleep on Your Side the Right Way

Especially if you are used to sleeping on your back or your stomach, you might not know exactly how to ease into a side-sleeping position. Your hips may feel too bony against the mattress, or you're unsure where to put your arms. 

We've got you covered. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you get cozy.

  1. First, shift gently from your back to your side. It does not matter which side you choose.
  2. Then, make sure your left or right shoulder is making direct contact with your mattress.
  3. Check to make sure the rest of your side is also touching the mattress.
  4. When you're comfortable, place a pillow between your knees. 
  5. To use the removable strap, hook the end on the hook and then loop

Do you notice a slight gap right underneath your waist? If it isn't touching the mattress, you can also add a small pillow or cushion there to ensure adequate support. 

As you get used to this position, try to switch sides every so often rather than sticking to the same side every night. Doing so can help you avoid the risk of muscle imbalance and help prevent spinal issues such as scoliosis.

Choosing the Best Knee Pillow for Side Sleepers

At this point, you already know that a knee pillow can make all the difference as you learn to sleep on your side. Yet, does this mean you can just go out and choose any cushion from the big box store?

Not quite.

You need a knee cushion that offers the right amount of support, comfort and pressure alleviation to keep you properly aligned all night long. Rather than looking all over the place for one that will work, you can cut right to the top with our Memory Foam Knee Pillow. Let's take a look at some of the features that make it the best on the market.

Pure, Premium Memory Foam

This cushy pillow is designed to slide right between your knees as you sleep, helping to keep your hips and back straight. Made from 100% pure memory foam without any extra additives, it's one accessory you'll feel great about adding to your nighttime routine. 

This is the exact same memory foam used by the top manufacturers all around the world. When you buy from us, you can rest assured that you're getting a top-quality product at a price point you can feel confident about. While others might charge an exorbitant amount for the same product, we're proud to deliver the quality you can trust at a cost you can afford. 

Especially if you're already used to sleeping on a premium memory foam mattress, our knee pillow can help round out the set and serves as an excellent complement. 

Ergonomic Design

There's a reason you can't simply add a regular bed pillow between your knees as you sleep on your side. This cushion isn't designed to support your knees and ease your spine into the right position. In fact, it could even do more harm than good.

If you're laying on your side and your knees are touching, you won't provide your spine and hips with the support they need. While you know this, it's often easier to say than do. 

Our Memory Foam Knee Pillow features an ergonomic design that's meant specifically to aid in spinal support for side sleepers. Our pillow will keep your knees properly separated with ideal spacing while you sleep, offering optimal support to your legs, hip and back. For this reason, orthopedic specialists and physicians often recommend it for anyone suffering from pain in the following areas:

  • Knees
  • Hips
  • Back
  • Legs
  • Thigs
  • Pelvis
  • Lumbar region (lower back)

Designed specifically for side sleeping, this pillow is also ideal for anyone suffering from sciatica, arthritis, or bursitis. If these conditions are close to you, it can be a major relief to know that you don't have to struggle through another night's sleep, or dread the next morning.

With the right cushion between your knees, you can greatly relieve most of the symptoms associated with these conditions, reclaiming your quality of life.

Removable, Adjustable Strap

Do you tend to move around a lot as you sleep? Does your partner complain of losing the covers as you toss and turn, shifting your bedding all around? You can't help being an active sleeper, but you shouldn't have to endure extra back pain because of it.

If so, a standard knee pillow simply won't cut it. These pillows can easily slide of place as you move around at night. If this happens, they could wind up on the floor or over on the other side of the bed, rendering their use completely ineffective. 

Any knee pillow you buy should come equipped with a strap that is both removable and adjustable. This strap will help keep the pillow in place while you're sleeping. Thankfully, this feature comes standard on our Memory Foam Knee Pillow!

All you have to do is position the strap in place and adjust it depending on your comfort level. Rather not use the strap? It's completely removable if that's your preference.

Lifetime Replacement Guarantee

What happens if your beloved bed pillow becomes flat as a pancake over time? You can't exactly send it back to the manufacturer if it's years old and non-descript. Chances are, most of the pillows in your home are years old and have seen better days.

When's the last time you invested in your health and sleep? This is another area in which our knee pillow stands above the rest.

If anything happens to your pillow, we'll happily provide you with a free replacement. This way, you can continue to sleep soundly and comfortably and you never have to be without the support you've come to depend upon.

Valuable Extras

Of course, a great-quality, memory foam knee pillow is an excellent find on its own. That means it's just an added bonus if the one you buy comes with extras that can offer an even more restful night's sleep.

When you buy our Memory Foam Knee Pillow, we'll also include a free pair of memory foam earplugs! Do you have a noisy pet who tends to amplify their bark when the sun goes down? What about a partner who snores?

If so, you'll appreciate this welcome addition. Designed with the same premium memory foam you'll find in all of our cushions, these earplugs aren't like any you can find in the store. They're specially created to conform to the shape of your ear to fully block out the sounds around you, leading to a great night's sleep.

Versatile and Travel-Friendly

Do you travel a lot for work or fun? If so, you know that the right travel accessories can make your trip that much more enjoyable. To that end, we designed our Memory Foam Knee Pillow to be lightweight, easy to pack and a cinch to move from place to place.

This means that you can use your new pillow at home, in a hotel, traveling in your camper van, or anywhere you prefer! Weighing less than two pounds, they don't take up much room in your suitcase. Moreover, they're also easy to stash out of sight when not in use.

Find the Best Knee Pillow and Transform Your Sleep

positive doctor

If you're used to waking up groggy and clutching your lower back, you might believe that your bed or nighttime habits are to blame. However, the more likely issue is your sleeping position.

If you're currently sleeping on your stomach or back, consider making the switch to sleeping on your side, especially if you suffer fro chronic back pain. Then, amplify your routine by adding our Memory Foam Knee Pillow, which takes first place as the best knee pillow for side sleepers. 

Do you have any questions about our health and wellness products? Interested in learning more about the features of our knee pillow or how to help it work for you? We'd love to connect, so reach out to our team today.

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