What Is the Best Back Support for Office Chairs?

Times are changing. While having a cool TV room or the ultimate man cave in your garage used to be impressive and eligible for the talk of the town, we’re in a new era. This is the technological era, the digital age.

These days, having the perfect ergonomic workspace and the best office chair is all the rage. Office ergonomics? Now that’s a hot topic and something we can get behind. It’s all about supporting the curves of your spine, keeping a relaxed position, and maintaining healthy alignment. It’s all of the good stuff, trust us.



Why Is Back Support Important?

With many of us spending more time in a sitting position at a desk than ever before, getting the best back support has never been so important.

Unfortunately, it’s estimated that 50% of people in the industrialized world suffer from some variation - and to some degree - of back pain. What’s more frustrating is that most cases can be easily and quickly fixed simply by adding back support or a simple back pillow to get the proper support you need from back support pillows with its ergonomic design. Yes, you read that right. In most cases, back pain can be treated and even entirely resolved with just a simple pillow or lumbar cushion.

But why is back support so important? Adding back support for your office chair can vastly improve your comfort, support healthy and proper posture, and help you avoid unnecessary pain or stress on the body. Just a simple high-density memory foam cushion can go a long way in keeping the angle of your spine in place.

Incorporating back support into your office chair is such a simple way to make sitting down all day ten times more comfortable — and we’re not exaggerating. Considering the number of hours the typical worker spends at a desk on any given day, it’s more than worth your while to invest in a comfortable setup and backrest. By keeping the natural curve of your spine in line it will help fight off tightness after the long periods of time you are stuck behind a computer screen.

Back support, or lack thereof, also plays a huge role in either supporting proper posture or encouraging slumped shoulders and a hunchback. Posture impacts how we’re perceived and can subconsciously affect how we feel about ourselves; make sure you’re always putting your best foot forward by practicing good posture and ditching your poor posture habits.

And finally, although it’s been relatively normalized to end the day aching and with some type of pain, it doesn’t have to be that way. You’re not you when you’re hurting, and back support for your office chair can help you feel your best even after leaving your desk for the day. We don't have the luxury of sitting in a leather recliner all day, but you can get yourself an office chair that is just as comfortable.

Let’s Talk Lumbar Support

The lumbar region of the spine - commonly referred to as the lower back - naturally has a slightly inward curve, known as lordosis. As we remain seated for an extended period of time, our body tires, and it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain correct posture. Using a lumbar support back cushion helps our body maintain good posture and stay in proper alignment by filling the gap between our lumbar region and the back of our chair.

The addition of one small pillow makes all the difference for supporting our body’s natural curvature and preventing slouching or hunching. A lumbar support back cushion is ergonomically designed to cradle your back and provide soft yet sturdy support. This structure relieves pressure on joints and ligaments throughout the upper, middle, and lower back and can relieve tension for neighboring muscles.

Some lumbar support back cushions use gel-infused memory foam to adjust to your body’s contours with even more of a snug fit. This premium memory foam uses heat-responsive technology, allowing it to soften in the places you need it most and then bounce back to its default shape after use, over and over again (never flattening or deforming).

Here at Everlasting Comfort, and being the desk jockeys that we are, we took our pillow design one step further by adding strategically placed ventilation holes to provide cooling and heat dissipation. And like any respectable lumbar support cushion, ours features dual adjustable straps to help keep it in place on your chair.

With comfort, support, and stability like this, it will be easy to stay calm, cool, and collected, all day long.

Don’t Forget Your Neck and Tailbone

Now that the lumbar region is taken care of, which is the most common area of the back to experience lower back pain, we can bring our attention to neck and tailbone support.

We know that days are long and necks get tired, but nothing will ruin your workflow quite like a sore neck will. Consider a cushion similar to a travel neck pillow that will cradle your neck to support your head staying upright, and keep your upper spine aligned. This additional structure deters your neck from straining at odd angles or straying too far away from a healthy alignment.

The third and final area we’re going to suggest you consider is the tailbone. A seat cushion comforts your tailbone and relieves pressure and stress for the legs, hips, and lower back. Even the most expensive, top-of-the-line office chairs start to get uncomfortable around 2:00 PM, and that’s why you have a seat cushion.

As people who spend countless hours at a desk ourselves, we know the pain of a sore bum or tailbone all too well. That’s why we created our seat cushion for office chairs with 100% premium memory foam. Memory foam reacts with body heat to soften and mold to your unique curves and contour around your butt and legs. Our ergonomic U-shaped design is recommended by orthopedic doctors and was carefully constructed with comfort and pain relief in mind — it eases even the worst pains, including sciatica.

Use a Pillow Today for a Pain-free Tomorrow

Are you ready to give your workspace the ultimate makeover? Are you ready to get your office chair the support it’s been missing?

Sitting down all day can be a pain in the butt, but it doesn’t have to be. With a memory foam seat cushion or a lumbar pillow underneath you, lumbar support behind you, and adequate neck support, aches and pains will be a thing of the past.

You can even make sure that your kids are getting the proper support they need too. By making sure that their gaming chairs have adjustable lumbar support or breathable mesh cushions to keep them in an upright position. These cushinos have extreme durability and have a washable cover, making it ideal for any child.

Thoughtfully designed and meticulously built, we’re so sure you’ll love our lumbar support pillow that we guarantee them all with our Everlasting Comfort Lifetime Replacement Policy. If anything happens to them, ever, we’ll replace it for free.

Improving the ergonomics of your workspace is investing in yourself:

  • Increase productivity
  • Improve the quality of your work
  • Lower your risk of developing aches and pains
  • Improves and supports good posture

There’s not a lot you can do about the number of hours you spend sitting down. But you can do something about the way you sit. Invest in back support pillows for your office chair, and you can thank us later. You deserve supreme relaxation, so its time to get a cushion with a lumbar roll that conforms to your body to keep your back cool and stress free all day.


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