Are Bolster Pillows Good For Sleeping?

Bolster pillows are a great way to get pure comfort during the night. You may even see them being used by practitioners of health and wellness, such as yoga instructors. If you enjoy deep, comfortable support while resting or if you suffer from back pain, try sleeping with a memory foam bolster pillow. 

The bolster pillow’s memory foam design helps alleviate pain and promotes a comfortable sleep. You can place it under your lower back, knees, on your side, or rest with your arm hugging the pillow to relieve pressure while sleeping. They can also be used as neck pillows for added neck support at night. Discomfort at night is not good for your levels of stress or overall wellness in your daily routine. 

Bolster pillows are great for sleeping and provide extra support and comfort for those who need it. They are versatile aids and can adapt to many individual sleeping habits and positions. There is no reason to continue living with insomnia or chronic pain when there is an affordable and reliable aid available to you. Read on for more information about bolster pillows and their benefits. 

Why Try A Bolster Pillow?

If you have been having trouble sleeping, you have probably tried a variety of sleep aids that just don’t work. Most people don’t consider that their sleeping position might be the cause of their insomnia. A bolster pillow can be a versatile tool to help most people find a more comfortable sleeping position, especially if they're side sleepers. 

This pillow is especially beneficial to people with sciatica, pain associated with the nervous systems along one’s lower back or one side of the body. You can place it underneath one side of the body or use it to hug and mold to you while you lay on your side to help relieve lower back pain. There are multiple ways to position this pillow to provide you relief and rest while lounging. 

Health and wellness practitioners like yoga instructors also use bolster pillows as a method for relaxation and revitalization of the body. Deep stretches, as well as support for your body, helps with proof posture and alignment. 


This can help strengthen your back and prevent long term injuries. The added back support can be used as both a cervical and lumbar pillow, depending on where you place it. Using a bolster pillow is a technique used by masters of wellness for its therapeutic benefits. 

You don’t have to be a yogi or of wellness practitioner to get maximum comfort while sleeping at night. The Memory Foam Half Moon Bolster Pillow ships straight to your door and has a lifetime replacement guarantee, so you don’t have to worry about pain ever again. 

The shape of the pillow is specifically made with comfort in mind. 100% high-quality memory foam contours to your body, which alleviates aches and pains that would normally be present in the morning. It also has a hypoallergenic pillowcase, making it the best bolster pillow around.

Bolster pillows can be used in a wide variety of ways, making it a beneficial aid for most users. You can use it as a neck roll pillow, a body pillow, and even a knee pillow, because it's the perfect size for all of those. Pressure, aches, pains, and discomfort at night can be expelled with the use of a memory foam bolster pillow. Sleeping in comfort is important in reducing stress levels and feeling your best every single morning.

Everlasting Comfort offers a bolster pillow-shaped perfectly to fit the contours of your body. The high-density foam provides a firm but comfortable sleep to prevent pain and aches when you wake up. No more needing extra pillows that don’t suit your comfort! 

Adding extra pillows in the wrong shape can often lead to further pain and discomfort. Getting a full rest while sleeping is a necessity in order to feel your best. The Half Moon Bolster Pillow will help you get a better rest than ever before. 

So if you’re wondering if bolster pillows are good for sleeping or not, try our ergonomically designed bolster pillow to get better sleep at night. Making improvements in your sleeping habits can create lasting benefits for your body and pain management. You don’t have to worry about causing more discomfort to your body at night with the support of a bolster pillow.

Sleep Positions

There are several different types of sleeping positions, like on your side, stomach, back, and even cradled. Using a bolster pillow provides support and comfort in just about every position. 

Studies have been done to investigate which pillow design is good for different sleeping positions, many of which are recommended to use a memory foam pillow. You have not had a truly perfect sleep until you try a memory foam bolster pillow.

Sleeping the wrong way can lead to injury and aggregate neck pain. For example, it's generally agreed that stomach sleepers tend to have more back problems and lower sleep quality, because it can disrupt spine alignment. Memory foam bolster pillows provide maximum comfort and firm support for your body. Sleeping well is a vital part of living your best life. If possible, start by getting full comfort and rest at night to make positive changes in your life. 

You can place the memory foam bolster support pillow underneath the arms, neck, knees, legs, lower back, side, and other positions to give you proper support no matter what pose you sleep in, although we find it particularly useful for side sleeping. It is recommended to use a bolster pillow for a good night's sleep. 

A bolster pillow provides the support we often tend to overlook. With its orthopedic design, the Half Moon Pillow can help aid any ache, from knee pain to back pain relief!

If you are traveling and unable to take your bolster pillow with you, check out our Memory Foam Airplane Travel Pillow. It provides the same relief and comfort as our bolster pillow in a compact, travel-friendly size. It can help you find comfortable sleep in a variety of positions, including sitting up in an airplane seat or a car seat.

The Half Moon Bolster Pillow

The Half Moon Bolster Pillow made with memory foam helps provide lumbar support while encouraging good posture which can make a world of difference! We make sure the memory foam has zero additives giving you exactly what your body needs. Full memory foam means that it molds to your body, giving you maximum comfort and firm support. 

No more tossing and turning at night with the help of using a bolster pillow. Using a bolster pillow helps give you support and comfort at night. Aches and pains of the joints, hips, neck, back, and various parts of the body can all be relieved with the Half Moon Bolster. 

Its ergonomic design provides orthopedic structures that contours to the body while sleeping at night. Full support is important when considering the overall health and wellness of your body. 

Using the bolster pillow by Everlasting Comfort can provide you support throughout your day to alleviate chronic pain. It is also recommended for pregnant women for firm support. There are a variety of ways to use a bolster pillow that can help relieve your body of pain. Luckily, our Half Moon Bolster Pillow features a soft, machine washable cover so it can always be fresh and clean.

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A bolster pillow has been used in many cultures across the globe as a means to invoke relaxation and promote better sleep at night. You can use this pillow in a variety of positions to give you the sleep and comfort you need. When considering if bolster pillows are good for sleeping, the Memory Foam Half Moon Bolster Pillow is an excellent resource for maximum rest. 

The bolster pillow includes a soft, breathable, and removable cover. The cover is machine washable to ensure a clean and long-lasting pillow. The lifetime replacement guarantee also ensures that you will never go another day without a great sleep. If anything happens to your pillow, we will immediately send out a brand new replacement. We stand behind the quality of our products.

It is recommended to use this support underneath your neck, legs, lower back, sides, and arms to help promote circulation and prevent discomfort. Poor posture and pain can result from improper support while sleeping. Restful sleep comes from the appropriate hours, as well as comfort. When using a bolster pillow, you can be guaranteed a comfortable sleep like no other. 


The 100% Memory Foam Half Moon Bolster Pillow is a great way to get better sleep at night. People say it works great for neck pain, chronic ailments and pains, and for getting a more comfortable sleep. You don’t have to trade in a single ounce of comfort at night with the Everlasting Comfort Half Moon Bolster Pillow. 

You can upgrade the way you sleep to a more luxurious, deep rest by using a bolster pillow. This will leave you feeling more relaxed and well for the next day. The half-moon shape enables you to lift your aches and joint pains while providing firm, comfortable support. 

Many people love our bolster pillow for the immediate benefits that you will notice after your first night of use. 

If you suffer from restless sleep at night, tossing and turning due to discomfort, then a bolster pillow is what you need. Designed with maximum comfort and support in mind, the Half Moon Bolster Pillow can help get you to better sleep. 

Comfort, support, relaxation are all possible at the tips of your fingers. Visit our online shop at Everlasting Comfort for a variety of supports recommended by health and wellness advocates across the nation.


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